Johnny Stan ( chapter three)

Johnny Stan ( chapter one)

Boston, MA
Johnny woke up on the left side of the bed, and his phone beeps!
he stretches his hand to clench the iPhone, only to discover it was SMS texts, from Mask.
and flint, and lastly the king of boys, Mr Kelly. all asserting the same things…….” Happy Birthday Johnny Stan”

birthdays are not his thing, he did not know whether or not to smile, and then his mind drifted towards Jeff, a target to assassinate.
he shower and clean up, tonight some one has to go down. when Johnny returned from the bathroom, he came to meet more texts from partners in crime.

” Hi Johnny we are coordinating a little party at the old building.
just for you. it’s your day, man.”

” Take a leave, a leave from work, and have fun, pleasure your self with the bitches.”

Both texts sent from mask and flint.
Johnny did not bother to reply to the text, he has a mission to finish tonight, and as he advanced to construct his arsenal.
Kelly texted, now Johnny is fed up with those messages, Kelly called his hotline.
( Dialogue)
” Happy Birthday, man!”
” Nothing special about it, Kelly.”
” what are you talking about?
have you been reading the news? boy you gat to see what they say about you on the internet.
Johnny about tonight, you go out with some girl, who knows……”
“………..such relationships were made for me, God created me without a heart.”
” Haha, funny, whatever man, happy birthday!”

Another lady sharing the same birthday with Johnny is LIA.
lia is a staff at USA WITHIN, and her team was assigned to fetch solid information concerning the assassin, and if there is anything lia would need for a birthday was a one on one chat with Johnny Stan, hmm, that would be suicide mission, anything thing for a higher pay ( promotion).
Lia was bread and buttered in Texas, graduated from HARVARD university were she studied MASS COMMUNICATION and currently based on Boston, MA working with USA magazine company.

well today is lia 26th birthday, and for lia birthdays have always being a wonderful experience for the Journalist, freelance writer, publisher and blogger, with mega deals with established firms bringing her thousands of dollars, weekly.
lia is not a popular individual though wealthy and family, and co workers and the boss, Mr Obama would make her feel special as always, but the gal was having a different thought……maybe not this time, too much entertainment on her birthdays, this time it was going to be an adventure, lia is intending to visit Detroit, home of Johnny Stan.

7 pm in Detroit, Stan is here, mandated to assassinate MR JEFF, and his friends was on him, for him to appear on his own birthday at the old building, back in Boston.

Johnny Stan is all set and ready, he hanged his bag, with a SIG Sauer P226, one of the best handguns in the world, that will be enough to put Jeff to sleep for ever, as he tracked down his residence.

Mr Jeff is having a party to night, with friends, and nude bitches, with surplus wines and eats, and hip hop playing.
Johnny arrived at the party, on Black, with a black hat, no mask this time and the CCTV splotch his presence, and Johnny do well to BANG! at the camera, putting it out permanently.
and one thing about Johnny is , he was not photogenic at all, it disgust him to be picked by cameras, and filming him around.

Stan appeared at the heart of the party and shoot at the roof top.
Now he has everyone’s attention, the whole place was shattered and every one running, escaping Johnny Stan bullet.
Jeff did not bother to run, a was a fat man anyway and knew Stan had come for him.
( Dialogue)

” Johnny Stan, take a sit, feel at home. Want a drink?”
” am not here for those shit, Kelly sent me, he said you run away with his money.”
” Dumb, Kelly is only playing you, he will get rid of you soon, he is one selfish muda fucker!”
” that’s your business, am here to recoup the 15 million US dollars and kill you.
now where is the money.”

Johnny shoot at his leg, making him scream! and pointing towards a safe around the corner.
Before long Johnny got his hand on the brief case and the dollars, and his hotline blinked.
it was mask back in Boston calling, and Stan promised he would show up.

” It’s your birthday? happy birthday!”
” thanks! Jeff, I think am done here.”
” please Stan, spare me, I beg you!
you don’t want to ruin your birthday do you?”
” maybe not!”

Johnny Stan, vacated the building and some distance miles away, he pressed down the switch control and BOOM!!!!
The building exploded, with Jeff.
mission accomplished, as he retired back to his Volkswagen( German) and drove the streets of Detroit in the early night.

Lia is driving through the hallway, and will go left, down the passage ( buildings) and as she advanced something hit her new model LEXUS.
it was an auto crash scene, but thank goodness she was OK and the man on the other car is JOHNNY STAN.

Johnny Stan ( chapter three)


Johnny Stan ( chapter three)
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Johnny Stan ( chapter three)

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