Johnny Stan ( chapter four)

Johnny Stan ( chapter one)
  1. Birthday night
    Lia cared less for her automobile and, worried for the other company wether or not he/her was okay, she exit her own car, to go check on him/her.

    inside the car, Johnny was reaching for his gun, with the brief case intact, only to find an innocent blonde.
    ” Are you OK?”
    ” move your car.”
    ” I can’t do that, I’ll……..”

    As she was still talking, Stan opened the the door ( car) and he was out, and MEN!! she was too fair to look upon.
    ” Am Lia! and you?”

    when she mentioned “lia” his heart skipped and his mind drift!
    Lia is a the name of his mother, and she reminds him of her, is mommy, lia was talking, and saying a lot of things but Johnny was not listening, his mind is in suspense, and amassing memories of mom and mom!!!!!

    ” Hello!”
    as she tapped him, he was back, back in the present, it was as if she was she was bringing out the good in him, if there is any at all.
    ” it’s my birthday!”
    Johnny said that, not knowing why, but just did, as if she hacked his body system.
    ” wow! what a coincident, it’s my birthday too.”

    she put on a beautiful smile, and he found himself doing same, not knowing whether or not his was beautiful.
    her presence is just magical, Stan could not find a better explanation for it.
    “you know what dude, let’s forget about our cars, and go get ourselves something to drink, what do you say?”
    ” Actually I, I……yea, great idea.”

    Stan followed lia to some local restaurants in Detroit, down town, totally concealing all other engagements.

    ” So tell me about you? you aren’t social are you?”
    ” yea, birthdays have not being leisure for me.
    in my 5th birthday, my dad locked me up, for a whole day.
    8th I was sent home from school, 11th bullied and beaten by the kids in the neighborhood.
    13th received a Beaten from my crazy dad, and you won’t believe this one, my 18th birthday was spent in prison.”

    Lia placed her hands on his, it felt warm and awesome, perhaps a woman’s touch.
    ” Is Okay, the past is history, the present is a gift, and the future is a Bliss, move on.”
    ” you are nice person. lia.”
    ” Don’t mention, your tattoos wanna talk about It?”

    Johnny was explaining the tattoos on his fore skin, and lia was listening, word for word.
    for some reason, he is cute, lia thought, and hot and handsome…….but one bad dude!
    ” so you haven’t told me your name.”
    ” Johnny!”
    ” Johnny! can I say, something?”
    ” what?”
    ” you sound more like Johnny Stan, are you one of his secret fans?”
    ” I am Johnny Stan!”
    shocked! backed up with thoughts, OMG! lia is talking to the baddest guy alive.
    Now she is confused, scared and lost in thoughts, not knowing what to say or think.
    ” Lia, what is your beef.”
    ” I gat go use….the lady’s room.”
    ” OK.”

    Lia was on her way to the main road, down Street and is trying to escape
    on her car.
    ” is this the new lady’s room?”
    ” Jeez…….!!!!”

    lia literally felt her spirit left her body in shock! Stan is here.
    ” please, please, please!! don’t kill me, I beg to you, I…”
    “……kill you? why would I do that?”
    ” you kill people, that was part of your deal with the Devil to kill people.”
    ” All those shit, they say about me.”
    ” what do you mean?”
    ” okay, how will I explain this, so a six year old boy could understand.
    I am a contract killer, hired assassin, I work for someone.”
    ” for who?”
    ” for Kelly, enough details.”
    ” so you aren’t going to kill me? thanks, can I go now?”
    ” if you wish!”

    Before long lia sped away, and Johnny do not know how to feel the awkward moment.

    be careful what you wish for, lia had just received a birthday wish, and that would be meeting Johnny Stan, I mean that is Sam reason she moved to Detroit in the first place, she didn’t just meet him but chat with him, and even desired him for pleasurable intents and now she is held scared. but lia considered herself a happy woman because Johnny Stan opened his own mouth and told her about himself.
    even revealing Kelly, all of those information was a helpful.
    first thing tomorrow morning, she is on her way to triumph.

    On the other hand, Johnny had to return, the dollars to the Boss.
    and he was on his way to Boston, his phone rang again, it was Mask calling, this time a video call, with every one behind him.
    ” Hey dude, how come you never showed up? is okay, we are gonna sing an happy birthday song for from over here.”

    The few people at the old building sang the happy birthday song, on the phone Johnny was holding in his hand.
    he was touched, but did not know wether or not to cry, lia had made him too soft today, and these guys are making it more wonderful, he could remember his six year old birthday when his more took those lines.
    he realized he had a heart and he can love, his experience with lia and a voice that he can sing, and Stan took the lines.
    ” am 2.9 old now.”

    when he got to Boston, Kelly await his man, and Stan was having the brief case and a gun on the other hand, with whiff every where at the old building.

Johnny Stan ( chapter four)
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Johnny Stan ( chapter four)

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