The Virgin Ghostess – Chapter 11


The Virgin Ghostess - Chapter 11

The Virgin Ghostess 
Episode 11
By Ogunsola Ayobami Samuel

Julius puts the moves on Julia in their romantic getaway tent on the roof, but before he can unbutton her shirt, she seizes up and runs out with a hasty apology. He’s stunned and totally mortified, and Julia runs all the way to the park.

She wonders why she’s feeling so feverish, and gets ejected from kate’s body like the last time when she came down with a cold. Kate thinks Julia came out on purpose to talk to her, and Julia just goes with that.

They sit on the swings and kate asks if there are any new developments. She says she’s okay with it, but adds a little wistfully that it seems like Julia has gotten very close to julius.

Kate worries about Julia not having much time left, and Julia is sobered by her concern. Kate admits that she hated being able to see ghosts and was always so afraid that she lived in hiding, and this is the first time she’s been able to talk to someone freely.

Julia says that kate isn’t alone now—even after she goes, julius will remain by her side. Kate isn’t so sure that after everything, he will stay with her in the end. She admits to feeling anxious, despite being happier than before because she’s living amongst people now.

Julia looks over at her and thinks to herself: “Na kate, I’m sorry. Just a little longer… I’ll stay just a few more days next to julius and then go. I’m sorry that I lied.” kate swings happily, musing that it’s been a long time since she’s been on the swings, and Julia looks over at her guiltily, knowing that it isn’t true.

Julius paces outside, not knowing what to make of the situation and just feeling extremely embarrassed. Julia returns in kate’s body and comes up with an excuse that she had indigestion and had to go throw up her dinner. The relief rolls off of him in waves, and he admits to thinking all kinds of thoughts, like that he’d rushed things or that he smelled.

They fold the tent and he promises to take her on a real trip next time. He heads to his room still feeling residual awkwardness, and works off his um, energy, doing push-ups in bed. Julia leans against the wall from her room and apologizes for being selfish, and asks for just a little longer to stay with him.

Officer John comes home late that night, and  julius Mom worries that he works too hard and is too nice, while Lisa says that’s why she married him. Of course neither of them knows John ’s hidden dark side.

He shows another burst of anger as he thinks about the weird ghost-warding things he found in kate’s room, and this time the black mist is visible in and around him, confirming that a malevolent ghost has hitched a ride.(he was possessed by an evil ghost when he was young)

The kitchen staff gathers around Julia as she makes her first solo dish for today’s staff lunch, and they all sing her praises when they taste her pasta. Even julius agrees that it’s not bad, and she beams.

Julius leaves the guys in charge of dinner because he has to do a magazine interview, and says that they requested kate to come along to talk about the cooking show. Outside, he cops to lying just because he didn’t want to go alone, and decides to take her shopping so that she doesn’t show up in her uniform T-shirt.

Julia is over the moon that he’s going to take her shopping, and imagines the classic dramaland makeover sequence where she gets to try on pretty outfits and twirl as julius gives his approval and buys her bags and bags of new clothes.

In the interview, julius is asked about his ideal type of woman, and he starts describing kate/Julia small, puppy-like, respectful, someone he can cook with, and he borrows a Witch Hunt-ism to describe her meek-in-the-day, dominant-at-night personality.

Bella admits to julius mom that she was flat-out rejected, and she can’t believe he’d be so blind. Bella thanks her for thinking of her so fondly, but doesn’t want things to get awkward with julius any more than they already are. She starts to ask if he mentioned another woman, but thinks better of it.

Julia chides julius for describing her so accurately in the interview, but he doesn’t care if people guess that she’s the ideal girl he’s talking about. They linger at the door holding hands, and he finally lets go for the night.

But Julia screams as soon as she enters her room, and he runs in to find the place flooded because of a leaky roof. Everything’s drenched, so he says she’ll have to sleep in his room tonight. Heh, she totally panics, when weeks ago she’d have poked a hole in the roof herself if she’d known it’d get her in his bed.

She doesn’t have any dry clothes either, so of course he gives her a white dress shirt to wear (really, are you all out of T-shirts?) and gives her the bed while he takes the floor. He turns on a romantic movie, and Julia thinks to herself that this can’t happen yet because she wants more time, and cuts the movie off at the sex scene.

Julius makes a mad dash to wash up in record time and then crawls up into the bed even though she pretends to be snoring, but when he actually gets close enough to put his arms around her, she freaks out and kicks him off the bed violently.

She apologizes for freaking out and says that she’s thought a lot about taking it slow like he said, and she agrees that that’s what she wants. He’s mortified all over again but acts like he’s relieved that she finally sees his point, and says she’s matured. But he’s more confused than ever at her sudden turnaround and doesn’t know what it means.

