Chard POV

I got dressed in my black tuxedo suit , I don’t really wear tie except for business meetings and formal gatherings.

But for this night am going to leave two buttons of my shirt open .

One look at the mirror I was ready and I have been on calls for sometime trying to buy Tessa more time to get ready , you know how women can be.

This is the 20th time am calling to make sure everything is ready and in place I just want this night to be perfect for her.

After her dad brought back Emily as his wife, Tessa has been broken and I feel it all my fault.

My past will always hunt me and am going to set everything right even if I have to die while doing that.

I loved her from the first day I saw her, she was so beautiful, alluring and innocent of all this and I can’t let her get hurt.

Too bad I can’t stay any longer I sighed.

I better go get her, it’s time .
I hope she’s ready.

Tessa POV

I walked down the stairs nervous and I don’t know why .

And there he was my prince charming , he looks so handsome and dashing, two buttons of his shirt was open making him look more sexy and handsome I was drooling without even knowing it.

” Ehm you can stop drooling and come down now we are running late ” he said with a smirk on his face

” Please don’t flatter yourself, I wasn’t drooling and what’s there to drool about?” I scoffed

” Young miss Tessa you look absolutely gorgeous “Chard complimented.

Damn she’s so hot tonight, I bétter get my men to be on stand by, because this is going to be a long night for me and I hope I don’t do anything crazy before this night ends.

“Young master Chard you look really handsome” I complimented him too.

We held hands then headed to the car and then drove off.
I need to get my self together or I’m so eating him up.
How can someone look so handsome and charming huh!

He definitely was created by God on Sunday, God took his time in creating him.
There I was drooling again.
Tessa get a grip of your self, I half yelled at my subconscious mind.

I have been asking him where we were going to he refused telling me, he said it a surprise and I guess I would have to wait for it.

We decided to stay at the front car instead of the middle car , while the rest of the cars follow behind us just for security purposes.

We stopped at somewhere it looked dark and I turned back, the rest of the cars were all gone.
What’s happening Chard? I asked obviously scared .

He only had this devilish smirk on his face, and didn’t reply me, but picked up his phone dialing a number.

“She’s here , get ready”.



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