Code Red [chapter 26]

Code Red [chapter 21]

Niklaus lingered with his breath causing chilly feeling on Sofia’s cheek, he was taking too much time in granting her request that she wondered if she asked for too much, or rather made a fool of herself. She tried to cover up for her professed lapses as she slowly began to let go, but then, he held her and pulled her back to her toes, reach for her lips and caress them hungrily, beautifully, a little bit of pressure but still, nothing she could not handle, her legs dangled like disco lights in imperfections, wobbling would not best describe the state, it was entirely blissful to start with… Her hands were weak, it was all him, holding unto her, keeping the faith, igniting the fire, she was sure she wasn’t leaning on her feet for support, she would have long lost balance, the safety of his lips made her felt the warmth of companionship, it was getting too much, this man felt so real, felt so familiar, she knows this man, these lips taste like strawberries, the one she is entirely familiar with… And then, he said it again, he muttered,
Subconsciously, but it got her attention and she stopped, trying to catch her breathe she stared deep into his eyes and nodded…
“I am Maria, who are you?”
Her questions paved way for a memory figment, he saw a woman, in white, it was an amusement park, she extended her hands for a handshake and said same words,
‘I am Maria, who are you?’

He held his head and tried to remember more, or try to see the face of this mystery woman but it went blank and Sofia’s voice became audible when he recovered from the slight seizure he had…

“Are you okay? Hey, hey!”
She called and held on to him until Debrah called with folded arms.

“You can let him go now, you’ve done enough already, smooching and kissing, or you should have sex alright, it would not be a bad idea, would it… Bitch!… “

Sofia broke free and was going to retaliate but Niklaus hushed her.

” Niklaus so this is it? You now have sex with this bitch, in an office? Quite the adventure don’t you think!”

Niklaus was quiet, instead, he started towards Debrah, stood in front of her and attempted to touch her but the woman wasn’t in any mood for games, she picked her silencer from behind her and pointed it at Niklaus who swiftly knocked it off her hands, she turned and caught the gun with her left hand, switched to her right and was going to send a bullet towards Sofia when Niklaus caught her move, snatched the gun swiftly and dismantled it.

Without hesitation, he took her by the arm and drew her out of the office, down to the car park. All the while Sofia stood and watched as Debrah attempted to blew her brains, somehow she wasn’t scared of anything, as long as Niklaus stood there.

“What is wrong with you Debrah? Is this really about the mission or there is something else you are not spilling?”

” What was the plan you good for nothing brat? To sleep with her?”

” I didn’t sleep with her Debrah… “

” Yet… You have not slept with her yet… What the hell? hell yes, you must have done it alright, you are good at that, using and dumping women!”

” What is wrong Debrah? Why is it an issue if I have any woman I want, why are you bitter, you are harboring rancor, it’s disgusting”

” Yeah because you had sex with me! Countless times! What am I to you? A dog? You’ve had sex with me too, almost every time you son of a bitch!”

” Is that supposed to be an issue? I thought we had a mutual agreement? It’s just sex, right?”

There was a long pause, Debrah stood with her eyes averted until Niklaus asked again.


“No! No! I love you! Alright! I love you bastard! I love you! And you must love me just the way I love you!”

Niklaus frowned, not just because he just heard what he least expected, but also because he sensed something unusual.

“Get down”
He called and pulled Debrah down to dodge the sniper bullet that flew just inches away from their cheeks and deflated the tires of the car next to them.

Both on the floor breathlessly the questioned in unison

“Someone is trying to kill you?”

Code Red


Code Red [chapter 26]

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