LOVE IMPULSION 🎀💓💓💓🎀 (chapter 6)

LOVE IMPULSION  🎀💓💓💓🎀 (chapter 6)
Zhavier’s dress



After a lot of petting and hiccups, I was able to stop crying. My mum went to the kitchen to make me hot tea.
“Just look at her” I said referring to my mum
“She’s been taking care of me for so long. I want her to allow me take care of her and I was hoping to start by getting a job. Now, that man has ruin my plans. The worse part of it is that I can’t even get a job anywhere else babe”
“Don’t think of it that way. You can take care of your mum in other ways. But since you can’t get a job in another Media House in LA, why don’t you just take his offer”
“What? Are you really saying that right now?? “
“Just think of it, K. Why don’t you take the job and purposely make him sack you. When you frustrate him and make him tired of you, he’ll eventually let you go”
“But that would be like saying he won”
“Oh no my dear. It would be the perfect opportunity to make him pay for all he’s done to you. So, brace up gurl you’ve got work to do”
I couldn’t help but smile. She definitely knew how to put me in the right mood.
“In that case, why don’t we go and search for the perfect outfit for me to wear tomorrow” I said dragging her towards my bedroom.
“Hold on gurl, tomorrow is quite far besides I’m sleeping over”
“C’mon you know how I am, I like making sure everything is ready and on track the day before. It gives me time to get prepared the following day and just so you know neither you or mum is leaving my apartment tonight. You’re both sleeping over” That actually made her laugh. My mum suddenly came out of the kitchen as if she wasn’t actually expecting a laugh that soon.
“Now, what’s going on here? ” My mum asked
“Oh??… It’s for ladies alone” K answered her..
“Hmm” She replied while wagging her eyebrows at us.
“Are you girls trying to call me an old lady” She asked us while coming close to us in a mischievous way. We squealed and ran for our dear lives. My mom can be strict but she can also be very playful when she wants to.
We both fell on our bed and erupted with laughter as soon as we reached my room. I actually needed this after my long day of so much pent up anger. K stood up from the bed minutes later and walked straight to my wardrobe.
“Time to get out what you’d wear tomorrow baby”
“So soon? We haven’t even eaten yet. Let’s just cook and do that later”
We strolled into the kitchen and helped mum prepare pasta and chicken sause. As I watched them interact, I couldn’t help but feel loved. This is my family and I love them. And I’m going to show that man that what he planned didn’t work because I’m stronger.
After eating, we offered to do the dishes while my mum retired for the night because she has dance lessons to give her students in the morning. After cleaning up, I headed to my room to freshen up. Taking off my clothes, I stood under the shower and allowed all the encouragement mum has been giving me sink in and started chanting the words. The water streamed down and washed away the anger I had left in my system from all that happened today. Phew what a day.
Stepping out of the bathroom, I met K ravaging my wardrobe. What the heck?
“K, what you doing? ” She continued doing what she was doing without saying a word to me. So I moved to my drawer and changed into my night wear. Even when I was done changing K was still there.
“K, why are you wrecking havoc on my clothes”
“Apparently, your clothes sucks”
“Uhh? “
“Yea. Imagine, I’ve been here for like forever and still haven’t found anything sexy for your first day at work Zee” She whined
“Jeez! Kara Green” She stopped searching and faced me
“Yes, Zhavier Moore”
“I thought we wanted to work towards making him sack me on his own. How does that even link to wearing a sexy dress for my first day at work babe”
“I just want you to look hot. That’s all”
“No K. I know you and that’s not the real reason” She only smirked.
“Whatever you say gurl” I sighed and sat on my bed while I watched her scatter my clothes all in the name of searching for a sexy dress. I honestly don’t need to do this and if I’m being honest am slightly nervous about what tomorrow holds for me. Hey! Don’t you dare judge me. I know I’m a strong woman but I can’t help but be nervous. K turned to me again.
“Zee, immediately you get your first paycheck from your new job we’re going shopping. It’s probably because of the way you dress that’s why you don’t have a boyfriend” She spat while putting one hand on her hips.
“You know that’s not the reason. Guys still approach me you know but I really haven’t met my soulmate and I’m not willing to date devils before finally meeting the real one so I’ll wait” She scuffed
“Your soul mate indeed” I laughed and she continued with her search until she squealed loudly.
“Finally” She breathed out.
“Finally what? ” I asked out of curiosity. I just hope she hasn’t gone to dig out something inappropriate for me to wear.
“I’ve seen something you can wear tomorrow” She smiled.
“You mean something you can manage to see me on tomorrow right? “
“Oh sweedie you know me too well”
“Nonsense. Nothing I own is what can be passed as manageable. Mum has been pampering me and you know it”
“Oh yeah I know it mummy’s girl” She answered trying to mimic my voice.
“So can I see? “
“No. You’re gonna wait till tomorrow”
“I said no. Patience is a great virtue you know”
“Please hun. Ok. What if the dress you picked me is too worn out or too old or no longer my size or too skimpy and I can’t wear it tomorrow. You know then I’ll have to start over and start searching for another dress which will automatically make me late. Then I’ll…. “
“Ok ok fine. You can see it. I wonder why you didn’t study law. You’re just pertinacious” She brought out my supposed dress and my eyes greeted a very sexy black double breasted blazer dress. I might also add that the dress is very short.
“Babe, where did you get that from”
“Your wardrobe of course”
“I can’t even remember getting this. Wait! And you called this manageable? Common. That’s an expensive dress. Anyway, that dress is so short. I mean, anyone can easily see my pantie when I bend” I whined
