Right now I need to live my life and do those things my dad had stopped me from doing, am going to move to my house , then take over the real estate business and other things which are rightfully mine.

I can’t wait for my dad any more , come to think of it am twenty-one already and this is the age we agreed that he would free me from his shackles.

My dad is a nice person but ehm you don’t want to see his bad sides, well I have known him enough to say that “am the only one that can quench a volcano when it erupts”.

Truthfully, my dad had tried several times to talk me about Emily his soon to be wife which annoys me, couldn’t he find someone more decent than my ages mate or she could be older than me with just few years, I had pushed him off several times to think he had given up on me.

But each morning he still sends me a rose flower with an apology letter but I trash it immediately, everything irritates me in as much as I don’t want to talk to him , I have to because right now I need to know what’s going on and I need answers.

Jeezzz!!! It almost time i need to get ready before Chard starts nagging at me to hurry up.

Where is she ?? I had called my stylist to come over but she’s not here yet let me fresh up and wait for another five minutes.

I stood up and went to my room. My whole body aches and it all Chard fault I took some pain killer and just immediately I felt so drowsy the room started spinning, my legs got weak and my eye lid became heavy next thing I knew I blanked out.

I woke up and I was in an unfamiliar place , I was tied to a chair and some persons surrounded me the were all wearing masks, I felt so scared and my heart started beating faster than normal, I was like is this how am going to die without ever been able to tell Chard how much I love him, and my dad I miss him and …….

“Seek for the truth , what you see is not what is there ” they all said at once.

“Who are you guys and what do you want? ” I asked so frightened

One of them came closer to me I think he’s boss and said
” Your father has hurt alot of people and I’m one them and everyone of us here are a victim and you are too. You have to seek for the truth ” he said

” That’s not true my father is good man and he will never hurt anyone unless they deserve it” I said with full confidence.

“Well look who is defending her father, I bet he didn’t tell you all his evil deeds , he is one of the most powerful drug Lord in the country, not only drugs, humans trafficking mostly girls maybe it never occur to that there’s more to everything, I mean the attempt on you or your father’s life?”

“I don’t believe a word you say, especially from someone who’s after my life and my dad would never hurt me” I half yell

He smirked at me “Believe it or not, but I can’t keep you any longer but you must find out the truth your self and most especially trust no one and we watching your every move I have my men everywhere from your body guards, cooks and the rest”.

Something caught my eyes, a mark on his wrist.
Just then everything started fading away.

First everyone around me and then the walls, the robe , it all kind of happened I found myself in my room safe but I could still feels the pains on my wrists, it reminded that what just happened wasn’t a dream.

I jerked up from the floor rushed to the bathroom to wash my face , I stirred at the mirror fighting back the tears threatening to fall from my eyes. But the tears poured down my eyes and I couldn’t control it. I had to wash my face again but still the tears won’t stop, I slid down the walls coiled myself into a ball and cried so hard.




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