Code Red [chapter 25]

Code Red [chapter 21]

Niklaus remained quiet while Debrah went on to explain, she just revealed the code had sent her on a mission to assassinate Sofia, but she still had a lot of convincing to do; she is aware any mission assigned by code is displayed in the hive until it is accomplished, trying to convince Niklaus to think otherwise seemed ruffled and untrue.

“I know you are thinking, yeah, I hate that bitch but this is real, I still can’t believe it myself, I know there might be some four play somewhere but the fact remains that the code wants me to smoke Sofia”

Niklaus remained quiet and obviously pensive, his intent stare that lingered on Debrah made her blurt out on how confused she was when she asked

“What do we do Niklaus, i hate to say this but I am confused about this shit. The code has never sent any of us on a secret mission, it’s clearly displayed in the hive, I don’t know what’s at play here”

Niklaus gave a signal for her to sit while he exhaled and shared his thoughts.

“The code, from what I know would never send you on a secret mission, there is nothing kept a secret as far as the hive is concerned, this is someone’s personal grieve, or someone trying to hide something which Sofia knows about, the more reason that woman must be kept alive at all cost”

Debrah didn’t really appreciate the fact that Niklaus was willing to protect to Sofia and her facial expression was visibly spurning the idea

“Is that what we should do? Protect Sofia? What we do is find out why she has to be smoked before I actually pull off the strings, not protecting her”

” This discussion is over Debrah”

Niklaus concluded when she was just starting, starting to express what she felt burning inside her.

“Niklaus, I just slept with a hideous ugly bastard to save your ass, I have always stuck up my neck for you, what else do you want me to do?”

” And i am entirely grateful Debrah, I am, but we have to play smart here, isn’t that what you want?”

“Your gratitude is not enough! It’s not! I don’t need your goddamn appreciation! I don’t need it!”

” Then what do you want Debrah, what?”

Debrah parted her trembling lips but words did not elude it, she stood there, staring, not knowing how best to express her interest in what she wants.

“I don’t know Nick…”

She averted her eyes and stood to face the windowpane, her heart throbbed fast for pain, she was pained and could not express it.
Niklaus waited a few minutes to see if Debrah would eventually come up with something but she didn’t, she remained quiet, it seemed his question changed the intensity of the moment.
And when he felt it was time to speak up, he did…
“Okay, then my plan goes, nothing happens to Sofia”

Sofia was fast asleep on her table, completely exhausted, she had not enjoyed a good sleep for the days Niklaus had been away so it was totally natural to respond to the inevitable arms of nature.

“Hey… Hey,” Niklaus touched her hair gently and waited till her vision was perfectly clear before he brimmed with a smile.

She didn’t hesitate, she leaped from her sitting position and hugged him so tight for fear that he might vanish again. She is taking no chances this time.
Subconsciously she was sobbing, refusing to let go.

“You left me, Nick, you left me, how could you? you left me”

Her words trailed down his mind, he knew he heard something of this nature before, he knew it. Her voice was broken, filled with hurt and uncertainties.

“It’s okay, I am here now”
He encouraged and attempted to break free but the least unexpected happened, she tilted her head and reached for his lips! What was she thinking? Was she thinking? She could not tell but her lips trembled as she met with his lips, a sudden shock that traveled down her spine made her legs wobble, his lips were soft, probably the most raunchy lips she had ever tasted. Her lips were familiar, so familiar that when she stopped he asked

“Are you done?”

A frown appeared on her face, apparently, she misunderstood the concept, or rather the question. ‘Is she done?’ Did she just make a fool of herself by clinging unto this man so cheaply? Oh dear Sofia, what have you done, slowly she averted her eyes and began to let go when he held her back up, looked deep into her eyes, and kept her on her toes.
“I have kissed these lips before, is it just me that feels this way? I know you before Sofia, I can’t explain this bond, something is amiss, I just can’t place my hands on it, who are you, who are you Sofia?”

Sofia opened her mouth but all it did was shiver, she had a lot to say but could not find the words to expressively connote what she had in mind. Or wait, in her mind? It was blank as well, she just knew this man ignited a flame in the deepest part of her nervous system.

“I feel the same way too”

She finally muttered

” What do we do?”

He asked, still keeping her on her toes, his hands around her waist.
With her eyes going so dull and her cheek burning up she replied.

“Kiss me again, please”

Code red


Code Red [chapter 25]

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