Love impulsion chapter 2



“Miss Moore, the boss will see you now”
As I stood up I suddenly discovered that I was shaking lightly. I braced myself for anything and stepped into the office. A young looking man was sitting on a chair but he faced the window. A young man?? I wasn’t expecting to see a young man in here considering the stories of how wealthy and how prominent he was.
I used the opportunity to fill my eyes with the beauty of the office. It had several art works hanging on the wall. At another side of the room stood a cabinet filled with books. Hmm… He’s quite a reader. Several awards layed in his table and as if he knew I was trying to bore a hole into the back of his head, he turned.
“Alright… Shall we begin?? ” That voice… I immediately snapped out of my thoughts. My heart beat increased as I gasped at who I saw…. Holy Motherfucker!!
How is this possible. I mean, how the hell is this happening to me. He was supposed to be a cool worker or something of that sort not my boss. God! I really needed this job. I guess I’ll have to pass because there’s no way he’ll hire me.
I heard him clear his throat as if to bring me back to reality.
“Miss Moore. I don’t have all day”
Oh! Does he not remember me. I mean, we just had an encounter about 20 minutes ago. Now that he’s playing coolly, I’m getting a little shaky. Not that I’m afraid but he’s acting calm now but soon there would be an earthquake.
“Em.. I’m here for the interview” I managed to get out.
“I know. I’m talking about your credentials woman” He snapped. Hmm. I knew the earthquake was coming soon but I didn’t see it coming now… Darm it.
“I’ve already sent them to the company’s email sii…Sir” My God! It already feels weird calling him sir.
“Left for you, you wouldn’t like to call me Sir right? ” He said that with a sinister smirk plastered on his stupid face. What arrogance! Come to think of it. He was actually right. How do I get to call this scumbag Sir. Haahhh!! why is my life so complicated. I heard him type very fast and soon he was scanning what seemed to be my document still with that stupid smirk.
“Well well well. Who would have thought that a fiesty girl could be this intelligent” . I chuckled and prepared for a comeback but stopped myself so I don’t get into trouble. Instead, I smiled. He was taken aback. It was as if he expected me to say something equally demeaning but my response shocked him.
He brought out a set of folders and asked me to answer the questions. I concentrated on the questions and not for once daring to look up because I felt his eyes on me throughout. I knew he was obviously planning ways to get back at me for what I did downstairs.
After answering the questions I gave it back to him. His eyes scanned through the documents and nodded obviously impressed.
After few seconds of obvious thinking he said…
“You’ve been accepted to work here as my assistant and if you’re of….. ” Every other thing he said faded as I heard nothing else. What the hell is he saying..
“Assistant? ” I asked stunned…
“Yes, my personal assistant. Your job is to organize my meetings, pass messages to other workers of this company and every other assignment I shall give you.” No no no. This can’t be happening. Assistant? That’s like being an assistant to the devil himself. He’s planning to kill me and I know it. This was not the job I thought I would have.
” With all due respect Sir, the job I applied for was that of a presenter and not an assistant.”
” Oh, is miss feisty already scared of seeing a certain scumbag everyday of her life? ” Oh he remembered what I called him. Shit.
“Not at all. I’m not scared. Give me any job sii.. Sir but not that of your assistant” I bent my head.
“Alright, if I’m to employ you as a presenter here your document shows that you’ve never worked in any broadcasting house before”
“Sir please give me a chance. I’ll do good” I removed my pride and decided to beg if that will free me of the bondage he’s trying to put me in.
“Woman, this company didn’t get here by me giving a chance to everyone I see” He snapped.
” It’s either you become my assistant or you can use the door ” Immediately he said that I lost it. What is this. I knew it was kinda dillusional for me to think he wanted to kill me but now I’m convinced by his act of trying to make me work as his assistant that he really wants to kill me.
“Thank you Mr… “
“Carl?? “
“Yea, thank you Mr Carl but if you think I’m going to work here as your slave in excuse of being an assistant then, you are definitely going to rot in hell. I know I don’t have an experience in presenting but same as assisting. Why would you give me a job of assisting you without having any experience and not give me the job of presenting?? Why?
You think I don’t know what you’re trying to do? You want me to work very close to you so that you can use me to all your dirty work because of what transpired between you and I downstairs. Sorry Mr Carl. I won’t let you have your way and get what you want. I can get a job somewhere else and as you can see, I’m quite comfortable. So, Mr Carl I’ll pass. Please excuse me”
He stirred at me for a while and nodded. I picked my bag and walked out making sure to bang the door on my way out. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
The lady who directed me in gave me a signature fuck off look and honestly I didn’t care. I got into the elevator and in no time I was outside. I purposely avoided the receptionist who encouraged me because I was ashamed of telling her that I allowed my feistiness get in between me and a promising job. Anyway I would do better in the next firm I’ll try.
I got into my baby and zoomed off to Kara’s place of work. Kara Green is the name of my bestie and she works in Spago as a waitress. Spago is one of the most expensive restaurants in Beverly Hills and I can tell that Kara is happy to work there. Right now, I really need something to cheer me up and she knows exactly what to give me to make me feel better. I can’t believe he tried to manipulate me into working for him as an assistant. What nonsense.
The busy streets of Beverly Hills was filled with cars and drivers who didn’t want to move their darm cars. It was fun living in the center of Los Angeles but living here also had it’s disadvantages.

