The Vampire Princess Episode 1

The Vampire Princess Prologue

💅The Vampire Princess 💅
Story by Vicky 😘😘
Episode 1…
I am Princess Meravera of Xaxie💎
Today is my first day on earth
I don’t really understand their doing here but I have to play along
I have the full details of the person I am searching for
He is a Man in his forties named Francis Kendall
He is a great scientist who give birth to a son of which I do not know
News was all over the Earth about the scientists who died in the cave and the only one who survived 🙄
The day kept getting dark..but I have no shelter so I was just walking on till I get to a Quiet street
I saw a human walking towards me
“Hey where are you going by this Time”He asked but I hungrily devoured him..Sucking off his blood😊
“This is just the beginning”I whispered then laugh out devilishly
I kept going on then a car parked beside me
It was a Human
“Hey where are going by this Time and may I give you a ride”
I nodded then entered the Car
“I am Angeline💓 what about you?”
“Where are you going?”She asked
“I don’t have a home”
“What! Oh..would you mind staying with him”
“Thanks a lot”I replied
Getting to get house she promised to Enrol me to a Highschool tomorrow for me to learn more so i get Prepared
💓The following Day💓
I walked Into the class majestically
The students appeared to be lively
They all shaked my hand doing a little introduction
“I am Axel Kendal”A guy said stretching forth his hands
I stretch my hands to meet his then I suddenly felt strange
I looked up to him then stammered
“I I am Veraline Caine..
I sat down on the chair thinking about what just happened
Why the strange feeling??
The same way I do feel when I am with my ring
I got it…My ring is with him💍
His name is Axel Kendal
My Bad! I forgot the man who stole my ring 💍from the cave is Francis Kendal
That must be his only son and my ring is currently with him😓
Anger rage in me😡
I quickly wrote a short letter then pass it to him
Pls wait for me at my locker room during break
We need to talk..
He read the letter then winked at me
Does this fool think I wanna ask him out or seduce him?
After two classes the bell for lunch was rung
I went to Vera locker room…I can’t open it because it is locked so I wait for her…
She arrived shortly after,Open the door then we both went inside
She turned her back so I couldn’t see her face
“What’s the problem Vera?”I asked as i tried to touch her shoulder
“Don’t you dare touch me😡”She shouted
“Where is the ring💍💍” She added
I gasped in shock as her eyeball turned red
“Vera you didn’t give me any ring 🙄”I stammered
“The ring your Father stole from the Cave…Where is it???” She shouted again
“My father do not give me any ring”I stammered moving to the back
” Don’t you dare play games with me”Her finger grew longer as she walk towards me
I ran towards the door..The door wasn’t lock but I can’t open it😣
She held me by the neck using it to lift me up 👾
Her finger hurt really bad😓
“Where is the ring??”She asked
“It is with me but it is not in my pocket and not anywhere that I can easily bring it out” I confessed
“Then where is it?😡”..
“It is in the bone of my left leg”I confessed then she shouted
“My finger are sharp enough to pierce into your leg and bring the ring out💍”
“But you may be disabled”She whispered softly
“Please Vera I don’t want to be disabled”I pleaded with tears slowly dropping from my eyes😭😭
“I am a good surgeon”She replied
But I shake my hand in the negative way
She laugh out loud then said
“I am leaving you with two options….
Either i kill you and take your body to Xaxie or I bring out the ring leaving you Disabled”
“No Vera pls😭😭😭”..I cried the more
Since he is not choosing between the two options I know what to do👾
I tighten my hands around his neck
I am gonna kill him and take his body to Xaxie😏😏
I stared into his eyeball:
Something tells me not to kill him and something wants me to kill him every possible chance I got👾…….

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The Vampire Princess Episode 1
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The Vampire Princess Episode 1

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