Twisted Bliss chapter 3



Few weeks later
I couldn’t take my mind off the phone conversation I overheard the nurse making. I didn’t tell Chard because he might think that am exaggerating.
I had to pretend to be asleep so that the nurse won’t know I eavesdropped on her .
I felt so unsettled , I mean I wanted to know who she was talking to but I just felt she won’t tell me or rather she would lie.
“ I will find out who she was talking to one way or the other”. I told myself
So my dad is returning today and am fine now the bandage has been taken off my legs. I have been waiting for him since morning he called telling me he was about to board the plane. Am excited and can’t wait to see him. Chard choosed that moment enter my room without knocking. If I had knew what was coming I wouldn’t have allowed my dad travel to Sweden, I would have convinced him to stay back.
“Chard!!! How many times do I need to remind you to knock before entering my room what if I was naked ?”
“ what’s there to see that I have not seen ?” he fired back
“ you know now am beginning to think you are a pervert , in fact you are”
“Really ? While growing up you used to walk around naked now I wonder what changed? “ He retorted back to me.
“ I grew up that what changed” this is exactly his problem he still sees me as a child. Because of this he never noticed that I have a big crush on him.
“Okay my bad am sorry”. He said I promise to knock when next am coming into your room.
“ I smiled but also promise you won’t call me a child anymore”.
“I promise” he said.
Then we heard the car horn outside that must be him, I dash out running to the entrance to welcome my dad I have missed him so much. But instead of my dad I saw a young classy slay queen, her dressingmade her look like a whore.
I stood there transfixed, till my dad came down from the car she hugged him and pegged him on the cheek now am star struck . I couldn’t believe my eyes how is it possible my dad brought a whore back to the house? What happened to my dad ? This is not my dad , my original dad is still on his way here. This one is fake.
I closed my eyes inhaling deeply, hoping when I open my eyes I see my dad not some old bastard. I opened my eyes and he was right in front of me while the girl was standing beside him. He tried to hug me but I stopped him.
“Dad who is this and why is she in this house”
“is that how you welcome me and my guest? “
“ no dad but…
“ but what? Lets go in side first.”
When we got into the house he sat down and I sat down too waiting for an explanation.
“Theresa meet Emily my soon to be wife and she’s pregnant with your little brother”.
The evil of a girl rubbed her tummy while pouting and leaning on my dad’s shoulder.
I instantly felt the strong urge to throw up, I ran up to my room and threw up. After then I cleaned myself up and walked into my room, I saw Chard on my bed with my favorite junks, chicken, warm milk and lots of chocolate.
I signed and climbed up to the bed then laid beside him putting my head on his chest, hugged him tightly while he patted my back till I slept off.


Twisted Bliss chapter 3

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