After driving for sometime, I finally arrived at 176 Canon drive and parked my car in their spacious parking lot. I got in and looked for an empty seat at the far corner to sulk it out. Immediately Kara noticed me, she walked over to my seat with a radiant smile and her red curls bouncing over her shoulders.
“Hey gurl, what’s up. How did it go?”
“I didn’t get it” I stated.
“What do you mean you didn’t get it? I mean you’re intelligent and well dressed. You deserve that job girl”
I sighed and explained fully everything that happened as I watched her face move from a smirk to a smile and finally to anger.
“Girl, what’s wrong with yah? “
“What? ” I asked her in a confused state.
“I appreciate the fact that you gave him what he deserved when he tried to fuck with you but c’mon girl you should’ve accepted the job”
” I know what he was planning to do K. He wanted to use me like a piece of trash babe. Trust me I know them when I see them. You see those crazy rich guys, all they want is for everyone to grovel at their feet and seeing that I didn’t do it is what made him so angry that he wants to do everything within his power to make me bow to him. I won’t let that happen K” I half yelled.
” I know Z but it’s just a job. You should’ve taken the job. I mean, anyone would kill to be the personal assistant in AHVIER”
“Anyone but not me. You know that I love broadcasting not setting up meetings or any of that sort besides he is too arrogant and I can’t work with him. I know he hates me as well as I hate him. I’ll only die of heart attack if I dare work with him babe” I desperately tried to convince her. She sighed and hugged me. Exactly what I want.
“So what should I get for you my lady” We burst into a fit of laughter.
“You know exactly what I need my good Sir” I said with a wink. She bowed and left to get me what I really don’t know. Hmm. Apart from the boss being arrogant, I can’t just bring myself to be civil around him after putting him in my blacklist. Hahhh. You can say I’m actually immature but my passion is in broadcasting not being an assistant to anyone.
After some minutes, Kara brought a cup of juice and a plate of food I’ve never seen before. This girl never seize to amaze me. The plate consists of a large content of what seemed like a fried egg but it seemed a little burnt giving it a light brownish and orange color with green peas scattered all over it.
“What is this K”
“Just eat, you’ll thank me later. I gotta go now I have other tables to attend to”
“You welcome”
I immediately dived into it and mehn, it was awesome. After eating I put my bill on the table and quietly walked out. I know that when she sees the cash she’ll be pissed. Lol. She’s definitely going to give me an earful of tantrum today.
I got into my car feeling better but I knew I won’t be completely ok if I don’t satisfy my sweet tooth. I drove into the nearest mall with the help of my GPS and got chocolate. A lot might I add. After getting it, I was ready to hit home. I would’ve dropped by my momma’s studio but I’m way too drained. All I’m going to do now is to go home, freshen up, eat my chocolate and sleep my day away….
Old jamz played from my car’s radio and I sang along till I got home. I pulled into my home, took my bag and got out. I quickly fetched my mails and got inside. I took off my jacket and slumped on my couch. I checked the mails one after the other but none caught my interest except one. I opened it and you won’t believe who sent it…..

© Winner Godwin
Grace Aghedo
March 2020
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Love impulsion chapter 2
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Love impulsion chapter 2

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