Love impulsion chapter 1


Love impulsion chapter 1LOVE IMPULSION 💟💝💞💕💔
Light shine through the blinds of my window. Yea it was morning again!! rubbed my eyes several times to adjust to the Ray of light. Immediately I opened them the grey and white painting of my walls met my eyes. waking up to see my favourite colours made me smile.
Took me few minutes to get conscious of my surrounding. Sometimes I had wished I could just sleep and not get border about the tussle that comes with day. Hmmm, Who the hell could be calling me at this time of the day?? I grudgingly picked up without even checking the caller…
Me: Hello
Caller:slept well my darling??
Me:yes mum, How are you?
Mum: fine but the house is so quiet without you.
Me: I thought we discussed this before.
Mum: alright alright… How are you preparing for your interview?
Interview?? Shit.. I totally forgot…
Me: Uhm…I’ll call you after my interview. I have to go get ready. Love you.
Haah… It’s 7:00am already….
Sometimes I wished I was a time freak or something so that I can slow down time to my favour if you know what I mean. hurried out of bed, got wrapped in my duvet and fell straight to the floor on my face. Clumsy me! stayed on the floor for a minute.
I might have a concussion later but right now I don’t care! I’m kinda running late for my interview. Got into my bathroom and did my normal woo hoo. #wink# you know what I mean..
20 minutes later I was standing in front of my vanity table. I examined my head and saw that it was turning into a rugged bruise so I decided to do a full makeover to cover it up. searched through my waldrop without getting my perfect office dress. was slowly becoming irritated and just then I saw a grey suit. instantly took it out and searched for a white shirt to match. Wow! perfect. I know you might think that this is a bit too much for an interview but I need this job. Not because of the money but so I could earn respect and be able to stop my mum from pumping money into my account every minute. And also AHVIER empire is not one to be taken likely. They have a standard and I intend to beat it. After double checking my bag to be sure that everything was complete, put on a pair of black stiletto heels, checked my self in the mirror.
(I stepped into my white baby and zoomed off My white baby is a white Honda and I’m quite comfortable if you ask me; all thanks to my mum. ) Fix this path winny
AHVIER media house. Well, that’s where I wanna work cos I did my major on broadcasting and I would love to be an on air personal. Being a well known media house is not what exactly made the owners rich and popular. They have several chains of businesses. They have AHVIER telecommunications, AHVIER bakery, AHVIER airways and so on. They were just so vast in business and that’s why I am putting extra effort into this.
Soft music was playing from my radio and I couldn’t help but tap the steering due to my nervousness.
I don’t think I’ve introduced myself properly. I am Zhavier Moore, daughter of Layla Moore who owns her own dance studio. Am an only child without the knowledge of dad, I’ve tried asking my mum about my dad but it always end up with her usual..
” Why do you keep asking of him. I’m I not good enough for you? Are you lacking anything? “
And then a fit of tears follows suit.mum provides everything I need including her love but I can’t help but wonder who my dad is? Where he was? And why he never bothered to see me? During high school my mates teased me and called me all sorts of names like being a bastard and each time I cry to my mum, she ends up crying her eyes out and assuring me that things would get better. Discussions about dad made her pissed or unnecessarily emotional and I knew I had to find him myself. There’s no single picture neither has there been a day that his name slipped from my mum’s mouth. She is intentionally trying hard to bury everything about my dad and I can say it’s working.
Other than my dad’s drama she’s been a pretty great single parent. Performing the duty of my dad and mum at the same time. She has pampered me right from day one and is still doing that. Despite being a graduate, she still sends me money, goes behind my back to pay for my lease and other bills. That’s why I need this job so she could get off my back. She’s a little overbearing but I love her.
Getting there, I discovered the parking slot was already occupied. Seems there are lot of rich persons working here so I parked opposite the building, picked my bag and stepped out.
AHVIER was truly a sight to behold. walked to the entrance,AHVIER was a dream come through for all I had fantasized about working here. Wow…my mum would be so proud of her baby girl. My fantasy was soon cut short when I collided with a hard rock which after 10 seconds discovered that it was the chest of a very masculine and beautiful man if I may say. His chest was very broad and he had a set of striking blue eyes that matched his glittering skin peeking under his folded long sleeve. His shirt was so tight that I could see his muscles bulging out of it. Hmm… I unintentionally licked my lips..
