LOVE IMPULSION 🎀💓💓💓🎀 (chapter 5)


“I promise to get to the bottom of this” He said. I nodded slowly and walked out of the office in deep thoughts. I can’t believe what just happened. One minute I was a broadcaster and the next minute I was jobless again. What is happening to me. As I stepped out of the building I felt a tear roll down my face. I angrily cleaned it. This doesn’t make any sense. Something is not right. Tobi’s question came back to my mind. I know I didn’t offend anybody that could be doing…..
No no no… It can’t be what I’m thinking.. Immediately my phone started ringing with an unknown number on display. I took the call.
I’m sure you get the message by now feisty.
That voice is familiar. It took me another 2 seconds to decode his statement. What the… I screamed…
Due to the way I screamed, passersby turned and starred at me. I angrily marched into my car. How can that man do this to me. Who does he even think he is. Harrhh! I hit my steering several times. I’m so angry right now.
At first, I felt like going back into Knight’s House to tell Tobi who was behind it and why he was doing it so that he can maybe explain to his boss. At least, if his boss is sensitive enough, he’ll let me work there but I decided against it. The fact that that idiot could manipulate the boss to sack me means they are quite close and begging would be very deamining because I so darm deserve the job and more. Since that is ruled out I decided to pay that scumbag a visit. Hahahaha. He would know what I’m made of today. I’ll make sure he knows that he can’t mess with me.
LA’s afternoon traffic is very hectic and right now it’s definitely adding to my frustration. They’re so many cars around me and I’m sure most of them are just coming back from their lunch break. That just angered me the more. Just a while ago I was in the same category with them but now, I’m back in the labour market. Hahh! Darm you to hell you son of a bitch. I hate you.
Do you know I’m still stock on the road when I should have gotten there about 5 minutes ago? This is so pathetic. The blue car in front of me seemed to be enjoying the traffic because the driver wasn’t moving as he or she is supposed to. Where does he think he is? His bedroom or what? I honked twice to make my complain known. That didn’t sit well with drivers around cause they started complaining but honestly I don’t give a darm. I just wanna drive out of here and go kill somebody.
After some minutes I finally pulled into the parking lot of Ahvier. It’s building and surrounding was just as I remembered. Classic and sophisticated but still had a very wicked owner. Stepping through the glass doors of the building heightened my anger to 100%. I got past the security and walked straight to the elevator I took last time. The lady that was there the first time I came lifted her eyebrows at me. I walked to her not because I couldn’t get through to the elevator but because I just didn’t want to cause a scene. At least not yet cause I can’t promise anything.
“I think I remember you. You came looking for a job here some weeks ago. Right? “
“Yeah, that’s true”
“I didn’t see you leave the other day what happened?? “
“I’ll tell you everything when I’m ready to go but right now, I really want to see your boss”
“Do you have an appointment? “
“No but it’s important”
“I’m sorry miss. I can’t allow you see him. It’s company’s protocol”
“Please, it’s a matter of great importance. My life is at stake here. Please” She sighed
“You can go but don’t rat me out. Ok?” I nodded
“Alright. Thank you so much”
I quickly walked towards the elevator, opened it and pressed the button for the last floor. In no time I was out of the elevator and spotted that mean lady. I’m definitely going to cause a scene here because I know she’s not going to allow me into Mr Scumbag’s office.
Anyway, I kept my shoulders up and walked straight to his office as if I owned the place but unfortunately, that lady decided to intrude. Of course I was expecting it.
“Excuse me Miss” She said
“Oh hello” I said trying to act as if I didn’t see her before. That didn’t sit well with her of course.
“I’m sorry but you can’t go in there” She replied me clearly upset.
“Why not” I pressed..
“He’s in the middle of a meeting. Besides I don’t think you have an appointment with him” She literally has no clue at all. If I had an appointment wouldn’t I have walked straight to her instead of trying to trickly sneak in?? She’s just dumb so I played the game with her.
“Am sure I do miss. Why don’t you check” She turned and walked towards her desk and I used that opportunity to get into Mr Scumbag’s office with her yelling at the background. Who cares. The fact still remains that I finally got what I wanted.
