The Vampire Princess Episode 2

The Vampire Princess Prologue

The Vampire Princess Episode 2
💅The Vampire Princess 💅
Story by Vicky 😘😘
Episode 2
I stared into his eyeball and the urge of killing him suddenly went down
I release my grip from his neck then he fell on the floor
My eyes went back to normal and my long finger clasped in💅
“Axel”I called out but he was unconscious
I placed my left hands on his chest then he regain consciousness
“Axel”I whispered
“Get up lunch is almost over we have to be in class”I added
We both went into the class and he was just staring at me
Lolz this guy has not seen anything
I can waste thousands of soul all in the name of that ring and the Journey just begin
I walked angrily into the house and went straight to my Dad room
“Welcome Axel😘..Hw was your day”
“It was bad…You gave me sleeping pill and buried that ring in my leg💍
I was never in agreement of this
I just need you to get the ring out of my leg”I shouted
“Shut spoilt little brat..Do you know how much energy I exhausted in bringing out that ring from the Cave..It almost cost my life..your leg is the only safe place I can keep it because people are after it”Dad shouted angrily
“My life is at Stake papa😓”I shouted back
“No one can kill you because the ring is with you..The least they can do is to torture
The only person who can kill you is yet to come and her name is Princess Meravera👾”Dad explained
“How come you know all this??” I asked
“Because I made a full research before taking the ring
That ring is the most powerful ring ever💍and it belong to the Vampires”
“I am just scared dad” I replied with tears almost dropping from My eyes
“You are a Man”
I went out angrily going straight to my room
“Food is ready Axel💎”Mom called
“To hell with the meal” I replied closing my room door
I buried my face in the bed to have a long rest ..I have seen enough for today
I knocked on the door
Mrs Angeline hugged me really right
“Welcome back darling, go upstairs to take your shower and make sure you come back downstairs for your meal😘”She said pecking my two cheeks
“Thanks mom” I replied giggling upstairs
I don’t blame her for loving a stranger this much..She is a barren widow and all I want to do is to make her happy
After taking my bath as she instructed..I came downstairs for the meal
“Thanks momma..The meal is super delicious” I said after eating
She gave me a broad smile saying
“Go upstairs to have a little rest”
I went to the restroom to vomit all I have eaten
Human food do make me feel uncomfortable 😏
I brought out a bottle of Fresh blood then I consumed it to my sastifaction
The following day❤
At Caritas Highschool 🤗🤗
Classes was somehow boring
I became super happy when it was lunch period then I walked down the Cafetaria
I haven’t seen Axel throughout today..I hope he is fine and why am I even so concerned
I sat down gently at the Cafeteria then a girl came to sit beside me
“I am Periwy.. What about you”She said with a gentle smile
“I am Vera” I replied
“You are new here right??
“Of course..
We gist and laugh😎..She told me about the school activities: The Friday Highschool Party😘,The Wednesday game 😎and so on
“So Vera I also want to inform you that..
She stopped abruptly when she sighted Axel going out of the Cafeteria
“Why are you staring at him that way??”I asked with a shrug
“He is handsome”She replied dreamily😘
“Give me a minute” She added also walking out of the Cafeteria
I waited for a minute,5 minutes,10 minutes and now Lunch is almost over so I went out to look for both of them
On my way,I saw Axel with tears flowing freely from his eyes
“What’s the problem??” I asked really concerned
“Snake…Big Snake….It’s over there…It almost bit me”He explained with tears flowing down his cheeks😭😭..
I walked towards the direction Axel pointed and I saw Periwy coming from the same direction
I stopped her…
“Where are you coming from…I asked
“Why did you care??”She replied scoffing
I placed my right hand on her shoulder then I saw the face of a Snake
“You are from the snake world”I said with my eyes turning red
Everyone is at class so we are the only two out
“I am Great Periwy the one with the Power of the Phython👹”She Replied
“Who are you “She added
“I am Princess Meravera of Xaxie..The Princess who rule all Vampires👾..What is your mission here”I asked
“I came for the Pelvic Ring💍which is with Axel…
“But the ring belong to the Vampires👾”I shouted as my finger grew longer
Periwy shouted in return
“The Snake World wants it…..


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The Vampire Princess Episode 2
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The Vampire Princess Episode 2

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