ZURO ( prince of Styx ) chapter 4

ZURO ( prince of Styx ) chapter 4

chapter 4

” why do you wanna resurrect dark side ?” Jimi asked with keen curiosity. the armoured guy huffed and puffed before speaking.
“ because dark side is the only one that can speak face to face with the elder god’s, the elder gods had once bestowed dark side the power to banish the beasts that used to invade and kill the citizen of Styx. he banished the beasts to a place know as the Badlands.

the sudden change in the empresses attitude was a myth to me. I had the hunch that something might have possessed the empress.
so I had to voyaged across the great river of Styx to meet with a seer. I inquired what was wrong with the empress. but the seer told me ‘ she was Bewitched by her sister. the pendant that was given to the empress was enchanted with black magic, it powers corrupted the white powers of the empress and made her evil. ‘ why did she Bewitched the empress ? ‘ I asked curiously and totally bemused but the seer replied me ‘ the centaurs are beasts in the bad lands they have the power of telepathy they transferred there powers into the pendant and teleported it outside the Badlands right into the land of styx whosoever ever that wears the pendant can be control by the centaurs the pendant was first picked up by a scavenger then it moved from hand to hands until it finally got to the empresses sister and she was the perfect person to do the trick. they controlled her into the castle and compelled her to give the pendant to the empress. since from the day the empress put on the pendant she became a puppet to the centaurs and now she’s under there control. they want to use her to break the barrier that is preventing them from penetrating Styx. and if they eventually succeed Styx will be doomed for ever. ’
the armoured guy stopped speaking and was just looking blankly into space.

” hmmm, you are such a very good story teller. can you please tell us another story ” Derick praised him.
“ stop this nonsense, or you will force me to break my promise of not killing you,” the armoured bellowed furiously at Derick. he swiftly held the handle of his sword and was ready to pull it out of the sheath besides his hip.
“ relax man it hasn’t gotten to that, chill man c’mon ” Jimi and Derick fell on there knees and pleaded for mercy.
with a grumpy face he ordered them to stand up.
“ thank you sir ” they said politely to the armoured guy. Jimi cleared his throat before speaking.
“ so all what you are trying to say is that you need my blood to save darkside then when dark side his resurrected he is gonna battle with the beasts in case the queen succeeds in setting them free before he awakes.”
“ exactly my point thank God you understand me ”
“ but what makes you so sure that I am the right person and that my blood can save your emperor ?”
“ I am hundred percent sure because the seer Sayed my portal will lead me to you she said the first dark brown haired boy I I’ll see is the person am searching for. immediately I saw you I knew it was you. she said your name is jimi Martinez ”
“ wow ” the two boys exclaimed.
” he knows your surname.” Derick said in a fuss.
“ yes I know I heard it too what is the fuss all about ? huh ?” Jimi replied.
“ what about my blood ? ”
“ about your blood…… errr hmmm”
“ the seer said you where born with an extraordinary type of super power that can neutralize any other power. including the evil power in the empresses pendant. with your blood, I can neutralize the poison and spell cast on darkside and free the empress from the spell. “
“ okay, since you spared our lives I am gonna help you because you are such a nice person. I thought you will forcefully kill me and take my blood. but here you are with a mighty sword stuffed in your sheath yet you haven’t killed me. ”
“ I can’t kill you if I do my mission will be meaningless. And I can’t force you to follow me to styx. ” Jimi shrieked
“ but am I suppose to follow you to styx ? ”
“ yes ”
jimi’s body suddenly went limp the word ‘yes’ reverberated in his head. jimi thought to himself is this guy tippy or something how on Earth does he think……
“ no! no!! noway, never I can’t follow you to stick I can’t. I am not planning to die besides I haven’t written my bucket list I am not ready to die yet.
I have a date with my girlfriend this evening and she promise me sex…” Jimi paused for a moment and swallowed hard he knew he had said too much. from the corner of his eyes he could see Derick seriously staring at him. “ I meant sec not sex ok, she promise me sec–sec—-secetariat bar was gonna be the venue where the date is gonna take place ”
Jimi could see that Derick was still staring. “ what!? ok, ok you’ve got me. I will admit it she promised me err….. se……x .” jimi Fell on his knees and pleaded “please sir I can’t go with you I have never had sex in my life. please don’t take my one time opportunity from me. pl- ea–se. what if I go with you and never return no! noway” Jimi shrieked seriously and totally panicked. he frantically paced around like a madman. thinking about his fate but suddenly his face brightened.
“ an idea just struck me. I think I have an alternative ”
“ and what is it ”
“ let’s go to the hospital meet the doctor extract my blood then you can go save your dad. ”
the armoured guy heaved a sigh. he walked closer to Jimi then shooked his head quite a dozen of time before speaking.

“ tsk, tsk, tsk. that’s not the way it works kid. A spell was cast on the king after he was poisoned. so a spell must be chanted before your blood can be able to neutralize the power of the poison in dark sides stomach. And the one who is going to chant the spell is ” the armoured guy paused. there was silence for some moment his eyes met with jimi’s eyes before he spoke.
“ you”
“ no! no!! fuck you, fuck dark side and fuck all the citizens in Stick. I am going no where ”
the armoured guy didn’t say a word he was standing with a grim face. Derick walked closer to Jimi and whisper feebly into his ears.
“ Jimi I think this guy is nuts, oh, oh I get it now ”
“ this guy thinks you are Jesus Christ, and only your blood can save the people in his tribe and watch away there sins” Derick Sayed loudly with his hands clutching is belly very tightly.
“ oh yeah, oh yeah you’ve got a point pal ” Jimi nodded. they both made jest of the armoured guy and guffawed loudy.
“ enough !!! ” the guy was enraged
“ what are you two laughing at ? I see you don’t want to comply. joking times over I think it’s time to break my promise.” the armoured guy swiftly drew out his sword. And hoisted it high above his head.
“ wait, wait please spare us ” they fell on there knees and pleaded with serene eyes.
“ just give us a moment to review the matter please ”
“ alright ” the armoured guy pardoned them and Sayed to them with a sterning face “ don’t waste my time or dare to do anything silly ”
the two boys walked ten steps away from the armoured guy. and whispered into each other’s ears on how to escape.
“ on the count of three we run non stop till we get home.” Jimi suggested. and shouted at the armoured guy.
“ we have decided to go with you ”
“ magnificent, but your friend will stay behind because he is of no use ”
“ huh? noway if my friend isn’t going, then I shan’t too ”
“ okay fine, if you say so he can come too. now come closer I want to sommon my portal. ”
“1″ Jimi started counting at the top of his voice
“ why are you counting” the armoured guy asked being totally bemused. but Jimi replied him “don’t worry you will soon find out. “3!!!”

boom Jimi and Derick took to there heels running as fast as Barry Allen the flash. but unfortunately the portal appeared before them, they ran into it and poof they disappeared.IMG-20200509-WA0083


ZURO ( prince of Styx ) chapter 4

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