Yes, baby just like couples….

I couldn’t help but to claim her lips with mine, and she taste so good more like a wine that I can’t get enough of. I kissed her so passionately that I was running out of breath and I just had to pull away in order to catch my breath.

“I love you Theresa William “She might just be the death of me.


The butterflies in my fluttered and I wished the kiss lasted longer but was he stopped when I wanted more, I just can’t get enough of him.

“I love you too Chard” but there’s something I must tell you, maybe you might not believe it, you just need to trust me on this. Just as I was about to say something, one of the chefs served us a drink, then I noticed something fall on my laps. It was paper with words boldly inscribed on it” WE ARE WATCHING YOU”

I looked up at Chard contemplating weather to tell him or not and the risk of telling him.

“MARRY ME TESSA TOMORRROW” He said looking at me with those eyes and I was so overwhelmed that I just didn’t know what to say, than to nod my head in agreement. While trying to stop myself from tearing up.

The ride back home was so quiet and peaceful, just me, leaned on his arm and him holding me, well this night is one of my favorite night. So, we are back home and Chard kiss me goodnight and I promised to meet him later in my room but I need to speak with my father right now.

I went upstairs to his room but I didn’t find him there then I went to his study still didn’t find him there. Where could this father of mine be? Well I was about leaving when something caught my eyes, a document that has the mark on the mysterious guy that abducted me.

I took the document to my room only to get there and Chard was already waiting for me on my bed. I quickly freshen up and joined him on the bed and we had fun from games, pillow fight, truth or dare and so on. So right now, am half drunk and has forgotten about my dad, enjoying my night but very curious to know what is inside that document.

Next thing I knew Chard claimed my lips and his kiss is like that of wine so intoxicating, smooth yet so strong and I just wanted more and I think I would never get filled of this wine.

His touch on my skin is so indescribable that I couldn’t help but let out moan soft moan before we knew it our clothes was on the floor; I lost my maidenhood.



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