I burst into the office and indeed, he was discussing with another young man equally dressed in one of those expensive tuxedos. It would be rude and wicked to talk about something this bad in front of this other man because what I’m about to say might be detrimental to their conversation, reasons for this meeting and clearly this Media House as a whole. But you know what? I don’t care. He started it when he decided to mess with my life and future. So, I’m gonna be wicked for a while and show him how mad I am.
“Well well well! Look who we have here! The Almighty Scumbag himself” Looking at him, he seemed surprised to see me here so I continued
“Oh.. Are you surprised how I’m here right now?? Ask your incompetent secretary over there” I pointed to her desk.
“Anyway, who gave you the right to interfere in my life you bastard” I shouted at him. He was taken aback at first but then he recovered and started laughing…
“C’mon sweetheart, don’t you think I have better things to do with my time”
“Really? How then can you explain what happened earlier at Knight’s house. And to think you called me at the exact time I was relieved of my job is not a coincidence Mr. So you better give me a exposit explanation for all that” I said bitterly but only earned a stupid smirk from his seemingly smooth face.
“I warned you remember? I even gave you time but you chose to completely ignore me. You should know by now that I get what I want no matter the cost young lady”
“Even at the detriment of people’s welfare? “
“You are just so callous and don’t even have the right to” I screamed at him
“And you have no right to scream down the whole building. This is my office and your shouting is causing noise pollution” He said matching the pitch of my voice…
“You asked for it when you decided to interfere with my life and my job you beast”
“And I’ll do more if you still don’t comply” He said in a menacing low voice. It got me even more annoyed ..
“Haaaaaaaaah….. You’ll do no such thing Mr” I said while imitating him…
“Oh sweetheart try me and see”
Before I could come up with a comback word a body came in between us and tore us apart. I didn’t even know that in the process of arguing, we became so close with our faces centimeters apart. Hahhhh. I so hate this man. He just thinks he’s a god or something and I am now more determined to defy him more than ever.
The other guy that I didn’t even know was still in the room whispered something to him and then walked up to me.
“Wow… That was steamy, feisty. Now I know why he calls you feisty. You really are and I’m so thankful to God that I finally got to meet you. Oh my gad where are my manners? I’m so sorry. I am Noah Smith, the best of friend of that scumbag over there as you called him”
He laughed and I was forced to smile since he (Xavier Carl) was so annoyed with his friend for taking sides with me and because of Noah’s attitude. He’s obviously a sweet talker and I would have been happy to meet him in a better situation.
” And the co owner of all the Ahvier Organizations around the globe ” He gave me a little bow as well as using his hands to make gestures and continued…
“And you are… “
“Zhavier Moore” I said and put my hands on his already extended hand for a shake. He furrowed his brows as if he was thinking…
“Don’t you think your name contradicts your personality? I mean, you have a very lovely and pacific name which contrasts your feisty personality” I was forced to laugh a little. He’s so friendly and a complete opposite of his so called friend.
“Sorry, you weren’t supposed to witnessed that. It’s just that I got so mad and couldn’t hold it in any longer so I decided to confront him. Anyway, I’m leaving now”
“So soon?”
“Yeah, I can’t bear to be in the same room with a self centered man like him” Thereafter, I turned to my new found enemy..
“As for you, just know that I’m never coming to work here. And the day you see me here as an employee, just know your end is near cos I’LL MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL!!! ” He smirked
“Bring it on”
With that I turned and left the office while ensuring that I bang the door so as to match my threat. On stepping out of the office, the secretary tried to talk to me. Obviously wanted to insult me or something but I made sure to give a very menacing look before walking towards the elevator, pressed the button and got inside.
While working out of the building, I discovered that my anger has evaporated and all I was left with was sadness. I got into my car and zoomed off.
He’s so selfish, so arrogant and he’s a beast. He didn’t even try to deny the fact that he literally just tampered with my dream job and the bright future that came with it neither was he remorseful or even shameful for sabotaging the three houses I applied in.
