Minding my business [chapter 11]

Minding my business [chapter 11]


So we are going on a long trip today, and Bode is our only hope. How? We all use our last card to pay for the tfare, Bode is the only one with enormous foodstuffs! He prepared a sumptuous rice and sat like a king in the bus. I wanted the front seat but this dude slapped my head.

“My friend go to the back seat”
I wanted to give him one clean slap but I remembered he was the one with the food so I chill with my anger boiling like hot oil.

“My friend will you shut up”
Bode warns our ‘groundnut oil money nigga’ just because he tried to receive a call. Well groundnut oil nigga coordinated himself, remember Bode is the one with the massive flask of food!

Bode is now the king, making and disseminating orders in the bus! Our adrenaline is heating up but the thought of the hot rice is now a blockade.

6hours into the journey we are begging this wicked boy to give us food, Bode says we must get to our destination first! For the love of God we are travelling to kano from Benin City, over 12hours journey!

“Bode the food will sour before we get there na”

Emeka said his first word since we started the journey, he has been in default mode since after the rice prawn🀣

“My friend will you shut up, rice that I put preservation, this rice can last for 3days!”

Bode has lied again as usual, but we are nodding in affirmation, yes we believe him Biko, as far as there is hope for rice we just believe the dude.

“Emeka shut up na, it’s true, sorry king Bode, don’t mind this stupid boy”

We quickly defend the boss and gave Emeka one slap on his bald head.

9hours into the journey our eyes is just turning on its own. We need food, we are dying here! Bode has bought snacks twice! Oh Lord what kind of wicked boy is this? 😭

“Relax guys, we are almost there, once we get to kano you can all eat huh, cos I know once I give you guys this food now, you will all set up a coup and dethrone me”

” Bode we are friends, we will still leave you on your throne just give us the rice”

” Silence followers!”
Bode screams like buhari in his presidential seat.

Wait, see this Bode oh. What is it self, is it not our Lord Jesus that fasted for 40days and 40night? I just minded my business the next minute, this hunger must obey today.

My niggas are still begging bode the king

12hours plus we are now in the city of Kano and the boys are back to reckon with the king.

“Oya Bode we are in Kano”

“Relax boys, let’s get to the hotel first”

Did I forget to say bulldozer followed in the journey? Okay yes he did.

So we’re now in the hotel, Bode orders his boys to take his bag inside. Nobody knows where he hid the big flask of rice, they would have smashed his jaw for long and go for the hot rice which must have been soured already.

“Oya Bode gives us the rice” by this time the boys eyes are red like crimson, they are ready to breathe fire.

So Bode laughs like a man that has accomplished a mission.

“Oya make una con take o”

He reveals the flask and his smiled disappears.

“Ahn ahn, what is it Bode?”

Emeka asked when he realized Bode smiles disappeared on opening the flask.

“Ah, it seems I left the flask of food at home o, I mistakenly carried an empty flask”

You say waaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

I’ll stop the story here because what happened next is too bloody for you to read.πŸ˜€πŸ˜‘β›βš’πŸ—‘βš”πŸ”ͺπŸͺ“πŸ’£βš°

Until next time, keep minding your business🚢


Minding my business [chapter 11]

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