Johnny Stan ( prologue)

Johnny Stan  ( prologue)


    Johnny stan
    The name is Johnny, and according to Johnny his dad is the worst, no one would desire his own father for a male parent, not in this world or the next.
    Mr Stan cared less for his family, that is Johnny and mom. he wasn’t bothered about how they fair, and to make It more tenable, he was never married to her, in the first place.

    MR Stan was out there in the streets of DETROIT, smoking, drinking and a lothario, and reimbursed home to beat up his woman like an animal that he is, a barbaric, depriving pleasure from hurting others, most especially his woman, Johnny mom suffered in the hands of a tyrant ( referring to her sons, Father).
    sometimes he might arrive home angry and everything around the house, disgust him.
    he barks! and beats her up, other times he sexually abused her, anything to quench his unholy anger, even his boy was not deemed. for some reason, mom was the breadwinner around the house, but Dad consistent physical assault rendered her too fragile and often ill, so most times the teenager returned from school to meet empty refrigerator, cupboard and pot. ( trust me, you don’t want to be there.) and his good for nothing father was around.
    at sixteen, the teenager withstood Stan, he was fed up with the whole thing, but Dad give him a beating, to challenge his authority around the house, his house.

    mom is limited, and from henceforth Johnny picked pockets, and gamble just to bring relief home, for them to survive, with Dad exclusive.
    in Johnny’s world, mom was his all, his best friend, the only woman who cared and loved him.
    and on the contrary, he hated fathers, sometimes he wondered whether or not he was going to be a father. fathers are cruel, wicked, monsters, name them?
    At eighteen one unlucky day, the police came and took Johnny away for criminal activities and dad cared nothing!
    Young Johnny continued in lockup for several months, with no hope of ever leaving cell, well he got used to it, at least free food and new friends are ever present.
    in jail Johnny was notified of a prison break agenda by the summer, and was asked to play along, he was the youngest and newest.
    Johnny also learnt the escape plan was backed up by MR KELLY a popular politician who needed to recruit boys, for his dirty jobs as a political figure.
    There Johnny gets to meet MASK and FLINT who was said to have committed murder.
    first of all, Johnny is desperate and secondly he missed mom, so he Concord to the grand plan, the prisoners attacked by night when the outside man unlocked the cells and supplied them guns including Johnny.
    Johnny was allotted 2mm kolibri ( pistol) he was hell scared, but what can he do?

    The prisoners attacked, it was an ambush and the police officers were totally clueless, and out numbered, the prisoners are armed and they took out the officers ( kill).
    flint encouraged Johnny the new guy to pull the trigger at one old pal, totally against his will and conscience
    Johnny did not want to do it, but flint would do so if he relent, and unexpectedly but consciously he BANG! at the sheriff on the cranium, making his first kill.
    The deed is done, he was scared and at the same time confused, he begged who ever was in charge, for a leave to go see his mother and then return, and It was approved.

    Johnny was gone, running with a 2mm kolibra in his right hand, he was having a lot of thoughts in his head at the moment, he just killed someone, he left prison, he needs mom, maybe he should convene with a Catholic priest to forgive his sins, he can’t live with such guilt as a boy, Lord help! Jesus have mercy he kept on muttering and running home.

    when he arrived home, the doors were shut, and mom was screaming, screaming of physical and sexual punishments, he knocked the door so hard but his physic dad, paid no fucking attention, and then he had no choice but to break in, and he did.
    Dad was on shorts and mom was down, and Johnny was having a pistol.
    but the sad fact is that mom was now a corpse, lifeless.
    Dad was sorry, and Johnny was rage and devilish he aimed at Dad, and dad got down on his knees begging like a real human, pleading with his son not to let go off the trigger.
    Too late, he BANG! and BANG! again, as if that was not enough he strike the more, until he had wasted all the bullets on his now dead Father.
    two kills in one night, no more priest, no more Jesus, Johnny was feeling it, as if he was possessed by a devil………..he had no other fucking choice but to be a part of his new friends, and join the killers , MR Kelly’s men.
    Johnny Stan  ( prologue)

Johnny Stan  ( prologue)
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Johnny Stan  ( prologue)

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