“Huh? What’s short about this? I just want you to flaunt the beautiful long legs you’ve got bi**h” She replied and I gagged.
“How does flaunting my legs gat to do with getting myself fired from his company K”
“Don’t ask me. Just know that you’ll thank me later”
“But you know I’ll be uncomfortable wearing that all day” I persisted hoping that she’ll drop her case.
“I don’t care and my decision is final”
Huh. I stood up and walked out of the room feigning anger. Switching on my laptop I decided to find out a few things about the company but the only I got to see was their outstanding performance and how they’ve been an excellent service provider. Then, I remembered something. I don’t even know the time they resume for work there or when I’m supposed to resume. The last time I went for interview there, it was by 9 and I could already see so many people there which could only mean they resumed earlier than that. 🤔 I’ll just go by 8. Afterall I never wanted to be a Personal Assistant anyway. I shutdown my laptop thereafter, set my alarm, switched off the light and went to my bedroom to meet K fast asleep. She didn’t even bother to check on me when I feigned anger. What a friend. I moved the quilt and got in. I closed my eyes wishing tomorrow would bring better things than today.
* * *
My alarmed rang on my bedside loudly. What the f**k! I quickly stopped it and layed on my bed a little longer.
Hahh. My butt was on fire. I rolled and lay down on my back. K’s smooth face came into view.
“Why did you have to slap my butt like that K”
“For so many reasons. Wanna know them” I just kept a straight face and didn’t answer her. She sometimes behaves like my mother.
“Oh you don’t want to answer, I’ll tell you anyway. I slapped you because…1. You should have been up 30 minutes ago. 2. You’ve just succeeded in cutting out from the time for you to get ready. Now, I won’t be able to give you the smokey eyes I wanted to. 3. If you don’t get up now, you’ll be late and I might be late too. Isn’t that enough reason or should I go on??”
“Ok. Just give me a few minutes” I grumbled
“No. I’m not giving you extra minutes to waste so get up right now. I’m gonna go use the shower now so just dress the bed and don’t worry about cooking, mum is already cooking us breakfast” I watched her skip into the bathroom. I’m not a morning person for crying out loud. I would have layed back on the bed but I’m scared she’ll pour water on me when she gets back so I got up. I tidied up my room and dressed my bed and few minutes later, K was dragging me into the shower while reminding me not to spend an hour there.
Getting out of the shower, I met K fully dressed and doing her makeup. I used the opportunity to put on my undies and blow dry my hair.
After what seemed like forever, K was finally through with my hair and makeup. She swinged the chair and I faced my vanity table. Wow. I looked… I don’t even know how I looked. My hair fell in big waves and was pushed to one side. My makeup was not too much but also not light. It was just perfect.
“I couldn’t give you the smokey makeup I initially planned cos you stupidly overslept so just… ” I shushed her
“Don’t say anything more. It’s…beautiful. Thank you so much” I gave her a hug. Then, she rushed to my gown and asked me to put it on while she ransacked my jewelry box and gave me a beautiful simple earrings to wear. I turned to my full length mirror and gasped at what I saw. The dress hugged my body perfectly and it managed to get to my mid thigh.
“Well… I see what you were saying by the dress is short. It wasn’t this short when I looked at yesternight. You can’t blame me for the curves you have now can you? Anyway you’ll be ok as far as you don’t bend” I looked at her in a dazed manner. What is she even hinting at.
“Wow, just look at you. The CEO won’t know what hit him” I narrowed my eyes at her and she muttered a quick sorry before handing me a black stilettos heels.
“This is too high babe. I’m a PA who’s probably going to be running errands so I can’t wear this. I’ll only be harming my self.” She thought about it for a while before giving me the same brand but lower than the first one. I held it in my hand while using the other one to hold my bag. As I walked out of the room, the smell of bacon hit my nostrils. I dropped my stuff on the couch and went into the kitchen where K was setting the dishes while mum was almost done with the eggs. I hugged her from behind.
“Hi mum”
“Darling, you look beautiful”
” Thanks mum. It’s all K’s doing ” I said while smiling at K and she smiled back.
You need to taste what I ate. It was delicious. After eating, my mum grabbed her bag as well as I and K and together we stepped out of the steel doors of my apartment. Subsequently, K had to convince me to allow her follow my mum so that I won’t be late on my first day. After 15 minutes of driving, I saw the Ahvier’s skyscraper. I don’t even know how many floors are in the building. I sighed, braced myself for anything and got out of my car.
At 7:57am, I stepped into Ahvier through the glass doors. I greeted the receptionist that helped me the other time and head off to the lift.
I came out of the elevator and was kinda ready for anything that Lady will throw at me. I walked up to her and she was the first to speak.
“Sorry, but you can’t see him” She said in the most menacing way possible. All I did was laugh at her. She didn’t even know she’s sitting on my chair.
“Really? I’m sorry to inform you that I’m going to start working here from now on and that seat you’re sitting on is actually mine” I left her in a disheveled state and walked to the boss’s office. I mentally did a little prep before opening his office’s door.
As soon as I got in, I took in his appearance and said 3 disheartening words.
“Good morning boss”


© Winner Godwin
Grace Aghedo
March 2020
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LOVE IMPULSION  🎀💓💓💓🎀 (chapter 6)

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