The Vampire Princess Prologue

The Vampire Princess Prologue

The Vampire Princess

Story By Vicky
In a land called Mackintosh
There lay a Big cave at the very depth of the land….
The cave become forbidden because no one goes in and cone back alive
As events take turn..Scientists came to the land for some research
The scientists were looking for a precious stone which they believe was in the cave
The priest of Mackintosh warned them that Vampires exist within the cave but since they insist on going
He appease the Vampires by sacrificing blood
The scientists went into the cave,They successfully pick the stone but one of them looked for terror by picking a ring he saw on a golden box
The cave started shaking…All the scientist died except the one with the Ring
He came alive and ran for his dear life by going far away from Mackintosh
Deep in the cave(XAXIE)
“Father..My ring is gone ..The human took it away”Princess Meravera of Xaxie cried
Her mother consoled saying
“The human world are gonna regret this”
“They are gonna pay for it”The king added
“All my powers lied in that ring “Princess Meravera cried the more
The King shouted
“There are wealth…
“And Riches laying in the buttom of that ring
“Queen of Xaxie added
“I want my ring back “The princess of Xaxie shouted with tears dropping from her eyes
“Put your self together
Gather yourself up
Be strong coz you are gonna go fight for what belong to you “The king shouted
“To fight for what is yours”The Queen said with anger over her
“And Bring back the ring”The king and Queen echoed together
The King carried A big round ball..Place it on Meravera chest
The ball disappeared into her Immediately
The Queen wore a powerful necklace round Meravera neck
Princess Meravera shouted with smoke coming out of her mouth
“I will destroy HUMANS
I will bring hundred soul so we could suck their blood for refreshment
I will bring back the Ring “

Five thousands Vampires Echoed
“Hail Princess Meravera of Xaxie ..
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The Vampire Princess Prologue
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The Vampire Princess Prologue

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