Luck must be on my side but why am I going to distract her? From the first day we met I have always loved her. Well right now I just want to be close to her at any means.

“So, you want me to distract her why?” I asked

“Well this are the orders from the organization and for now I need you to focus on the little brat while I take care of the rest. The organization does not know I have pulled Chard out of this mission and they must not find out, so I need to focus on him, to make sure he delivers the right message to them.” She explained.

I thought she was smart, but I feel she kind of dumb to think that Chard won’t fight back. Well that is not my fight and I need to focus on my soon to be bride.

Now that am back in my room, I need to get to work but something caught my attention the listening bug placed in the kitchen, I could hear her talking to herself and she must be so lonely and scared. Don’t worry Tessa am coming to save you, I don’t know if this would work out but I will try.


Ever since Chard left, I have felt nothing but loneliness, my dad had traveled the very day Chard left the house and I have kept in touch with my dad, he said he will soon be home and that he has a surprise for me. Well am not a fan of surprises anymore and I wish to wake up with Chard by my side, I miss him and I want him back but all access to him has been blocked. Just how I will live my life knowing well that I don’t have Chard by my side.

I need to at least leave this room, maybe go grab a cup of coffee or something. But while getting up I stagged and fell on the pile of empty junks food that I left on the floor and I couldn’t help but laugh at my foolish self that lost everything. But then the document I took from my father’s study was among the trash on my floor.


“oh, see what I found a document, ha-ha so I opened and there it was, the mark on my kidnapper wrist. For unknown reason i developed a keen interest to know what is in the document but another part of me was scared of what i was about to know. what could possibly happened? calm down Tessa and read not like am going die after reading it.

So, the first two pages left me in shocked and utterly aghast and it turned out to be a secret organization that are into trafficking of girls, drugs and so many other horrible things but more shocking my father is one the founders. They have been in an existence for years and it a family business inherited by my father from his father. Now it all makes sense.

My father the founder? This must be a joke or something. Stupefied to find my dad as one the founders then it struck me that he was right, the man that kidnapped me was right all along, my father is a beast. I have been betrayed once again, by someone I trust even though not that much but he’s my father to think that I still had a little respect for him and now this? what other surprises await me? Who is this man I call my father? What happened to me the day Chard left? Who am I?

All this question but no one to give me answers and I don’t know who to trust not even my own father. So, my whole life has been nothing but lies.  I felt sicken and horrible to have defended him all this while. I feel like running away to somewhere away from all this drama.



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