Code Red [chapter 24]

Code Red [chapter 21]

Jan stood dumbfounded for a few minutes, trying to figure the right words to weave his way out of the total embarrassment he webbed himself into, there was no doubt that someone played a fast one on him, his legs stood planted to the ground where he stood till the chief spoke up

“This meeting is dismissed”

Everyone disappeared in a few minutes with murmurs and different lit of facial expressions, Jan was about to follow suit when the chief called

“Not you Jan…”

Jan stopped and turned with both his hands tucked in his pocket, apparently, he was still trying to keep his confidence in check but the chief wasn’t buying it.

“What was that about Jan? Do not make accusations you have no proof to back it up, it can be catastrophic next time”

” I am not making blind accusations, those things were there, i saw them plainly, it only means one thing, you had it wiped, the more reason you confidently called for the meeting in your office”

” Jan, are you aware you are speaking to Mr. Elias, your boss? And that it would take me less than 24hours to have you sacked or transferred to a no man’s land”

” Of course chief, but not now when eyes are on you, it doesn’t matter if I was able to prove you know something about the code today, what matters is an accusation has been made, and eyes are on you. And sir, you are still not off the radar, cos I would get these proof soonest”

” Jan, Jan, Jan, you are treading a path that will consume you, remember everyone has a secret, even you Jan, even you… Remember that while you embark on your little quest”

Jan’s legs wobbled, his thoughts traveled to the incident with the sinister, is Mr. Elias aware? He was sure he wasn’t followed, neither would anyone decipher that he was behind the incident, the only one who knows is the sinister, who is dead.

With the last strain of confidence he had left, he walked to the chief’s table, placed on the hand and looked deep into the middle-aged man’s eyes

“Well we would see about that, sir”

He walked out of the office, straight to Jessy’s cell, she sure has some more explanations to do

The weather was cozy, it had rained throughout the night, Sofia’s eyes were red and all swollen, she has not slept again, it’s already 48 hours without a night of good sleep, what is wrong with her? What’s so special about Niklaus that gives her sleepless nights.

“You are mess Sofia”

Mariam notified her the next morning.

“I know”

Sofia replied staring at the mirror while she sat looking devastated.

“Are you going to tell me what’s bothering you now?”

Sofia exhaled, telling Mariam would not help her situation, it would only worsen it, at least that’s all her brain could suggest to her.

“It’s okay Mariam, I will be fine, I don’t just know why I am like this, why is this affecting me so much, I feel like my heart is going to explode, is he dead? Is he alright? Why would he keep me this way, keep me worried to death, I feel like dying slowly like my heart is… “

Sofia paused when she realized she has said so much within few seconds, Mariam’s eyes were focused on her, clearly, she was expecting Sofia to say more.

“I have to go”

That was it she hurried out the house, hoping to see Niklaus in the office but sadly, he wasn’t there, she sank to her chair and sobbed.

“You can leave your body bare, at least it’s some better sight stare at after your whole body would have been six feet down the earth if i had not come to your rescue! What were you thinking Niklaus? Are you out of your fucking mind!”

Debrah lashed out at Niklaus the moment he opened his eyes, she had gone through hell to ensure he got the treatment to the professed incurable venom.

“Niklaus I had to sleep with that bastard, I had sex with that fool, that creep, so you could live, Niklaus! What has that bartender done to you, that you would stick out your life for her Niklaus? What’s so special about her? “

Niklaus was quiet, he recognized the room he laid, it was the home of an insane deformed doctor name Caesar, who had a rare disability, he was repelling to look on. But then, he cured diseases no one could, and his price only a few could give, it turns out the price for his treatment was that Debrah had sex with him.

Niklaus could imagine how Debrah slept with such an ugly hideous beast, and he was sorry.

“I’m sorry and thank you”

“Don’t tell me that crap, your sympathy means nothing!”

While she spoke Caesar strolled in whistling, stood at the entrance, and announced.

“Take your filthiness and leave my clinic, he is fine now”

With no words, Niklaus stood up bare, fitted into his trousers and long jacket, and led the way out.

“Oh and sissy”

Caesar spoke as he touched Debrah’s butt on her way out.

“I can’t wait to taste that Honeywell between ur legs again, it was sweet as hell”…

Debrah smiled evilly and turned.

” Sadly it’s the last you’ll ever taste”

Without hesitation, she crocked her silencer and fired a bullet straight through his brains.

“Thank you, Debrah”

Niklaus muttered when she got him safely back in his cozy and warm apartment.

“I didn’t do what I did for free Niklaus, surely you owe me, and I would ask for my price in exchange for what I did to save your life”

” And what is your price Debrah”

” Simple, allow me to kill that bitch called Sofia, a life for a life, plus the code sent me on a mission to smoke her”

” The code what?”

Niklaus’ questionable remark made Debrah realized she had said too much.

“Well you heard me, the code wants her dead and I am going to do it, doesn’t matter if you approve or not”


It was Mike standing at the entrance to his Jan’s office, obstructing his mini pensive observation on his board

“Yes? What? You’ve come to try to cloud my head with lies and deceit? Well, breaking news, it ain’t gonna work, I am onto you and the chief, sooner or later I will have you two exposed”

Mike was quiet, he simply started towards Jan, inserted a flash drive in his computer picked a chair to sit with him.

He directed Jan to look back at the computer which already began to play a video

“Recognise the scene?”
Jan’s eyes went wide, it was the very first day Code507 saved Sofia from a bullet, he saw everything, how they came out of the bar, and how code507 knocked him out and pulled Sofia out of the way to avoid a targeted sniper bullet.

“Yes, what so special about it?”

Jan asked all he saw was a memory of what transpired, nothing new

“Keep watching”

Suspiciously he looked back to the video, a few minutes later after the policemen had evacuated himself and Sofia from the scene that night, a woman came to the scene to take pictures with her phone and made a few calls.

“Who is that woman?”

He asked and Mike paused the video, zoomed in and alas! it was Jessy, Jessy was the woman in the scene.

“Do you have more questions on Jessy being an accomplice of the code or rather, the code? She is always there, at the end of every scene, it’s not a coincidence”

Mike extracted the flash drive from the desktop and stood up to leave, but right before he left Jan noticed some tiny letter codes scripted on Mike’s wrist, he wasn’t able to get the full letters but he memorized 6 letters.

When he was sure Mike was out of the office he wrote the six letters down EDOCDE

With just one left he began to try to decode the letters he had, finally he arrived at CODERE He simply added the missing letter which appeared to be D and read it out to be CODE RED

He exhaled, four suspects on his list now, Jessy, the chief, Mike, and Niklaus who appears to be dead. Could this be it’s just one person playing tricks with his head? What the hell is going on?

Code Red


Code Red [chapter 24]

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