I have been seated for one hour waiting, today is our Court wedding.
I feel a little nervous, scared, and unsure if this is what I want.
I mean Chard is my dream man.

He has an attractive personality, good sense of humor,
Nice taste when it comes to style and he’s good-looking, tall, has sharp featured and a well-built body.

I think a proper description would be; he’s dark in complexion, 6ft tall, broad shoulders his cheeks are chiseled like a finely carved statue, his nose perfectly symmetrical and his lips are slightly full with his dimples making look cute each time he smiles highlighting those brown mesmerizing eyes I get lost in each time he looks at me. His touch is soft and gentle yet strong and seductive, the thought of last night still lingers in my memory and my body has not recovered from it. Just then my ringing phone jolted me out of my thoughts. Who could it be? It an unknown number I didn’t bother picking up, I became more nervous when he called me, I picked up and after I answered the call I stood up and walked to the garage got into my car and drove home.

I cried myself out when I got home
“love play me big girls cry by Sia”
immediately the song came on, I dried my tears and made a cup of coffee for myself.

“Lock down the door”

immediately the door was shut, I went to the kitchen took a whole chicken microwaved, got some drinks, popcorn, chips and water.
Then went into the living room dumped everything on the couch and turn on the TV I slept off after I had eaten enough.

The next morning , I woke up in an unfamiliar place, it didn’t feel like the couch and that smell..
I had to sniff it twice to be sure I wasn’t still dreaming, that sweet musky scent filled the room , I opened my eyes to those mesmerizing eyes of his.
Right there he was squatting down as if he knew I was awake.


I would steal the shine from stars, wrestle the moon for his place in the sky, be a single firefly in your darkness, just to be the light that brighten your life.

“Am sorry Tessa that I didn’t show up yesterday, I couldn’t look you in the eyes and lie to you, I know you might never forgive me and I just came to apologize but also to tell you am leaving. I have done some things in past which you might never forgive me for and our marriage will just be a lie, truth to be told I love you and that, you should never doubt and I  will always love you. Please you have to forgive me but it okay if you hate me when you find out about my awful past but your forgiveness I seek.

“So, you are leaving?” I could see the pain visibly on her face and it felt like a thousand needles pierced my heart, I hate to be the cause of her pain yet again. She sat up from her bed fonding her legs, reached out and grabbed my hands.

“You are probably joking or you are making this up so that you can earn my forgiveness, well I have forgiven you and you don’t have to go anywhere” she said

“You still don’t get it? I can’t stay here any longer Tess; I will be endangering you and everyone close to you. Am sorry things turned out this way. “I explained


“Chard is leaving?” that was the only thing ringing in head and I felt terrible because it all my fault I must have done something wrong and he is probably not saying it.

You know this feeling when a child wants a candy so much, and worked so hard for it but at the end she loses the candy or probably when you want something so badly at that point you are about to get then you lose it all, I don’t know how to describe how I feel right now but I know for sure I wish I didn’t wake up.

“Go chard” I said

“Leave chard “I screamed at him repeatedly he tried touching me but I moved back. He stood up then looked at me and left my room.

Well my life is horrid and he’s abandoning me like everyone else, am never enough for anyone I walked to my room balcony watching chard as he steps into his car our eyes locked but I looked away trying to fight back my tears and I can’t show him my tears anymore. He drove out of the compound and it just seemed like he took my soul with him; I want him back I screamed at no one while wailing my heart out. Suddenly I felt a surge of power run through me, when I opened my eyes everywhere was dark which was weird because the weather was normal the sun was up, and the darkness and power outrage was surprising, well I careless simply walked back to my room drowning in my sorrows.



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