Code Red [chapter 21]

Code Red [chapter 21]
Code Red [chapter 21]
Code red chapter 21

Sofia noticed Mariam’s eyes lingering on her while she got set for work, and she knew why. She made sure she was set before she turned to ask

“Are you going to the cops?”

“Yes Sofia, I am sincerely contemplating doing so. Code507 is a dangerous assassin, who knows if he would come back and have us killed Sofia, I’m scared”

Sofia exhaled and picked her bag before she responded

“He won’t hurt us”

“How do you know that he almost killed Jan…”

“Yeah but I stopped him, don’t you get it, he attacked Jan because he was trying to protect me”

Mariam thought back on the scene and realized what Sofia said was true, code507 attacked Jan trying to protect Sofia.

“But why would an assassin wants to protect you”

“That’s the mystery I would uncover soon”
Sofia ended the chat and headed to the office, different thoughts flooded her mind, she knew Jan isn’t done with her, as a matter of fact, he has more reasons to see her as a suspect, she has to be extremely careful now and ensure she isn’t followed or that Jan didn’t place any tracker on her.

She arrived at the office and hoped she wouldn’t come across Niklaus until she was all shaken up and better. But then, she saw him the moment she opened the door leading to her office.

“How are you? Are you going to come in?”

His question made her realized she actually stood at the door, staring for too long.

“No, i mean yes, i am fine… Sir”

He was quiet so she fathomed it as her cue to enter and get busy with work.

Her thoughts were too strong for her to control, so she asked when he was about to leave.

“Did you by any chance know I was attacked by code507 yesterday? It happened right after I alighted from your car”

She dropped the bombshell and searched for his expression but he stood backing her, so she could not see his facial expression, she knew she would be able to tell if he lies in his response if she sees his eyes.

“Surely you don’t expect me to believe code507 attacked you? From what I know, he only attempts high profiled….. Individuals”

He replied without facing her, sounded like an insult to her, what does he mean by code507 attacks only high profile individuals, so he means she is low profile

“I want to assume that you did not just insult me… Sir”

“And what if I did”

The file she had in her hands went rumpled with her grip growing tight on it. She knew what she could do the next moment if she didn’t end the conversation.

“Focus on your work, when you are done notify me, we would have dinner together”

The guts he has to think he can just ask her on a date informally when all they talk about is abstract and nonsensical, he is completely boring and too methodical, she wasn’t sure she could connect to this man, code507 is full of emotions, she could feel it when he shielded her that night against the bullet and how the blood dripped from his right arm; wait a minute! His right arm! His right arm! He smiled to herself, if Niklaus is code507 then the wound on his right arm would still be fresh, on second thought, going out on a date with Niklaus would be fulfilling.

Debrah stared at the sniper in her arsenal for a few minutes, different thoughts flooding her mind.

*_the code trusts you with this mission_*

*_you are regarded as a member of the board_*

*_No one knows who the code is, not even me_*

Draga words were replaying in her head. She was speculative, is having Sofia killed a mission of the code? She has never received a mission in this manner, what if she does the job and discovers she has been framed, her license would be withdrawn and she would be dismissed. Niklaus Is breaking out, she can’t allow it, she can’t allow the code to smoke him, not on her watch. She shook her head against the thought of attempting a kill on Sofia, at least not immediately, not until she has spoken to Niklaus

Sofia was waiting for the perfect timing to seize her opportunity, she ensured her body movement does not give her away, she maintained her focus and welcomed his advances even if she knew he was totally bad at making a woman comfortable. She could not imagine how a man could be totally daft on how to treat a woman, he didn’t have a sister? A mother? At least a feminine figure to teach him just how to treat a woman?

The date was the usual quiet one, at one point he tried to act funny but she wasn’t buying it, she was totally bored and it got to a point she could not help it.

“Man, you are so boring, has anyone ever told you that?”

Niklaus paused, picked the glass of wine before him, and sipped with a smile to the corner of his lips.