Julius mom comes by the restaurant and is happy to be greeted by felix , who she decides looks like a cocker spaniel and would be dateable if she were just a little younger. Ha. Mom is here on a mission to talk to Julia , and hands over an envelope.

Julia thinks it’s money (she must’ve watched a lot of dramas when she was alive), but finds a picture of a man instead. Julius Mom wants to set her up on a blind date to get her away from her son but he catches her in the act. She argues that Julia’s fortune is that of a dead person, but he says that he’ll deal with his own love life and sends his mom home.

He’s so distracted and worried about Julia’s reaction that he burns the garlic on the stove and then burns felix with the frying pan. Felix acts like he barely made contact, but quietly goes to the back to ice the giant burn.

Julia comes in and sees how bad it is, and tracks down some ointment. She pulls felix aside to the storage room, which julius notes anxiously. She puts ointment on the burn as felix grunts in pain, and she wonders why he’s hiding something like this. He tells her not to tell julius , because he doesn’t want to embarrass him.

She realizes that felix is a total julius fanboy, and he says that julius is different—he went backpacking around the world and ate out of trashcans from restaurants wherever he went. Well, ew. Felix asks how her “friend” is doing in her relationship, and she says that it’s going well, but now the guy is more aggressive and that’s a new worry.

She stops him to put some more ointment on the burn, which sounds really bad out of context, with him grunting, “Unhhhh, be gentle!” Julia : “I’m being really gentle!” felix: “Uhhh, uuuuuuuh, okay, stop!” julia6: “Hold on, just a little more!” fekix: “Unnhhhhh!”

Of course, julius follows them just in time to catch the sex noises coming from the storeroom, and busts inside. It doesn’t look all that good, with fekix bent over and his shirt raised, and it’s even more suspicious when they answer awkwardly that felix was asking her advice on a personal matter.

Felix scurries away quickly, and julius asks jealously how long they’ve been such close friends. Jukia answers vaguely that it’s been a week or two and makes her escape. He can’t believe she’s pushing him away with excuses when she’s doing who knows what with felix . Julius : “Do you ask advice like this? Unnnhhhh! Like that?!”

She notices that julius pissy all the way through lunch, and follows him into the storeroom to ask if he’s mad at her for last night. He admits to being mad, and asks if she’s playing games with him now. He scoffs that she was so intent on taking things slow, but seemed to be having lots of fun with Felixs, and asks if she’s planning on two-timing them.

She’s shocked to learn the real reason he’s upset, and asks cutely if he’s being jealous right now. Julius : “Jealous?! Do you know who I AM?” She says that there’s been a misunderstanding, only when he asks her to explain it, she can’t because she promised felix she wouldn’t say.

That just makes him angrier, though he adorably waits outside the door anyway to give her a chance to explain, and then gets even pissier when she walks right past him.

He’s so petty that he takes it out on her in the kitchen by insisting that she did a terrible job of washing the shellfish for tonight’s special, and sends her to the market to buy crabs instead.

Julia stops by her Dad’s restaurant and finds him on the phone, and he says it’s a pointless call anyway, admitting to dialing his dead daughter’s phone once in a while, just because. Julia is surprised that he kept the line going, and he says that the phone went missing, but he couldn’t bring himself to shut off the line.

She asks gingerly if it was an accident of some sort, and he says that he doesn’t know why, but she committed suicide.
A headache brings on a flash of memory—drowning in the water, nothing more—and she heads upstairs to her old room to look for clues that’ll shed some light on what happened. Tucked inside her diary, she finds plane tickets for her, Dad, and Alex , dated for a week after her death, on Dad’s birthday.

She remembers now making the plans in secret to surprise her Dad for his birthday, and thinks that it doesn’t make any sense for her to commit suicide a week before that. She takes the diary with her and runs off, and Alex pouts that she never stays when he’s around, deciding that he got shafted because of julius.

She he takes the diary straight to Officer john to share her theory that the trip and the suicide don’t line up. She explains that she knew Julia because they took a cooking class together years ago, and only recently found out that she  died.

John says that there’s no question that it was a suicide, and remembers that Julia had sent a text to her father beforehand. He flips through the diary and finds something scrawled across a page that alarms him—the number 236—and asks to keep the diary in case more evidence can be found inside.she hands over the dairy to him.

Julius overhears the guys talking about felix ’s burn, and realizes that that’s the secret everyone was so keen to hide from him. Embarrassed, he goes to check on felix to make sure he’s okay, and confirms that Julia was in the storeroom with him to put ointment on it.

He apologizes and feels like a total heel, and cringes when Julia returns in a subdued mood. He feels stupid for going so overboard, and wonders how he’s going to make it up to her.

