Chapter Five

“Wake up sleepyhead its time for our exercise”

” Chard am tired!! let me sleep a little more pleaseeee”

“No wake up its time, actually this is the perfect time to jog “he said

I stirred on my bed used my hands to search for my phone only to look at time its 6:30am .

“Come on it too early to jog , but how did you even get in?”

“Spare keys ofcourse I kept one for myself because of emergency like this.”

“Get up princess or am getting a cold water right now”

“Fine am up” I said

“Then get yourself into those jogging pants and let’s move it.”

I couldn’t help but dress up and follow Chard to jog. It wasn’t up to an hour I got tired and decided to rest a bit.

“Get your ass up young lady and jog ” that was Chard again.

He has been scolding me since we started jogging.

Tessa jog well
Tessa you are jogging like a lazy cow.

Tessa this , Tessa that

“Chard am tired I need a break!!” I said

“Okay let me get water for us , sit here am coming” he left.

Well the gym is so big, it was built in a way that everything needed for exercise can be found inside, no need to use the field.
I actually do use the field when I need fresh air and space.

Somehow, while I was sitted I heard voices I thought I was just hearing things, till I decided to check it out. I trailed the sound of the voice and it led me to the old abandoned room down the gym.

The person seem to be in a heated argument with the other person on phone . Maybe thats why my presence was not recognized.

And I couldn’t see the person face but by the feminine voice I knew it was a lady.

“Please give me more time, I will make sure he comes back to his senses ” she argued

” I know sir, am sorry sir but we can’t eliminate him now if we do , we will lose all vital information he gathered about the Williams”.

“I was shocked, she’s a spy and she’s after my family” get your act together Tessa I moved a bit closer in order to hear her well.

” Am currently on it sir, am still undercover but …..

I mistakenly dropped my phone on the floor, which gave me away and distracted the other person.
I was trying to get a closer look at the person but I had to run out of the basement before I get seen.

“Pffff that was close”, I was breathing like I ran a marathon.

Just to turn and see an angry Chard.

“Where have you been?” He asked

Sometimes I wonder who made him my body guard “No where, i have been here waiting for you, what took you so long?”

” Tessa you are not been honest, I have been here waiting for you for ten minutes now , where did you go to? “he asked again


You know what? let’s take a break, you should freshen up we are going out tonight

Where to?” I asked

“No where, it just a surprise” he smirked at me

“Okayyyyy what’s the code?”

” A box will be sent to you by 3pm, we are leaving by 6pm” he said walking out of the gym.

Am I the only one that thinks chard is been weird this days?

  • I need to get myself out of this house at least.
    Am going to live my dream life now no stopping me .



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