I know I was been followed and I had to lose the tail. It been weeks since we arrived Nigeria and am still having nightmares, I thought it would stop since am seeking for justice on her behalf. I have lived my whole life angry at my dad, and I have been planning on how to take him down. Imagine how nice my life would have been with my twin sister alive. I had always envied my friend Stephen and his twin Stephanie. They are always fighting but I admire them a lot. Nobody knows that I had a twin and I kept that information to myself, just then it my mum started coughing, it her allergy again. I parked the car then got her drugs immediately and grabbed the bottle of water while forcing her drugs into her mouth.



Gabriel is so funny and I have been enjoying my night so far, and today is one of my best nights. Am going to tear everything down. Well the night has come to end and am just right outside the gate of my house luckily for me the guards haven’t seen me, if they do, they will create a scene because I know they all have been looking for me.

He seems so nice and sweet; I wish the night would last longer but I need to get back into the house and continue my plotting. Getting into the house I went to the guard quarters they gave me the information I needed, just perfect let me do some snooping.

Since my dad and Emily are together in his apartment and I have instructed the guards not to inform anyone that am back.

Getting into her quarters in search of anything to prove that she’s not pregnant and also to find something about her, I need to destroy the bond between her and my father. I have searched the entire place but can’t find anything. Something caught my eyes a bottle sited close to her bedside.

Clonazepam am not a doctor but I studied medicine and have friends that own a hospital not really close, just for the record, a pregnant woman can’t take this drug. I noticed a slight opening, that her drawer, I opened it just to see test result of her fake pregnancy and another result that shows that she wasn’t pregnant but has a pseudocyesis. I quickly took out my phone and snapped them to hold as an evidence. Then I quickly left her quarter to my room but as i was leaving I heard a loud thud. I quickly went to check it out only to find a young lady tied up but before I could go release or talk to her, I heard someone struggling to open the door, so I had to quickly leave while whispering to her that I would be back for her.


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