LOVE IMPULSION 🎀💓💓💓🎀 (chapter 7)


LOVE IMPULSION 🎀💓💓💓🎀 (chapter 7)



I came out of the elevator and was kinda ready for anything that Lady will throw at me. I walked up to her and she was the first to speak.
“Sorry, but you can’t see him” She said in the most menacing way possible. All I did was laugh at her. She didn’t even know she’s sitting on my chair.
“Really? I’m sorry to inform you that I’m going to start working here from now on and that seat you’re sitting on is actually mine” I left her in a disheveled state and walked to the boss’s office. I mentally did a little prep before opening his office’s door.
As soon as I got in, I took in his appearance and said 3 disheartening words.
“Good morning boss” I spat out the words with emphasis on the “boss”. He slowly lifted his head up from what he was typing. His face was contoured in shock before he quickly masked with his usual smirk.
” Feisty? ” He said as if he couldn’t believe who was in front of him. Well, it’s expected because just yesterday I was breathing fire and brimstone here saying I’ll never work for him but here I am.
“In the flesh” I replied sarcastically
“Hmm” He rested his back on his chair like the boss he is and played with a biro in his hand. After a while, he put the biro in his mouth and no time did he look away. It’s a shame that we are enemies; I would have declared him the most sexy man right now. Ermm. I cleared my throat. What I’m I even thinking. I shook my head and glanced up to meet his gaze only to see him still ogling me. What the actual f**k. How can he be eye raping like this. What a pervert. He didn’t even try to hide it. I narrowed my eyes at him and he seemed to come back to his senses.
“I thought you said you… ” I immediately interrupted him.
“I know what I said. You didn’t exactly give me a choice now did you? Now, can we go straight to the point?”
He was astonished either by my reply or how I cut him short. I smirked. Operation get fired on the motion. At least when he doesn’t need me anymore he’ll allow me go work somewhere else right?
“Miss Moore. I will not have you interrupt my speech again or else…” He said with a growl. I gave him a please continue kind of look but he just decided not to speak again. I sighed
“S…Sir shall we get started?” Huhh. Even to call him sir is annoying. He only smirked before replying
“Of course” He picked up the intercom and placed it on his ears
“Miss Tedd, my office. Now” I couldn’t help but cringe at his tone and the way he ordered her. Is that what I have to bear? My Gosh!
In no time, his mean secretary came into the office. She didn’t even spare me a glance. Not that I care anyway.
“Miss Tedd, I need you to pack up and meet with Mr Daniels. He’ll tell you what to do” Do you know the first thing she did after that was to glare at me as if she wanted me dead.
“But Sir…” She started but was interrupted
“No buts… Except you want to be out completely” he said in a harsh tone. To be sincere my resolve was waxing cold with all these harsh tones and wicked glare of his. The mean lady which I got to know is Miss Tedd lowered her head, glanced at me briefly before walking out of the office. After that he placed his intercom on his ear once again.
“Mr Daniels… I’m sending Miss Tedd down assign her to her initial position” he didn’t even wait for the response of the other person before ending the call. What an arrogant scumbag. With what he was saying, I think Miss Tedd was actually here temporarily. So she was here only for a temporary period and almost allowed her pride kill her? What a bitch.
After the call, he relaxed on his seat while turning left and right and sizing me up and down for a minute before dismissing me.
“All sorted now. You can go” this man is just so strange.
“Sir, I don’t exactly know what to do” he smirked…
“Really?” He asked in an amused tone before abruptly standing up
“Follow me” I did and when we got to the oval table surrounded with glass to pass as an office, he gestured his hands towards it….
“That’s where you’ll be working from”
I nodded and the next thing, he was strolling into his office leaving me astonished. I don’t understand. What do I even do. I’ve not been a PA before in my life and he just said that’s where you’ll be working from. Huhhh. I sat down for a while before getting up to go ask him what I should do. I knocked and entered.
“Excuse me Sir” he looked up from his system lazily and looked at me in a bored state.
“Yes?” He said sarcastically
“You only showed me my seat but you didn’t tell me how the job works”
“Oh I see. I thought the lady who kept blabbing about her grades would be smart enough to know how to do her job” he said in an amused voice and continued…
“Well, all you’ll do is to seat there, bring me coffee when I need you to and any other thing I want will be communicated to you. I mean anything” He’s such an ass. Just because of that silly answer, he had to bring up what happened last month. Last month? So, its almost a month since I met him? How time flies.
“Alright” I said and turned to go but he stopped me…
“In the main time, get me coffee. There’s a coffee shop across this building. Here’s the company’s card”
He stretched his hands and handed the card over to me. I hummed in response and left his office. I entered the lift and started humming a song as it descended. I watched the buttons on the dashboard lightning up as it went down. I got to know that there are actually 30 floors in the building. Holy cow. Just for a media house, I don’t believe it. He’s probably involved in something shady and very soon I’ll find out what he’s actually up to. Maybe, just maybe I might get my revenge after all with what I find. Hahaha.
Few minutes later, I was outside. I walked as quickly as possible and entered the coffee shop. The que wasn’t too long so I just joined in. Soon it was my turn and the lady asked..
“How do you want it miss” Huh? How would I know how he wants it. Suddenly a thought came into my mind and I smirked. Operation get fired on point.
“A little milk and six and half teaspoonful of sugar please” she was shocked as well as the people behind me because of my request. Lol. I know I may seem weird now but I actually don’t care. She handed my coffee over to me, I paid and left.
All through the elevator ride I was just imagining how he would react to my stunt. Lol
Entering the office, I placed the cup on his table. He picked it up and drank from it only to spit it out seconds later. I laughed before using my hands to shut my mouth quickly as his eyes found its way to mine.
