I know she was scared and I almost blew my cover but I managed to pull it off. I just wanted to scare her a little in order to spice up the night, the look on her face was priceless but at same time I wished she didn’t have to be this scared, I wished I can take away all her pain and replace it with happiness. she been through a lot, having people always after your life is not something anyone should experience.

I brought her to our garden, we found this garden the day we sneaked out of the house and was recognized by one of her father’s enemies at the party, which we had to run from our lives.
This garden was our saving grace and since then we made it our hiding spot but since am leaving, I just wanted to be here with her just this once.
Well she might have forgotten about this garden but I haven’t, I had plans for this garden since it became our special place.
I bought the land and employed few people to plant more flowers on it and it was decorated for this night. That’s why I had been on calls for days to make sure everything was in place.

“Relax Tessa just come out of the car”
“No am not coming out” she replied.
And I forgot am dealing with “THERESA WILLIAMS” been stubborn is her super powers.
Then I heard footsteps it got closer and closer and so many thoughts was running through my mind, I looked around I saw my hair brush, I grabbed it since it was the only weapon I could find, and wasn’t going down without a fight.
Then the door opened and I was dragged out of the car and my stupid comb did not……….

Woooooooooow this looks so beautiful, I mean the ice sculpture which looked like me and it was at center of it all. Everywhere was beautifully decorated with so many colors, I was taken away by the beauty that in front me that I forgot I was supposed to be mad at Chard.
And there was a fountain, chefs and our table was beautifully decorated, I was filled with so much happiness that I felt I will explode of happiness and I couldn’t help but tear up.
“Do you like it?” he asked
“No, I love it, I mean everything looks so amazing !!!!! how were you able to pull off this?”

“Well let’s just say I have my ways “he replied pulling me and planted a kiss on my temple.

“Everything is just the way I wanted it be, I didn’t know you paid attention to everything I said that day”.

“I remember everything and that why I want you to be the only woman that I only have to remember each night before I go to sleep” he said while starring deep into my eyes.

“So, does it mean you love me and want us to be couple?”



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