She can’t take him away from me, he is mine and will always be mine. Chard has always been mine and I won’t let him do this to me.

I must hurry up with this plan before I lose him, just then my phone started ringing.

“hello Gabriel is everything set? And make no mistakes, she must be eliminated I don’t care how you do it.”

I can’t believe he took her out on a dinner, that is supposed to be me!!!!!!!!!!


We were young then he was sixteen and I was twelve, I learnt karate and other marital-art while growing up Sir Luke had lots of enemies and didn’t want me not been able to fight back when am attacked and I got to follow them on a mission sometimes.

“I can’t believe you are going on this mission alone, you promised and now you going alone “

“Listen lily that was the plan but the man wants only me and am sorry it happened this way, I will protect you and nothing can change that. I promise that I will come visit you every chance I got” he explained

“ I heard the man has a pretty daughter “ I said feeling pained, knowing I was going to lose him and once he goes am going to be sent to my only family member which is my brother, he is in coma because of  the “WILLIAMS” and it makes me scared that he is going there alone.

“say no more, she no match to a beauty like you and remember am going there for revenge for your father and my family. If not for him, Sir Luke will still be here right now and I wouldn’t have to worry about you” he said trying to console me.



I got to the place she texted to me which was difficult to locate but I managed. Then I saw the her she was looking so gorgeous and I couldn’t take my eyes off her and of all place, I found her here and in the worst scenario in another man arms.

It hurts, I don’t know why, not like she would remember me. But hold on, she can’t possibly be the person am meant to eliminate and I can’t don’t it. I can’t hurt her I have been searching for her for years and now she is in front of me and I can’t kill her.



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