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My uncle was never guilty by looks. He was one of the handsomest men I ever came across. He was well built, vast in so may areas of knowledge, stout and always bespectacled. Moreover, it was he who was my Sunday school teacher. Dad and mom never suspected anything about our cordial and intimate relationship; to them it was just the usual uncle-niece relationship, no strings attached, so they believed. 


The best way to die is to marry a soldier’, mom had said. Daddy’s attitude was somehow indifferent, I could sense from his reaction that duty calls. He was always nonchalant anytime he receives a call of duty, unlike his usual vivacious and flamboyant lifestyle. He was reserved and quiet. 

The time is now!

There are many things that comes to play at this potent phrase “the time is now”. At a quick glance one would connote it suggests an immediate action(i wouldn’t argue against this one) another would say it denotes avoidance of Procrastination(another awesome point).