The Virgin Ghostess – Chapter 13


The Virgin Ghostess - Chapter 13

The Virgin Ghostess
Chapter 13
By Ogunsola Ayobami Samuel

Timid  Kate  tearfully runs away from her boss, julius after confessing that he has been dating Julia a ghost in possession of her body. He manages to catch up to Kate , but cannot bring himself to take her claim seriously.

John thinks back to all his interactions with kate, including his attempt to run her over with his car. He is convinced that Julia has been in possession of Kate’s body. His thoughts are interrupted by the return of a female colleague who has been away on sick leave.

At the Restaurant, chef Mike  attempts to dig for details about Kate and julius dating life . Julius is still fuming over the night before, and frostily orders him back to work. This leads Mike and the other chefs to speculate on the status of their boss’s relationship felix sneers at their gossiping.

Meanwhile, Julia is pacing the apartment of Mrs Jane , wondering why John would try to hit Kate with his car. Mrs Jane recalls all the evidence that points to possession by an evil spirit. She advises  Julia to keep an eye on John and to warn Kate .

Julius cancels dinner service, and attempts to force Kate to seek medical help. She rejects the idea that she is suffering from mental illness, and returns to the Restaurant where Julia is waiting. Julia is about to warn kate about John when julius enters. It becomes clear based on their conversation that he knows everything about Julia ’s possession of kate. After Julia attempts to touch julius’s face, he is no longer able to deny the existence of ghosts. He learns that kate gave Julia permission to possess her, and he stumbles out in shock.

Julius reviews previous experiences with kate, both possessed and unpossessed by Julia , over beer. John comes across him, and casually asks about his relationship with kate. This prompts him to ask if he believes in ghosts. John feigns confusion, but this only confirms his suspicions about Julia’s possession of Kate .

Kate is regretting her deal with Julia to bag Julia when the man himself drunkenly calls her out of her apartment. He wishes that she had kept him ignorant, as he struggles to determine who he actually has feelings for. When he asks why she deceived him, she tearfully confesses that her infatuation lead her to resort to desperate tactics.

Kate rips up her julius scrapbook and moves out of the apartment on the roof of the Restaurant without notifying anyone. So, when she fails to show up at work the next day, neither julius nor Julia nor john have any clue where she has gone.

Julia finds Kate in the care of her father and her brother. Having found her near unconscious in the street, the men brought her back to their home. They insist that she stay until she has recovered.

Julia reveals to kate that John was the driver of the car that nearly ran into her. She warns her to stay hidden from john while she investigates. Julia now realizes that what needs to be resolved is not her virginity.

Meanwhile, julius is acting as if it is business as usual at his restaurant. After he is caught moping, the chefs persuade him to join them for beer. Felix catches him alone and bluntly asks him not to let go of Kate so easily.

Julia went to the police station to find more clue about John so she possesses  his newly returned female colleague, and spots her diary in his locked drawer. She cannot remember the contents of the diary, but resolves to find out. She convinces john and the other cops to go for dinner without her.
Just when she was trying to break into John locker , she caught by John male partner. She claims to have received a tip regarding corruption. Officer Steve then reveals his own suspicion that John is trying to cover up for the perpetrator of the accident that paralyzed his wife, Lisa.

Julius is moping in kate’s deserted apartment when he finds torn pages from her scrapbook. He comes to realize that kate is the writer behind one of his favourite food blogs. He rushes to the home of her grandmother to find her, but when it becomes clear that she is not there, he decides to stay quiet about her disappearance.

Kate’s grandmother reveals that her granddaughter has always been mature and goodhearted. Her only regret is that she inherited her ability to see ghosts. He realizes that him and kate both share a lonely childhood.

As julius was going back home he met Alex who berated kate for choosing julius over him then being so unhappy, he  confronted julius and slaps him in the face then hr reveals that kate is at his home. This sends julius racing to find her, as Alex quietly wishes the couple happiness.

Kate has just found out about  julius visit to her grandmother when he suddenly arrives at Julia’s father restaurant and hugs her, relieved that she is safe. Despite not having decided whether to forgive her, he has determined that he cared about her long before she was possessed by a ghost.

To be continued…….

The Virgin Ghostess - Chapter 13

Ogunsola Ayobami Samuel is a blogger, writer, poet, and teacher. He attended Baptist High school from 2010-2013 and graduated from Kinsey College of Education Ilorin 2018, still hoping to have his first degree in English.

He sees writing and teaching as the best channel to reach out to the world.

The Virgin Ghostess is his first story to be written, though he had written different poems such as

The peaceful war 

This too shall come to pass

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Tribute to Adeleke Rachel Tioluwani 



The Virgin Ghostess - Chapter 13

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