“I am sorry if it offended you but mehn I gotta spill, I am really tired with this whole dinner thing, we ain’t getting anywhere, just one dead end to another”

“You sound like you are after something, perhaps there is something you are trying to pry, and since it’s not coming forth you are getting impatient, maybe frustrated”

She realized she had expressed her displeasure way too much that it gave her Intentions away, but she would not own up to it.

“Maybe you want something from me too, perhaps an Information, cos it’s clear this dating thing isn’t for any spark, it’s business, seems more like an interrogation”

She shot a deep look at him while she replied, she needed him to know she wasn’t ignorant of the fact that he needs information from her

“You are in love, you have a fiance, I don’t want to exceed my boundaries, or I can, if you permit me”

“I permit you”

” Are you sure, you will fall in love with me, and it would be catastrophic for your… Loverboy… Your fiance I mean”

” That’s if you actually make me fall in love with you, cos I am perfectly sure it’s going to take a decade, maybe I’ll be a grandma by then”

” Really? grandma’s aren’t excluded from love”

” Not when their bodies cannot reciprocate the physical attraction… I mean the…

“Sex, romance, touch, kiss, passion… Plus I don’t share my woman with anyone, Sofia”

She paused as he took her off guard.

” See?” He continued

” I caught you off guard, got you thinking of the next words to say, and do you realize your mouth has parted for exactly 6 minutes, 13 seconds with no words coming out”

Sofia smiled now, Niklaus is actually mouthed.

“Wouldn’t be difficult I presume, I mean it wouldn’t be difficult making you my woman” he continued…

“Don’t flatter yourself, sir, you just got lucky with words today, I guess you are mouthed after all”

” True, I kindly ask you say your goodbyes to Jan, you are mine already”

She laughed…

” Oh, I made you laugh, we are getting somewhere”

Surprisingly she noticed she was actually laughing, but she was still conscious of the fact that he actually wants something from her, she would be wise to tread carefully.

It was past 10 already and the cold began to give a signal that time has been far spent, Niklaus led the way out and waited for Sofia to catch up, this was her moment to enact her plans. She quickly switched to his right side and pretended to miss a step while she grabbed his right arm fiercely and watched his reaction. Painful veins stretched up to his forehead, all he did was wince and held her back up.

“Sorry sir, are you okay, I’m sorry”

She got hold of his arm again and held it till he stylishly released his arm from her grip.

“I know you did that on purpose Sofia”
He stated the obvious so she knows he isn’t daft

“And I know you right arm still hurts, at least that tells me something… Sir”

They were in front of her apartment and she was about to alight from his car when he replied to her

“You are treading a path that will consume you, Sofia”
“Why are you telling me this now Jessy?”

Jan said with his head bowed, he was trying to keep his expression void of emotions so those watching with the aid of the CCTV would not connote he was getting confidential information from Jessy

“Jan you know you are the only person I can talk to now, I am being framed and it’s not just about the black sand. Remember it’s the chief who brought in Mike, from God knows where, he must have brought him in for this purpose, to frame me”

” What about the fake Id, fake name… “

“Jan my name is Jessy, I have never changed my name, they must have made this up, cleaned my records from the database, they want me out of the way”

” Jessy, a record was played, it was your voice, you were talking directly with code507″

Jessy exhaled, she clearly had no words left to explain that she was being framed, especially when it got to the fact that her voice was audibly heard conversing with the said code507.

She passed another paper underneath the table.

“When you are out of here, check the chief’s table, underneath his table, what is written on that paper is there”

That was it, he quickly left her and opened the paper when he was out, it read a code *DEREDOC*

He hurriedly got to the chief’s office and after a few talk he pretended to sneeze, bent and it was there, just underneath the chief’s table. He wasn’t done, he had to decode the letters to see what it really means.

Back in his office he spread out the letters and picked each one to try to find a reasonable phrase. When he was done, he read it out, it was *CODE RED*

Code red


Code Red [chapter 21]

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