Code Red (chapter 23)

Code Red [chapter 21]

Jan stole away immediately, he wanted to help but there is nothing he can possibly do to save Niklaus, the sinister’s venom has never been reportedly cured; now he had his hands stained with an illegal act, he just abated murder! He was greatly disturbed but was confident of the fact that no one saw him.

Sofia’s voice reverberated and echoed as she screams, totally clueless on what to do to save Niklaus who was already having a seizure!

“Niklaus! Get off him!”
It was Debrah, she had resolved to speak with Niklaus that day and it was only an acute instinct that must have led her to take a bold step to see him that evening.

Without delay she lifted Niklaus onto her shoulders, Sofia was amazed at the strength Debrah had to lift a full masculine man onto her shoulders but her mind would not dwell on such amazement at the moment, she hurried to enter Niklaus’ car when Debrah had thrown him into the back seat and whisked to the driver’s seat to zoom off.

“Get out”

“Am sorry what? I have to be with Niklaus… I have to see that he is… “

Sofia tried to explain why she needed to be with Niklaus but Debrah’s tightened expression didn’t hesitate to probe her hands to action, she dipped her left hand into her tucked jeans and lifted a silencer revolver, pointed it at Sofia’s face and was almost going to release a bullet when she stopped herself!

“Get out bitch!”

Sofia obeyed immediately, fear gripped her nervous system, although she regretted alighting the vehicle a few minutes after Debrah and zoomed off but there was nothing she could do to calm her nerves at the sight of the gun pointed to her forehead.

She became restless, is Niklaus going to survive this, he looked half dead when Debrah drove him off. She could not eat, could not sleep, she paced around her apartment with heavy eyes, her heart throbbing, her head aching. Mariam couldn’t get words out of her, Sofia could not explain all that transpired, she had to keep it buried within her, and it wasn’t easy doing so. She stay awake all night and ran to the office at cockcrow, without doing her upkeep… Her hair looked like a bush path, her eyes swollen and reddish…


She bumped into her office and then pushed his office open, it was all empty.

Jan was troubled, did he just tampered with everything he holds dear by indulging in such illegal activities, what if Niklaus is innocent? What has he done?!
He tried going through his board and toppled files to keep finding his lead on a pile of cases he had to solve but he wasn’t thinking straight.

“Jan, it’s Jessy, she is being transferred to the states”

Joe, a fellow inspector barged into Jan’s office and revealed with his breathe unstably high.


Jan sprang up and dashed out of the office, luckily he met them on their way out with Jessy handcuffed and pulled like a criminal

“Stop! You are taking her nowhere!”

“On whose order, Jan?”

The chief spoke from behind and caught Jan unaware.

“My order sir, not until you to have been cleared from this case cos you too sir, you are a suspect! And i have clear evidence”

There was silence, the shock was written on all faces, Jessy’s face remained unmoved and blunt, it appeared she was prepared for whatever would come her way since Jan had done nothing to help until now.

“Take her back to the cell until proven guilty, that’s what the law says!”

All eyes turned to the chief who nodded in affirmation, and Jessy returned to her cell.

“Jan, I would love you to provide your proofs on why you think I am suspect”

The chief began when he called for everyone in his office.

Jan stood up with high shoulders and began with a loud tempo.

“I would love you all to know that the chief, is the code, or knows something about the code! There is a code under his table that associates with the code. Also, the black sand used by code507 at every kill scene is hidden in his shelf”

All perplexed eyes remained fixed on Jan has he started to the Chief’s table.

“And I am going to prove that now”

He said and bent down to reveal the scripted code under the table, but then he paused, wiped his eyes countless times! He could not believe it, the scripted code was gone, clean, erased, and was like nothing was ever written there… In disturbed faith, he hurried to the shelf and searched for the black sand, but the same shock traveled down his spine. It was gone! All gone!
He knew things had gone complex, but he never figured it was this ugly, his planted feet began to wobble, something or someone is playing really fast and dangerous in the precinct.

Code Red


Code Red (chapter 23)

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