Julia is so flummoxed by this suicide news that she ejects herself from kate’s body to go look into it some more. She rushes off, leaving Kate confused, but just happy to bask in julius’s presence.

Officer John takes a walk on a bridge, presumably where Julia drowned, and takes out a switchblade for no apparent reason.

Julia runs to Mrs Jane and interrupts a session with a paying customer, and she is surprised she’s even still around after her overnight trip with loverboy. Julia tells her that she supposedly ended her own life, but it doesn’t make sense to her—it’s not something she would do, and she’s never heard of suicide ghosts.
Mrs Jane says that it’s rarer but they do exist if they had really long outstanding grudges, and doesn’t think much of it. What’s more important is that she hurry up and move on before she becomes a malevolent ghost, and Julia says she will. It just bothers her because she can’t remember her own death, and can’t see a reason why she’d want to die.

Kate eagerly waits for her nightly cooking lesson, and is disappointed when julius texts her that there’s no lesson tonight. She trudges upstairs, and he suddenly jumps out at her with a ginormous bouquet of red roses, shouting, “I forgive you, Kate !” but she said, don’t you mean sorry?

He’s so nervous it’s hilarious—his “apology” consists of telling her that she made him mad, but they’ve built affection through all their bickering, and he knows she can’t live without him, so he’s being reallllly gracious by deciding to forgive her.

He says that he hates flowers and shoves them toward her, declaring them made up since she accepted them. Then he fumbles with a ring box and blubbers on about how he haaaates this cheesy stuff too, while putting a couple ring on his finger and putting hers on a necklace around her neck, so the other guys won’t notice.

Kate barely recovers from the shock and finally smiles, and he looks so relieved as he pats her on the head and pulls her in for a hug. He wonders aloud how he got this way and sighs, “You make me crazy, Kate.”

Julia returns, frustrated at not being able to remember her death, and figuring that seeing julius will put her in a better mood. She skips up to the roof, but stops in her tracks when she comes upon Julia hugging Kate and promising sweetly never to misunderstand her again.

Julius caresses her face and says, “I must like you much more than I thought,” and kind answers in kind. Julia looks stricken as she watches them, and then when julius leans in to kiss her, suddenly a black mist forms around julua, and she charges at Kate with a frightening look in her eyes.

She pushes kate down to the ground, and Kate looks up at her in shock. But Julia is even more terrified than she is, and stands there stunned as julius makes sure that kate is okay.

Julia looks down at her trembling hands in horror and backs away, and runs downstairs still shaking. She wonders what’s come over her and says repeatedly that it’s not happening.

But as she watches Kate sleep that night, she can only think of Mrs Jane’s warnings that she’ll turn into a malevolent spirit. She takes over Kate ’s body to write a letter that night, and then ejects herself to watch julius sleep.

Kate stirs awake and finds Julia ’s letter on her pillow:

Julia : Kate , thank you. I’m sorry that I’m leaving like this without saying goodbye, but I can’t be in your body any longer. I’m afraid that my feelings will grow deeper, that I’ll want to remain by julius side, that I might not be able to keep my promise to you. Things will go well between you and him even without me now. I sincerely want you to be happy. The last thing I want to tell you is: Love with all your effort while you’re alive—yourself, and others too.

Kate gets up and runs all over the neighborhood looking for Julia , but she’s nowhere to be found. She realizes now that she must’ve fallen for julius , but mostly looks worried that she can’t find her.

Julia wanders aimlessly through the streets, and goes crying into Mrs Jane arms. Julius darts awake after a bad dream and is alarmed to find Kate ’s room empty. She’s terrified about how she’s supposed to act around julius , when he calls to yell at her for running out in the middle of the night.

He says she’ll get hurt walking around with her head down like that, and she finds him standing across the street waving at her. She steels herself and makes the decision right then and there: “I can’t back down now. Julius is telling me to come to him. He’s waiting for me because he’s worried about me. I like him so much. I have his heart. I’m going to think of myself just this once. I’m going to protect his heart, no matter what.”

She goes running into his arms, and he gets all big-headed about how badly she’s fallen for him.
She refuses to let go, and he points out that she was the one who didn’t let him touch her earlier. He sniffs that flip-flopping is her hobby or something, but breaks into the world’s happiest smile as he hugs her back.

To be continued…………

The Virgin Ghostess - Chapter 11

Ogunsola Ayobami Samuel is a blogger, writer, poet, and teacher. He attended Baptist High school from 2010-2013 and graduated from Kinsey College of Education Ilorin 2018, still hoping to have his first degree in English.

He sees writing and teaching as the best channel to reach out to the world.

The Virgin Ghostess is his first story to be written, though he had written different poems such as

The peaceful war 

This too shall come to pass

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Tribute to Adeleke Rachel Tioluwani 



The Virgin Ghostess - Chapter 11

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