Johnny Stan ( chapter seven)

Boston, MA, USA
The other night, three souls deemed important to the metropolis where exterminated, the public speaker, blogger and Lia’s boss.
all three murdered in one night.

lia had lost the spirit, to testify against Kelly, he is a powerful man, a single all three men was gone, but Stan claimed he was not the bullet behind their deaths, but that’s not important to the editor he works for Kelly anyway.

The deaths trend all of the news, and in a nutshell, they are all interwoven, and that would mean the murderer is a single individual and the whole city, were having similar thoughts………Johnny Stan!
RIP to all three.

Eric the detective is starting to draw a pattern, he contemplate Josh to be culprit, but he was wrong, Josh was not.
But why will he kill Josh? his biggest promoter, Eric wondered, but he will not stop on this very case, Stan killed his father! ten years ago.
with that out of place, Eric earned the consent of the Government and security of the city, to block all of Stan popularity platforms and cage all his fans within his reach.
for a whole week, Eric had bond some few folks with the 69 tattoo, and other downtown dudes, even in Detroit.
this guy needs to be beaten, and shot as many times possible not celebrated the officer thought.

Anyways, Stan stayed in the shadows, and Eric is clearing up some trash, and Stan payed no fucking attention or give a damn about it.
haters made mockery of Eric all over the internet, some folk were strongly convinced he will be next target to be assassinated, by Stan.

The state security agency, summoned the detective, and the general needed to have a chat with the officer.
( Dialogue)

” we will have let you go and find another officer for cover.”
” General, Stan is still out there in the shadows, and am this close in…….”
“………. close? you are nothing near it, all you do is drag niggas to lock up and start an internet conflict.”
” Sir….”
“……Do not interrupt me!
people are dying, can’t you see it.”
” I do, sir! one more chance, I promise, me and my team we stop this nonsense.”
” you know what I want? I want Johnny Stan died or alive.”

For two whole weeks, the city was calm and lia did not know the next step of action to take.
she knew it was Kelly, the culprit, but without her boss, it was pointless and Johnny, he posed no harm and that is what lia couldn’t understand, Johnny and what the people says about him are two different people.
Any ways the media was anticipating on her final decision, and without a security assured by Eric and co. lia resolve to give the name of the culprit, the man Stan is working for, and would not want to tell it to anyone preliminary for fear of assassination.

Mr Kelly heard it over the news, he put up a wicked smile, all these while, he just beating around the bush, the real enemy is not Josh or Obama, he took his mind off Eric as well, the real enemy is………LIA and the king of boys was developing a dominant thought in his head and he ends up saying it loud….
” I want her assassinated.”

is getting complicated.Johnny Stan ( chapter seven)

Johnny Stan ( chapter seven)
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Johnny Stan ( chapter seven)

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