It feels so good that I separated the love birds nothing could be so thrilling watching them apart. Now I have Chard and the Williams on my fingertips. This feels so good, now I have to get to work. But then I heard a scream followed by the sudden black out and a darken sky which was unusual. I managed to walk to my balcony, yes it my house now. But was shocked to see the little brat glowing in light while every other place was dark.

Okay this is new and unexpected but she can’t stop me from destroying all of them they caused me so much pain. And now is the time to start my plans with the WILLIAMS and so much fun for one. Well let’s start off with “Mr. Williams” then to the lovely daughter of the family.



Let’s just say am happy that Chard is off the view and I will have her to myself. Now I need to plan on how to make her mine and make her forget about Chard. I was jotted out of my thought, by Emily that batched into my room like it was hers. This lady will get herself killed if she doesn’t stop doing this.

“I see you are awake get up and let’s go to the inner chambers the game has begun” she said impishly then she walked out.

Mehn this lady is annoying how dare she command me, she doesn’t know what am capable of, I can end her life in a matter of a minute. Well today is her lucky day am excited because soon Tessa will be all mine. Got up and freshened up and wore something simple and strolled out of my room to the inner chambers which she constructed without the knowledge of the “WILLIAMS”, she amazing and smart though, but she’s a crazy bitter bitch and I just have to work with her because of a silly contract I got into with her, not that I cant break it, who wouldn’t want to play a game that is so fun and I can’t miss it for anything in the world. So, getting into the chamber I saw her sitted like the evil witch she is, that’s the least of my problems right now.


She turned and handed me a booklet actually a script, then turned back and I was trying to understand what she wanted me to do with it.

“So, what should I do with the script?” I asked confused

“Don’t tell me you are dumb or something when a book is handed to you what are meant to do?” she asked

“Well hold it or trash it” I replied non-chantly

“You open it and read it “she replied, this guy is probably dumb or a retard. So, your next assignment is to distract her by making her fall in love with you.





Am sorry my dear readers for not updating since,life happened and am still trying to recover. Please bear with me.




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