Johnny Stan ( chapter five)

Boston MA
The Hall is already filled up with people, and lia arrived late, and yet will give a speech.
The freelance writer and editor claims she has an integral information on the baddest dude alive, and who will want to be left out? Josh the blogger is in the building, maybe more to blog on.

Mr. Obama and his entire staff, is here present and other necessary personal, including ERIC, and some other police officers.

Lia took the stage, standing on the spotlight, with much confidence, according to the lady’s observance, the Assassin man, is a nice guy, I mean he was nice to her, the two times they have met.
Lia, started by saying she met him!
and that brought murmurings amongst her listeners, meeting Johnny Stan is meeting death, they thought.
even popular and rich blogger as Josh, had not physically met Stan, this would be interesting they all thought.

Lia talked about his background, and his shattered home, as much as she could remember, but the most important aspect of all, is what she deliberately reserved for her final discourse.

Mr Kelly showed up, he was invited to the party, anyway, and here he is, with some other political figures.
lia was taken aback, she did not expect the millionaire (Kelly).
her heart skipped, and her whole body began to vibrate………….she had said ” Stan works for someone.”

and it’s Kelly, but she had lost the spirit to say it, what is gonna happen if she do so?
Kelly is in influential, and nobody is gonna listen to her, she thought.

” who does Johnny Stan work for?.”
Josh asked.
Kelly was alarmed, and his mind drifted, what the fuck? lia did not want to say it.

” c’mon tell us?”
” if my security will be assured.”
” we all know you’re only making up stories, you have not met Johnny.”
Josh harshly attacked her.

Kelly is silent, and Eric , the inspector is discerning, as Josh attacked lia on the platform.
and then Eric trudged down to Josh, and grab him.
” Maybe he works for you!”
” bullshit officer, what prove do you have?”
” you inject fear on her, you know a lot about Stan, and you are the number one promoter of the gun man!”
” seriously!”
” you work for him or he walks for you.”
” No! most of those things they say about Johnny stan on the media is false!”…..lia came in.

Josh was handcuffed, and will answer to the police department, and that’s final, anyway the event continued.
and lia had promised to disclose it to trusted people, and Eric was sure to make sure her protection is a priority.

the city
lia was returning home, in the early night, and some car was following her (car) and she discerned, she was starting to Panic, this is not good she thought, and then increased gear to 100 miles per hour, and sped away.
totally escaping the intruder, but he took a different route and appeared in front, parked, awaiting her.
” who are you?”

It was Stan, and lia is fed up, with this Johnny guy.
” why are you following me around?”
” Just wanna make sure you are safe.”
” Safe! you kill people, I don’t need you to watch my back.”
” I thought we were friends!”
” far from that, ever since I knew you as Stan.”
” lia.”
” stop bothering me please.”

lia left, and Stan was left alone, he brought some flowers to present them to her, but lost.
Johnny could not explain what he was feeling, he tried to fight it, but did not succeed.
slowly he found himself falling, he had fallen in love with lia.
and do not know how to express it.Johnny Stan ( chapter five)

Johnny Stan ( chapter five)
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Johnny Stan ( chapter five)

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