“What rubbish is this Miss Moore”
“Sir I don’t understand” I said innocently
“Oh you’ll when you try this rubbish again”
“I am sooo sorry sir if it didn’t meet your needs but that’s how I take my coffee” I further buttressed my mockery. He narrowed his eyes at me as if he was trying to see through me…
“I know what you’re trying to do Miss Moore but you won’t succeed. Try this next time and your paycheck will suffer for it. Leave” I quietly turned and left his office. I was satisfied with what I did but should I be honest? Ok. I’m feeling guilty for what I did. Not because he threatened me but because this is not who I am. That was something K would have done with pride but not me. Anyway, he caused it not me. He put that on himself when he decided to take no for an answer, take my dream job from me and try to control my life.
I sat down and discovered a pile of files as tall as me where on my table. What do I even do with these? The intercom rang as if on cue.
“Send them as emails to the various clients on the top right side of each first page” he deadpanned and ended the call. The power and authority that oozed out of that particular voice was so strong. That voice sounded so strange to me. It wasn’t the same way his voice was when he spoke to me before going to get that coffee. It’s obvious that he’s annoyed. Not that I care.
Immediately, I buried my nose deep into my work. Fingers moving fast, eyes reading and scanning to be sure there was no mistake was all i did for hours before his doors opened to reveal a beautiful specimen of walking scumbag.
“I have a meeting in twenty minutes. Photocopy extra 10 of these documents and set the conference room before I get there. Meetings hold on the ninth floor” he dropped the files and was out of my sight in no time. I quickly got to work with the new assignment while leaving the old assignment till later. After photocopying the documents, I picked up my notebook and left for the ninth floor.
I came out of the lift and looked round. This floor is as beautiful as the first floor but it’s decor cannot be compared with the boss’s own. I glanced at my wrist watch and discovered that I have limited time left. Shit. I hurriedly kept walking since he didn’t specifically give me directions until I met with a large room with a big table and seats around it which were all in leather. Wow. Since he asked me to photocopy extra 10, I placed them on the table and placed the original copy on his supposed seat. I looked around and discovered the water dispenser at the far end of the room. It only made me realize how thirsty I was. I moved towards it and as I bend over, the door opened and the beautiful specimen of a walking scumbag which is my boss entered. I abandoned my initial reason of going there in the first place as several men dressed in suit entered almost immediately. I watched them take their various seats before sitting down. The meeting started and I jotted down important things he said. I watched him talk confidently to the gentlemen about how the various departments can up their game. It’s obvious he is very skilled but it’s his arrogance that annoys me.
After about two hours, the meeting was over. I followed him to his office, gave him the notes I jotted. He nod his head in approval before I returned to my initial assignment.
After the assignment, he came with more. It was like running a marathon race. Any chance I had time to sit down, the intercom would ring and I would jump out of my seat like a bird. Booking reservations, answering phone calls and transferring client’s calls to his office. All day, it seemed like he had me intentionally up on my feet.
At half past five I finally finished what I was doing and I rested. God! If this is what I’ll have to face everyday of my working days, then I’ll have to come up with the best plan to get out of this job before he kills me… After resting for a while, I made my way to his office and knocked…
“Come in” his deep voice echoed behind the doors. I sighed and entered….
“Sir.. I’m done with all the assignments you gave me and it’s half past five. I’m I free to leave” he raised his head and looked at me for the first time since I entered his office. Then he unexpectedly smirked. What the heck? Is this guy ok?
“Oh Miss Moore or should I call you feisty??” Huh? What’s he even trying to play at…
“Well I would have allowed you go but sorry I can’t” why do I feel like that statement holds a double meaning..
“You know why you’re here right? Good. The fact that you insulted me wasn’t enough for you feisty. Huh? And when I was just thinking of forgiving you, you went ahead to spite me thereby ruining my taste buds by getting me a ridiculously prepared coffee.”
“But Sir that’s how I take my coffee. I actually..” he raised his hands and silenced me.
“Miss Moore I’ve heard that line before but just so you know whatever all these is about; your trying to seduce me, ruining my taste buds’ just stop it. I’m not buying your idea and for your information whatever wrong deed you commit here, you’ll be punished for it” he tapped his pen slyly on his table and continued…
“And your punishment for what you did today is to stay here with me while I work. You’ll only go home when I want you to” he spat out the words and I stood up immediately resenting the idea..
“I will do no such thing Mr Carl” I barked at him.
“Ohh.. so feisty” he laughed and stood up. He walked around his table and stopped behind me causing all the hair on my back to stand. He lowered his lips to my ear level. Cold ran from where his breath fanned to the tip of my toes. Oh my God. What’s this feeling.
“Feisty, you know you want me. So stop trying to build up a wall around yourself with all these flimsy excuses of a no nonsense girl…” I was frozen to my spot. I wanted to throw words at him to counter what he said but nothing was coming out of my mouth. I quickly stepped out of his hair..
“Mr Carl I’ll like to take my leave now” I managed to say inspight of the ranging thoughts going on in my head…
“You won’t try it” he said in a rather tone. In the twinkle of an eye, his flirty voice and corny smirk was gone and that actually brought me back from my trip to only God knows where….
“Watch me”….


© Winner Godwin
Grace Aghedo
March 2020
All rights reserved



LOVE IMPULSION 🎀💓💓💓🎀 (chapter 7)

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