I looked at the floor and discovered that all the content of my bag were scattered all over the floor. I opened my mouth to apologize but was silenced by his deep voice….
“Have you gat no eyes woman??”
What?? Did my ears hear correctly? Or I’m just imagining things… All the fascinating thoughts I had of him flied out of the window…
“Oh really??? You think those sockets on your face are eyes??”
He was taken aback by my words but I wasn’t done yet. I laughed darkly….
“If they were eyes why didn’t you avert the blind lady here” I pointed to myself… His eyes twitched and a stupid smirk formed on his face. I wish I could slap it out of his silly face right now.
“I don’t have time for nuisance” He replied and tried to walk pass me but I blocked him…
“Who the fuck do you think you are.. Hun? Now listen… You should be thankful I have something more important than you to handle right now. If not I would have shown you how much of a nuisance I can be… Scumbag” He looked at me for seconds before he passed me and went directly through the entrance of AHVIER. Great! So he works here. He’s surely going to know what I’m made of once I get to work here.
I bent over and picked my stuff. I so hate men who think they can ride on me. It just turns me off. Some people think I’m a feminist but I’m not. I just hate oppression from the opposite sex.
I straightened my suit and walked to the entrance of the building. I puffed air in and out of my nostrils for 2 minutes and at the end of it, I felt better. I walked in and darm everything I saw was a definition of class and sophistication. People dressed in various office attires where walking around; all of them seeming to be in a hurry to get something done. Looking at all of them, I felt thankful to have dressed this way. If not I would have been obviously out of place.
A Iady was on the phone so I approached her since she was the only one looking like a receptionist. As soon as she saw me she mouthed 𝘢 𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦 𝘨𝘪𝘷𝘦 𝘮𝘦 𝘢 𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘶𝘵𝘦. I took a seat and watched her do her job effectively well. After sometime, she was done and I approached her.
“Good day ma’am. You’re welcome to AHVIER Broadcasting House. How may I be of help to you” Wow! What a beautiful accent.
“My name is Zhavier Moore and I’m here for the job interview”
“Right” She turned to her computer and typed something so fast and turned to me…
“Take the elevator by your right to the last floor. When you get there you’ll see a lady. She’ll tell you what to do” She said professionally with a reassuring smile but I wasn’t satisfied.
“Erm.. I’m sorry to bother you but how do I know the particular lady to meet”
She smiled softly
“You don’t need to panic. It’s just her and the boss that works on that floor”
“Oh… Thanks” I shuddered and turned to leave…
“Good luck” I smiled in return and all the nervous feeling I had before that awful encounter returned in full.
I stepped out of the elevator and it felt like a whole new world. It was more beautiful than the decor of the first floor. Mehn.. These guys would have spent a fortune on the decor alone.
True to the receptionist words, I saw a lady there and approached her. She didn’t even allow me introduce myself before she started talking.
“Hi. Please sit down. The boss will have you in 5 minutes” I muttered a thank you and sat down. Woa.. The seat was comfy.
After what felt like a whole year, it was time to face my fears.
“Miss Moore, the boss will see you now”
As I stood up I suddenly discovered that I was shaking lightly. I braced myself for anything and stepped into the office. A young looking man was sitting on a chair but he faced the window. A young man?? I wasn’t expecting to see a young man in here considering the stories of how wealthy and how prominent he was.
I used the opportunity to fill my eyes with the beauty of the office. It had several art works hanging on the wall. At another side of the room stood a cabinet filled with books. Hmm… He’s quite a reader. Several awards lay in his table and as if he knew I was trying to bore a hole into the back of his head, he turned.
“Alright… Shall we begin?? ” That voice… I immediately snapped out of my thoughts. My heart beat increased as I gasped at who I saw…. Holy Motherfucker!!

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Grace Aghedo
March 2020
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Love impulsion chapter 1

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