Johnny Stan ( chapter one)

Johnny Stan ( chapter one)

Johnny stan
Well for Johnny that was ten years ago, and today he is one ruthless serial killer, an assassin, part of the gang or brotherhood, for some reason he was a the alpha.
anyways Johnny worked for Kelly, the boss, King of boys a political figure and a multi millionaire.

politics is a dirty game for some, Kelly was a player, in his own thoughts politics and assassination goes in handy.
and to get what you want, you have to go extra miles, even if it means taking out your opponent.

For the past decade, in the space of ten years, the hottest and baddest criminal in town was JOHNNY STAN terrorizing the whole metropolis, and assassinating celebrities, and other political figures, for the records NO ONE had waken up from his bullet, which also led to the term ” Johnny stan bullet.”

MR kelly ( honorable) liked him, and treasured him, above his colleagues, and for some reason, the popular gentleman was having only three killers at his disposal, others had died, some quit, and so forth.
Mask, flint, and Johnny remained loyal, to the boss.

Mrs Caroline was murdered in her own house, more like blast!….. she received a mail and flowers, from a delivery personal.
and when the time was ripe, the flowers explodes, and the whole building, with Caroline in it, Johnny had insert boom in it ( microchip).

Another famous business man, Stan took out was MR Duck.
Kelly ordered Stan to wipe out duck and his household.
Stan enlist him, in the killer code, and went to work, on the beach……….Duck, his wife, kids and other relatives gathered for some kind of family traditions!
Stan maintained his relative stance, and set the STK 50mg and in 5, 4, 3,2,1….. he started an open fire.
bang! bang! on every one present at the beach, until all were dead.

Johnny is also responsible, for the murder of Peters, a bug in Kelly’s ass.
a strong opposer and opposition against Kelly and the political sphere.
Johnny waited for the man ( politician) having insert his his 7.62 Tkiv 85, patiently awaiting his target from a far range, and when Peters was in position, he bang!
and that was enough.

Hellos was having an election with Kelly, and Kelly trust his man to put him out of the business of the living, and no suspicions.
Again Stan aimed his accuracy As50, above the roof top, and when the political figure was done signing deals, Johnny banged! at a moving car ( tyres) and it obstruct the relative motion of the car, moving sideways and crushing Helios to the wall, leading to his death.
The car killed him, and this is the very aspect Kelly paid more attention to Stan over his partners in crime.

Johnny had lost track, in counting his victims, he draw tattoos all over his body, anytime he kills someone he draws a tattoo in remembrance, smoking and drinking was a part of his life but not the bitches! Johnny cared nothing, he can’t feel a single thing called love for the opposite sex.
though his pals, mask and flint was fond of the bitches, not Stan he was focused, love was not meet for him ( sex).

Mask and flint are equally skilled, in the game but Stan is exceptional, and bringing millions of dollars to his cavity.

Kelly mandate Stan to take out another adversary, and he was aware of it, so he was apt, and arranged for defense.
Stan was on the go! he placed his Barrett M95, long range.
The defense team, was alert. ready to silence Stan but before the third man could tell what was happening, two of his colleagues had dropped.
he could see the red dot of the sniper gun, on his left chest.
he was breathing heavily did not know wether or not run.
before he could think the next thought, he was put out, silently!
Johnny proceed to the building and first things first, he put out the cameras!

He wandered through the passage, some folks approached, and was set to bang! but Stan was quick to release his ATM ( gun) and all three was down.
more men advanced, but Stan was swift and skilled, and no one dare to arouse from his bullet.
The last man standing is Johnny, and his pistol was already aimed at the target, he was supposed to assassinate.
The foe draws back, and was one with the wall, made of crystal, and Stan was stalking his prey, and then he………..BANG! resulting in his fall, through a 8 story building, via the glass.Johnny Stan ( chapter one)

Johnny Stan ( chapter one)
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Johnny Stan ( chapter one)

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