Code Red [chapter 22]

Code Red [chapter 21]

Debrah had not really met with Niklaus since the night she slept with him and gave him the pills. Now that she knew the pills didn’t work because Niklaus must have figured out a way to ensure it didn’t, she didn’t know how to face him. He must think her to be a threat now, and damn she likes that man! How Sofia came from nowhere to shift his focus was still a mystery to her and she wanted more than anything to smoke Sofia but then, she had to be careful, not because of Niklaus but because of the code.

Sofia could not believe her eyes when she saw Jan approaching her table in her office, although she knew it is just a matter of time before Jan comes around, she wasn’t expecting him to go as far as coming to her office.

“What are you doing here, Jan?”

Her question didn’t sound as a surprise to him, not when she was hiding code507 from him! He is supposed to have her arrested but he no clear proof, or maybe she is the code, who knows? His mind has told him several times that Sofia can’t be the code but then the situation around points accusing finger to her direction, code507 came to her rescue twice! Twice! Or maybe she is related to the code, the more reason code507 has to protect her.

His mind was torn already, he had a lot to do in the precinct since Jessy had been accused of being the code, he had completely forgotten that he was attacked by the assassin when he tried to apprehend Sofia, or was this the plan of the code, to keep him busy in the precinct that he abandons the lead he found on code507?

“Why? I can’t say hi to you?”

“No not that, I mean, how did you locate my office, you equally didn’t tell me you are coming”

“Do I need to tell you? It surprising you left me stranded in the clinic the other day”

” That’s a lie Jan, i came back to check on you but you were gone”

“Well what do you expect, when your boyfriend who is the most wanted assassin came to your rescue”

Sofia’s heart missed, but she acted unmoved.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean code507, where is he Sofia, it’s only a matter of time before I get you arrested”

” Arrested with what proof Jan, I don’t even know what you are talking about, I do not know code507 for God’s sake”…

“The proof is what I’ll get soon”

“You are going to arrest the woman you claim you love and want to get married too?”

“Oh drop that facade, we both know why we want to get married, it doesn’t mean justice won’t be brought to book”

Sofia was quiet for a while and the next minute she felt she was done with him

” Okay that’s enough you can leave my office”

“Not until you tell me where code507 is, or where Niklaus is”

A voice interrupted the intense conversation from behind.

“She has asked you to leave her office, I expect you to act like a gentleman and leave, or maybe you prefer a more convincing approach, which might not be too… Appropriate”

It was Niklaus, the exact man Jan wanted to see, he stood up immediately and extended his hand for a handshake

“Well just who I want to see”

“Well, I am here, Jan… “

” It’s been a while, I must say you have been busy with work, especially the one that has to do with lurking in the dark, with a silver lining jacket…”

“Work has been hectic of course, but that’s one thing I deal with as a emmm… wealthy man”

Niklaus passed a message and Jan got.

” Perhaps you should stop mounting pressure on an innocent woman and hit your drive elsewhere on a more meaningful lead. I am sure you are a busy man, there is a lot of crime out there that should keep you busy, don’t you think?”

Niklaus continued while Jan smiled and covered the distance between them, Sofia, and to clear her throat countless times to announce her presence and hopefully come in between the two who stood with an intense stare at each other.

“I will get you code507”

Jan went direct now, he was done playing nice.

Niklaus only smiled at the corner of his lips and started towards his office.

“The security will show you your way out Jan”

Jan left with a plan ringing his mind, he had to confirm if Niklaus is code507, and he knew just one dirty way to find out. During his teenage years he had grown up in the streets where he knew a lot of hoodlums, one was particular to him, the street terror he knew called the sinister particularly because the sinister had a viper’s venom blended in his bloodstreams, in his Sharp claws and fangs he artificially made to fit in his mouth.

Jan was sure Niklaus won’t be able to survive the sinister if he turned out to be innocent, but he has to give it a shot if anything goes wrong his job is at stake and he risks spending the rest of his life in jail, but then the feeling to give it a shot was stronger than the one that posed the repercussions.

Straightway he drove to his past, a past he never wanted to go back to, but he had to now. The sinister wasn’t too happy to see him but he had cash so the deal was set, he was careful enough to ensure he wasn’t followed and that all was done under extreme confidentiality.

The sinister waited for Niklaus in the car park, it was dark and Jan was sure Niklaus leaves the office pretty late, just that he didn’t fathom Sofia would be with Niklaus at that time, perhaps it was one of the consequences he would have to deal with!

“Red alert! Red alert! abort the mission!” He dialed the sinister but there wasn’t any response, the sinister had spent two years in jail on Jan’s account, he only busted out of jail recently and seeing Sofia was quite important to Jan, he was going to use it as revenge on Jan!

“Get in the car”

Niklaus called when Sofia lingered, fumbling with her handbag. He had sat comfortably in his Lamborghini waiting for Sofia when he sensed the danger lurking. He was quick, but not quick enough, he alighted the car and leaped over it to where Sofia stood, Sofia shook at his sudden speed and was going to ask when he drew her to himself and turned his back against the claws of the sinister. slashed!
He took the claws while he shielded Sofia, turned and knocked an instant blow to the sinister’s esophagus, he fell dead immediately. Sofia shook for fear, Niklaus just killed someone with just one blow. But then, her worst fear surfaced. He turned back to her and asked twice

“Are you okay, are you okay, it’s alright, you are safe, you are….”

He couldn’t finish up his words, his eyes went dizzling, his legs could no longer carry him, veins stretched up to his eyes and the wound on his back began to heat up.

“The sinister…”
He muttered and realized he had been poisoned with a supposed incurable venom, straightway, he fell, he fell on Sofia who screamed for help.

Code red


Code Red [chapter 22]

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