The Virgin Ghostess – Chapter 15


The Virgin Ghostess - Chapter 15

The Virgin Ghostess

Chapter 15

By Ogunsola Ayobami Samuel

Confronted by the man who killed her, Julia finally regains her memories of seeing possessed John running over his future wife, Lisa in his car. As Julia remembers him murdering her, John tells her that he killed her, because she saw something she shouldn’t have. A horrified  Julia tells him that the word is out about him, and that he’ll pay for his crimes. john tries to attack her , but can’t grab on as she runs away.
Three years before, John runs into his adoptive father at a routine traffic stop. His father is unhappy to see him, and regrets having taken him in in the first place since he almost murdered his biological son. John jaw clenches as his father hopes they never meet again, and drives off. Meanwhile, back at her family’s restaurant, Julia is excited at the prospect of john working the night shift and decides to make him his favourite stir fried bone chops.

John, meanwhile, is stalking his father and his family. When his father goes outside to take out the garbage and buy ice cream for his brother , john tries to attack him from behind, but can’t bring himself to do it. Tears in his eyes, he gives up and drives away, but in his distraction, he runs down Lisa . As he looks at her prone form, john starts panicking, but he’s quickly overtaken by the evil spirit who calmly gets into the car and drives off, running over Lisa legs on the way.

As the car slowly drives away, Julia comes out of an alley to find Lisa on the ground. She quickly calls for an ambulance, then goes back to the restaurant and writes down the license plate in her dairy . Julia then calls the only policeman she knows, john and tells him that she witnessed the hit and run. She tells him the license plate number of the car, but stops short as she looks out the window, and realizes that it’s his car. She makes up a weak excuse to leave and runs away, with john following close behind. She hides her phone as he catches up to her, but doesn’t manage much more than calling her dad and sending him john license plate. In the end, john drowns her in a bathtub, then throws her off a bridge into the river. The next day, her father,and brother, Alex  are inconsolable as her body is found and taken away before a crowd of onlookers.

In the present, Julia goes to the apartment of Mrs Jane and breaks down in tears. When she calms down, Mrs Jane counsels her to be careful, since the evil spirit possessing John will never let her go. In fact, john is wandering the streets looking for her when he runs into Alex.

Back at Julia family restaurant, timid chef Kate calls julius, She asks to go over to his restaurant to talk to him about the news from Julia , but he tells her to wait for him instead. When he takes too long, she goes outside to wait, and is kidnapped by John . When julius finally arrives, he finds nothing but her shoe on the ground. He calls the police station to find that John has disappeared as well.

Mrs Jane  was praying to the spirit to give her the power to vanquish john, when julius starts knocking on her door. She lets him in to find him in a panic, with both Kate and John in the wind. He is appalled to discover that John has not only been possessed by an evil spirit, but that he was the one responsible for Lisa accident.

Back at home, lisa is nervous that she can’t reach john. Her mother tries to comfort her, but to no avail. Instead, she remembers John putting something away in a suitcase out of her reach, and asks her mother to get it down for her.

As the two women look through the evidence of John’s crimes, panic mounting, julius arrives, and lies to them that john has gone to a call in a rural area. He smoothly explains the contents of the suitcase as john bringing work home, and packs the suitcase away. Instead, he sets off a police search that only leads to finding John abandoned phone. Meanwhile, John rides away in a taxi with the trunk flapping open.

Mrs jane still begging the spirits for some insight into Kate location. Julius and Julia both fall anxious as she fails, but on her last try she finally succeeds. She identifies a place near  with lots of children.

John is, indeed, in a crowd of children, where he plays soccer with the kids from the orphanage he grew up in. As the game winds down, the orphanage director thanks him for donating his car, and asks if he’s okay with the accommodation they’ve given him.

As he enters the apartment, john checks in on the bound and gagged kate. His reassurances that he won’t kill her yet seem to fall on deaf ears as she silently cries, then looks over at the ghost of a child in the corner. The child ghost is also terrified of john and runs away, but john is barely interested. As he closes the curtains on her. Kate wonders to herself where she might be, but the only clues she has is that they drove for an hour to get there and the smell of rosemary. It turns out that the orphanage is next to an herb farm.

