I ran into the hallway while chard chased after me as I was running, I tried to take a Sneak glance at Chard but I miscalculated my steps and fell down, then spined my ankle.
Chard stopped abruptly, and then the guards came running towards us when the heard the noise.
Immediately the first one made a call.
“Prepare the car young miss just had an accident.” He said
“Tell the nurses to prepare we have an emergency”
While the other two guards tried carrying me up.
“Please stop the calls and everyone get back to work it just a spined ankles not like I broke my bone” I said.
But the boss made it clear we should make sure nothing happens to you, not even a scratch” one of them explained. I just looked on helplessly, I know they won’t stop till am in the clinic and their jobs are at risk if my dad finds out. How would he know no one is telling him .
I mean it just a spined ankle not broken bones .

  • Meanwhile Chard has been watching us like we were some aliens and it felt so annoying.
    I thought I saw him laughing, now am pissed he’s the reason am in this situation. Just then I heard a voice……

“Let her be, I will take care of her”. he said

  • “Now go and no one should call the boss “ that was Chard I thought he had abandoned me.

He has been my knight in shining armor ever since we were kids he saved me several times from my dad and other thing, he smiled at me. Just that smile seamed to have eased my pain, then he carried me in a bridal style to the clinic.
We have an emergency clinic built at the other side of the house.

This clinic was built right after someone tried to abduct me when I was 12. I was playing outside with Chard , so we decided to play hide and seek it was my turn I decided to hide on top of a tree in the garden , so I climbed on the tree but I didn’t know the branches I was on top was not strong.
Just then the branch broke, I fell down and broke my leg.

My loud scream attracted the attention of everyone. I was bleeding profusely and I had to go the hospital .
On our way to the hospital, there was gun shots and the car stopped then I was wondering what was happening .
Chard was with me, he kept reassuring me that everything was fine , but I couldn’t help but become more scared and in pains, so somehow the gun shots stopped and someone walked towards our car , then tried opening the car could not.
He broke the glass and opened the car then he tried taking me with him, chard pull out a gun and shot him on his forehead. How chard got the gun I didn’t know.
I felt a warm liquid on my head because he grabed me from my neck and then there was some blood too on my neck.
Immediately Chard jumped on the driver seat and drove off to where I don’t know. I woke in the hospital with Chard by side and my dad panting up and down in my hospital room.
“Dad?” I murmured
“Doctor she’sawke” Chard dash off to call the doctors .
Well few days later I was discharged and that was how my dad erected the mini clinic in the compound.

When we got to the clinic the nurses were set so Chard laid me on the bed, my ankle was treated.

Then I was given a wheelchair to sit on so that I can go to my room. Chard was meant to help me sit on the wheelchair but he excused himself to take a call.

Then I heard one of the nurses conversation on the phone
“Sir mission accomplished”.



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