Johnny Stan (chapter six)

Boston, MA, USA
The feeling was powerful, and intense for Stan, he had never felt that way for a woman, but this Lia girl was different.
Johnny convinced himself he had missed his heart, when he lost his own mother, and slowly lia is restoring same heart, it’s complicated anyway.

for the past two days, Johnny was a shadow to lia, like following after her, in the dark, to make sure she is safe or something, and lia could sense it too.

meanwhile, Eric is restricting Josh, and asking him bunch of questions and Josh had no fucking reason as to why he was the culprit behind the murders, committed by Stan.
Eric could get nothing from the blogger and resolved to let him go, but Stan remains a target.

Two days later, Mr Kelly, mandated his men to take care of some little business, due to lia and her evidence.
lia lacked the courage to declare openly the culprit the last time, but this time she is going to tell it to some few folks, and Kelly was never comfortable about the who thing.

That night the police department had restored his freedom ( Josh) and the Internet worker, was driving home when, another auto crash to his car, down town, he panic and sped away but they Chase.
They bang! Their guns at his car, and burst the tyres, Josh was hell scared, he was out of the car and dive to the hinterlands, so he could escape the gunmen, wise move.
That was close, Josh was thinking! who the hell was that? it can be Johnny, it must be Johnny!
Josh escaped and found himself in some different place, still in the city, with people around.
what the heck is going on? he thought, the police unit is trying to deter the crowd, Mr Obama is dead, shot! and dumped down, 15 floor.
who does that? every one is acquainted with the answer to that very question, and again is on another murder case, a public speaker and publisher, was also shot on the head this very night, in the metropolis…..
The two deaths were connected, and it’s great loss for the city, lia is expected to uncover the mastermind fewer days from now, and the publisher and orator was her spine, maybe lia had revealed it to them so Kelly thought! and putting them out was necessary.

Josh was among the company of people, and abruptly from the shadows ( auto) a guy with a tattoo on his arm took a shot! twice at the blogger, and before any one could grasp the scene, Josh was dropping and a car moving sped away.

Three deaths, same night, who does that?……

Lia was driving, driving back home, and crying, it’s too much for her to bear alone, Obama was like a father.
she cast the blame on her self, she should not have involved her boss in the first place, now Kelly had ordered Stan to assassinate him.
as she cried and pushes, she observed Stan Volkswagen again.
she paused!
( Dialogue)

” what do hell do you want from me?”
” lia…..”
“……..Following me around, I don’t need you around!!!”

Stan needed to give her rose, he needed her to know how he felt about her, but he realized she was crying.

” what’s the problem?”
” the problem? you killed my boss, you kill people!!! Johnny Stan!”
” what are you talking about? I did not kill your boss, or anyone, the last time I killed anyone was like three weeks ago.”
“then who did it?”
” Mask or flint did it, or both.”
” I don’t care!”
” listen to me, lia, is easy to assume Johnny is the gun behind all deaths in the city.
that’s not true either, I…”
” I don’t care, but I don’t want to ever see you again!”

lia waived, back to her new model Lexus!

” Am not a bad person! lia! I only had a bad luck!”

he watched her sped away.Johnny Stan (chapter six)

Johnny Stan (chapter six)
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Johnny Stan (chapter six)

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