A Love Letter

A Love Letter

A Love Letter

A Love Letter

By Ogunsola Ayobami Samuel

Dear Crush,

Hi love, it will be a year tomorrow when I first set my eyes on you. I remember watching you standing at the bus stop trying to catch a bus. Should I say it was love at first sight. The moment I saw you, my heart skip a beat, time stopped for 2500 seconds then everything stood still nothing was moving since time already stopped. Something was strange, despite the stopping of time, I could still move. I didn’t know how this happened but it gave me the chance to move closer to you to have a look at the frozen damsel standing 10 feet away from me. I took the bold step forward to admire your heavenly beauty.

The first thing that got my attention was your eyes, then I realised how true the saying that “the eyes are windows” I could see through them. I can see your pain and your gentleness just the same. I saw how every emotion comes together to form the art of your soul. It forms a picture I see in an instant and comprehend with full depth. So, I see you, I do. When I say that your eyes are beautiful, its the truth, for it’s not about colours or shape, it’s about the loving sweet essence that is so clearly there.

After your eyes is your soft and flirtatious lips đź’‹. Your lips were a pale pink that reminded me of a rose bud. The top lip was thinner, but not too thin, and it had a natural cupid’s bow; the bottom one was larger and more plush. Then I imagined myself staring at them when you bit your pencil in concentration, drank from your mug, or when you applied lip balm to keep them soft. I wanted to feel your lips against mine, though they are rough and thin – perhaps you wouldn’t like them. I shook my mind to come out of my imaginary world. If your eyes are the gateway to the soul, your lips are the same thing for the body. They are softness passion and the promise of the sweetness to come.

Another thing that got my attention was your breasts that were pointing at me. Holy craps! I activated my fantasizing mood. I imagined your milky breasts spilling out of your bra as I unhooked it.Enlarged brown nipples dotted your breasts. I opened my mouth and gently suckled. The occasional drop of white slid around my greenish mouth as I slowly fell to sleep.

Out of my imagination, I couldn’t help it but I have to imagine how our sex night would look like. Then I imagined how I  drove my tongue inside you, setting off another shattering moan that was music to my ears. You are quite an instrument to play, so finely tuned, and if i touched you right, you made the most glorious sounds — raw, intense, absolutely delicious noises of pleasure as I plundered you with my tongue. You grabbed my hair, yanked and pulled me closer as I told you to do. I thrust one finger inside you, crooking it and hitting you in the spot that turned your moans into one long, high-pitched orgasm. You shuddered against me, your legs quaking, and when I finally slowed to look up at you, I saw your hair was a wild tumble, and your face was glowing.”

I had kept this feelings to myself since last year, though we have been pretty close since when time starts moving again when I didn’t notice because I was still in my imaginary world. Your voice brought my back when you whispered “are you okay” into my ears. I can still remember how I stood in front of you smiling in excitement. I am glad we exchanged contact which has really helped in bringing you closer to me.

I couldn’t express myself well that’s why I choose to pour out my feelings into this letter. I love you my dream girl and I’d be happy if you could accept my love.

From your
Baby Daddy.

A Love Letter

Ogunsola Ayobami Samuel is a blogger, writer, poet, and teacher. He attended Baptist High school from 2010-2013 and graduated from Kinsey College of Education Ilorin 2018, still hoping to have his first degree in English.

He sees writing and teaching as the best channel to reach out to the world.

The Virgin Ghostess is his first story to be written, though he had written different poems such as

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A Love Letter

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