Chapter seven

This is the first time in my life I have cried like this. I had to be strong for myself because something in me , keeps telling me there’s more to come.

I immediately carried the painkillers and emptied it in toilet and flushed it down.

Right now I don’t know who to trust , and that scares me.

My phone beeped that’s the security informing me my stylist has arrived.

I had a very long hot bath trying to calm myself down, when I came out I saw a box on top of my bed.

I was scared but I moved slowly toward the box and pick up the card on it.

“Look beautiful tonight for me because your smile light up world” xo Chard.

I was kinda relieved, then I went ahead to open the box. And there was the most maleficent and beautiful volcano coloured dinner dress I ever seen.

Chard can be romantic when he wants to, I immediately slid my body into it and it was perfect on me.
It Just felt like this gown was made  for me.

The dress had a long slit cut by the side, revealing my perfect smooth leg and the dress came with a shoe to match.

One look at the mirror I knew am definitely causing trouble tonight because of the way my hips swayed when I took few steps.
Damn!! I look beautiful I just couldn’t wait to see him.

After dressing up , I allowed the stylist to do her magic.
Then I looked at the mirror once again and was satisfied with my look.

My make up was light I don’t usually like too much make up.

One more look won’t hurt I said, I smiled at myself at the mirror then I knew that I was ready for dinner with the love of my life even though he doesn’t know it yet.

Chard is the only one I can trust right now, So am going to tell him everything.

As for my dad , I would confront him later, when am back from my dinner with Chard.



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