Minding my business [chapter 1]

Minding my business [chapter 1]

So we all seated in the bus thinking about our lives and how to escape the traffic jam. Soon we begin to blame the driver for being inefficient, why can’t he just do some magic and fly over the traffic, we gonna pay him some extra tip; anyway we ain’t gonna give him any dime cos we know he can’t perform any black magic.

Fortunately, I sat in front sit like an administrator of the bus not that I was trying to make peace between the driver who almost shouted his chocolate set of teeth off and the passengers who have got no Joy; I was busy minding my own business.
Then suddenly, as if God has had it with the passengers, what happened in 1961 started from nowhere.
“Oga if you just talk pass yourself here now I go rough handle you”

Although, I was going to focus on my administrator duties and mind my business, I couldn’t help but steal a glimpse, it was a feminine voice addressing the man sitting next to her, I needed to see.

“Say wetin, see this ashawo oh, you think say I be one of your customer?”
All attention shifted from the driver to the duel, like butter wey fall from bread to ground. Driver won’t say anything but I heard in my 24th ear that he was thanking God for setting confusion amongst his enemies.

Oh my God, my eyes went wide, the lady is hefty o, and the way she is chewing gum with skills, there is no doubt that she is a stripper, don’t mind the English, I don’t want to use the word Ashawo

“Oga I gree say I be Ashawo, but me go beat you here now, I go pass my junction carry you come down beat you well, just talk say make I beat you”

There was no point asking what started the fight, this should not go beyond this, I don’t want to see a man pouncing on a lady.
“Madam you dey craze, you no fit…you this cheap Ashawo, nazo una dey smell anyhow…”
To cut the long grammar the man just went on and on till others had to beg him to let the issue go since the lady wasn’t responding anymore.

But again, deep down in my 24th ear, I could hear an inner voice saying
This ain’t over

Silence prevailed until the man had gotten to his junction.
Goliath alighted the bus with him and with the speed of lightening, Oga was lifted up like hands raised to worship and smashed on the ground like John Cena’s smack down!
What! What just happened?
Everyone alighted the bus, they wanna to settle the fight but reality is they actually taking pictures and videos.

The hefty feminine Goliath has fed the man full with dust till he begins to stylishly beg for mercy.
“Madam, na look I dey look you o, because I get wife for house, just let me go abeg, make I nor vex”
We all know the nigga was lying mehn, he was about to die.

Well, while others were brave enough to try to help, I quietly stopped another bus and continued my journey, I planned to continue minding my business, I was few metres to my residence when I realized I didn’t even pay the driver.

Kindly read this and keep it a secret, and note that I didn’t write this, you stumbled into it, not that I am scared of anything o, I am just minding my business.

-Abel Martin


Minding my business [chapter 1]

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