Meanwhile, Sun Woo tries and fails to pass on the clue from Suhbingo As he enters the apartment, Sung Jae checks in on the bound and gagged Bong Sun. His reassurances that he won’t kill her yet seem to fall on deaf ears as she silently cries, then looks over at the ghost of a child in the corner. The child ghost is also terrified of Sung Jae and runs away, but Sung Jae is barely interested. As he closes the curtains on Bong Sun. Bong Sun wonders to herself where she might be, but the only clues she has is that they drove for an hour to get there and the smell of rosemary. It turns out that the orphanage is next to an herb farm.
Meanwhile, Julius tries and fails to pass on the clue from Mrs Jane to the police, who are more interested in their meals than in investigating. Desperate, julius searches every nook and cranny he can think of, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Julia mobilizes the ghost population  to look for Kate near any place that has a lot of children. Instead of finding her, Julia ghost friend finds john, and runs away from him, terrified. Later, when she meets with Julia , she tells her that she couldn’t find kate, but recounts this story.

Mrs Jane apologizes for her wrongs and begs the spirits to give her the power to deal with the evil spirit possessing John . She thanks the spirits as her request is finally granted.

Back at the orphanage, John tries to feed Kate , but instead of eating, she tries to appeal to his humanity. John tells her to shut up and tries to strangle her, but he’s called away before he can finish the job. As he leaves, the child ghost from before pops up again, and in desperation, Kate begs him to kick john phone over to her. The child ghost complies, and she struggles to dial the phone with her hands tied behind her back.

Back at the restaurant, julius is pretty quick on the uptake when he figures out that kate must be smelling rosemary where she is. The chefs finally realize that something is up with kate, but can’t help him to locate a rosemary farm. He finally spots a rosemary plant on Lisa desk, and the clues fall into place. Meanwhile, Mrs Jane and Julia have come to the same conclusion, and the three of them race to the orphanage, with Julia calling the cops along the way.

John drives to a payphone and calls Lisa , who is tearfully awaiting his return. He tells her that he’s just gone away to think and clear his head, but Lisa is convinced that something is up. She tells him that whatever it is, she trusts and believes in him, but a guilty John just hangs up on her.

He returns to the orphanage to find the police and julius already there. He backs up, goes to his room, and gets Kate . As he drives away, julius spots him and goes running for his own car. As he peels out of the orphanage, Mrs Jane Julia spot him, and give chase.

In the back seat of john car, Kate takes advantage of John distraction and unties her feet. He is too busy weaving in and out of traffic to notice when Kate grabs a hold of his knife and stabs him. Following behind, julius watches nervously as the car starts driving erratically. When it finally comes to a stop, Kate comes running out, straight into the arms of julius . John drives off, as julius tears the tape off and holds the crying Kate .

It’s not long before Julia and Mrs Jane catch up, and when they see that kate is okay, the two of them go after John instead. The two women find the car abandoned, with a trail of blood leading away from it.

Back at the restaurant, julius makes porridge for Kate , but finds her sound asleep in bed. Instead, he covers the bowl of porridge and holds her as she sleeps.

Meanwhile, Mrs Jane and Julia catch up to a cornered John on the roof of a building. As he attacks, Mrs Jane uses her powers to separate the evil spirit from him. As the spirit impotently screams its rage, a horrified John thinks back to happier times with Lisa and her family, and to Julia flirting with him when she was alive. Tears in his eyes, John looks back at the evil spirit, who jumps back into his body. But, rather than let it possess him, John fights back for control, and runs to the edge of the building. Looking back at Julia , he sighs deeply before stepping off and letting himself fall from the building.

To be continued……..

The Virgin Ghostess - Chapter 15

Ogunsola Ayobami Samuel is a blogger, writer, poet, and teacher. He attended Baptist High school from 2010-2013 and graduated from Kinsey College of Education Ilorin 2018, still hoping to have his first degree in English.

He sees writing and teaching as the best channel to reach out to the world.

The Virgin Ghostess is his first story to be written, though he had written different poems such as

The peaceful war 

This too shall come to pass

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Why did he


Tribute to Adeleke Rachel Tioluwani 



The Virgin Ghostess - Chapter 15

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