Johnny Stan ( chapter two)

Johnny Stan  ( prologue)

Chicago, IL, USA
In the city, the name Johnny Stan, is a common phrase, even kids talked about him in the neighborhood with other minors, and the elderly people.
The society believed Johnny Stan is responsible for the death of many popular people, and they were right, all they knew about the dude, was one ruthless and merciless Assassin killing people around and in many cases, famous folks!

Johnny Stan was one legendary killer, that the society had come to infer meeting STAN is meeting death.
and no one will love to meet such and one, for the records, is bullet, termed as ” Johnny Stan bullet” is good bye for his victims, no one has survived so far, expect is not Stan bullet!……..many at times, aged women would say!
“may Johnny visit you, and your household.” referring to an offender.

The Assassin is famous, popular around the country, even if he was a criminal.
The internet and media covered him, and many a man operated his social media handles, and lots of bloggers blogged him as a niche…..
He was tagged as
# the hottest and baddest criminal.
A serial killer, Gun man, the man in the dark.
predator, terminator, the baddest guy on the planet, killer bullet. name them? and the Internet and the media all gave a scope of who he is, even if it was not a 100%.

Johnny spotted by cameras was always on mask, covering his identity, but the whole city knew he was having tattoos all over his covering, for some reason, people liked him, he was more like a celebrity thug or gangster.

in the other hand the police department is after Johnny, the city number one criminal wanted, dead or alive!
and one of the men, on this expedition is ERIC, the officer had spent a lot of time studying Johnny (details) from various source.
he did not know Johnny in person, but from his research, he could give a scope, at one time a CCTV captured Johnny trying to take off his mask.
The record was not enough to identify him in person, and the police ( led by Eric) arranged for an artist, who produced Johnny’s face on paper, then it was painted to produce a clear image…..according to Eric, Johnny used the same old bullet to terminate his victims.
and ten years ago, when their was a prison break experience, his father, a sheriff, was killed with the same bullet.
Mr Stan was killed in Detroit………..And if Eric would draw a pattern, he concludes by saying….
” Johnny killed his Dad ( Eric) and his own father.”

if there is any one in the world that needed Stan death, was himself, Eric attacked his so called media promoters on his tweets and Instagram posts.
he even held some folks as suspects, for popularizing the assassin, in any way and making some dollars out of it, it’s baseless to promote a killer on the internet, Johnny thought.

one man who was really making it was JOSH, Josh worked with Detroit daily, a magazine covering crimes and criminals and every thing in between.
fair enough he runs a website officially labeled
” Johnny Stan bullet. com” generating a vast number of traffic to his website by people who wanted to know more about the Assassinator.
and Josh blog is quite helpful and effective, providing information on Johnny with logic.
Josh was always on the go for tips and facts about the big thing these days in Chicago!
his popular blog posts with over a 1 million reads are
# seven things you must know about Johnny Stan
#who is Stan? and why does he kills? and
# the mystery behind the marks ( tattoos).

Josh, enlightened his audience with the following validities…….
” Johnny Stan is not a robot but a human like everyone else, who signed a deal with the devil, to kill and send people to hell…..and in return he would gain Fame, money, and protection.”
Josh claimed, he draws a tattoo to confirm his covenant with Satan, he also claimed the 69 tattoo on his forehead symbolizes the mark of the Antichrist (666) and the dragon on his tip, as Satan.
Josh was also very much popular, and big companies like New York Times, Fast Company and Weird ( magazine) was on the look out, I mean the blogger is outstanding and creative.

Another business man, who needs Johnny to cover his headlines is Mr Obama, CEO of USA WITHIN, a magazine cooperation. that would be money and Obama will risk no chance, he publicly confirmed a twofold promotion on any of his workers, who can be able to uncover Johnny darkest secrets…..

Johnny Stan ( chapter two)

Johnny Stan ( chapter two)
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Johnny Stan ( chapter two)

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