I felt my cheek get wet. Tears. I hate him more for making me cry. I hate him so much and it’s killing me inside because I can’t do anything to him even as angry and as trampled upon as I feel. He feels because he has money he can ride over everyone. I’m sure he inherited that business that’s why he doesn’t understand what not having a job for years means. Oh my dad! Where are you? Maybe if you were around, you would have also left me a business to inherit.
I banged the wheel. Why is life so fucking difficult. I’ve been depending on my mum for a while now while literary having her rule my life. But ever since I started job haunting, it has become worse. I don’t know what to do anymore. Why can’t I get a job like my mates. Why!!!
My phone started ringing and that was when I remembered that Kara called me earlier but I wasn’t able to pick it up. I looked at the screen and discovered that she’s was the one still calling. I know she probably wants to find out how it went but I’m just not in the mood right now. I’ll eventually tell her but I need to suck it up right now. I need space to get over how emotional this has made me. I know I acted all strong in front of that man but it’s really eating me up right now. I can’t believe that he would go as far as doing that because of a feud between us. It was just a small argument nothing more.
I pulled into my garage, turned off my car, wiped my tears and stepped out of my car. I went straight to my bedroom, took off my clothes and took a really long bath. I thought taking a bath would make me feel better but it didn’t. The tears kept rolling down. I rapped myself in a big robe, went to kitchen to get chocolate and returned to my room. I coiled up on my bed with my chocolate and was there for a while.
I didn’t know I slept off not until I heard a banging on the door. I robbed my eyes and walked to my sitting room with sleepy eyes. I checked the time to see it was already late. Who could that be? The banging continued so I proceeded to the door and peeped through the little glass before opening. I met with an angry looking Kara and my mom.
“Kara what’s wrong with you” My mum attacked me first. I was too drained from crying and thinking so I just gave way for them to come in but my mum still didn’t get it.
“I’m talking to you young lady” She continued and I sighed while coiling up on my couch.
“I’m fine mum” I answered since she won’t stop bothering me. Meanwhile, Kara just sat there starring and observing me. I know she’s trying to figure out why I’m this way that’s why she’s so quiet.
“Obviously you’re not. Just take a good look at yourself. You look so pale”
“I’m just tired that’s all”
“Tired? Is that also why you didn’t open the door for Kara who has been knocking your door for 30 minutes? Oh that’s also why you refused to pick up when we kept calling Kara?? Just stop and tell me what’s going on. Do you Kara had to call me since you’re weren’t answering the door or your phone either”
“I was just sleeping” I countered but Kara answered as if she could no longer bear my attitude.
“Oh spare me that trash. You were so deep in slumber that you didn’t hear your phone ring?? What’s really going on Zhavier? You really had me worried there”
“I told you guys. I’m fine “
“If you’re why do you look disheveled with dried tears on your face? “
Well, it seems I can’t hide it any longer since Kara already noticed. I sighed and explained everything to them in details which actually brought back the tears….
“Oh darling… I’m so sorry” My mum came over to me and hugged me and Kara followed suit..
“He’s a pervert and doesn’t deserve your tears Zee. So stop crying hun” Kara said…
After a lot of petting and hiccups, I was able to stop crying. My mum went to the kitchen to make me hot tea.
“Just look at her” I said referring to my mum
“She’s been taking care of me for so long. I want her to allow me take care of her and I was hoping to start by getting a job. Now, that man has ruin my plans. The worse part of it is that I can’t even get a job anywhere else babe”
“Don’t think of it that way. You can take care of your mum in other ways. But since you can’t get a job in another Media House in LA, why don’t you just take his offer”
“What? Are you really saying that right now?? “
“Just think of it, K. Why don’t you take the job and purposely make him sack you. When you frustrate him and make him tired of you, he’ll eventually let you go”
“But that would be like saying he won”
“Oh no my dear. It would be the perfect opportunity to make him pay for all he’s done to you. So, brace up gurl you’ve got work to do”


© Winner Godwin
Grace Aghedo
March 2020
All rights reservedLOVE IMPULSION 🎀💓💓💓🎀  (chapter 5)


LOVE IMPULSION 🎀💓💓💓🎀  (chapter 5)

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