The Virgin Ghostess – Chapter 6


The Virgin Ghostess - Chapter 6

The Virgin Ghostess
Chapter 6
By Ogunsola Ayobami Samuel

In the split-second that Kate is distracted by a producer calling out her name, Julia sees her chance and repossesses her. She immediately takes out her phone and calls emergency to rescue her father, and then gets dragged back to the cooking show set.
Julius tells her not to look at anyone else and just focus on the batter, and says that he’ll figure something out to make up for the lack of flour (which Kate spilled on her last turn).
Julia wills her father to hold on a little longer and hurriedly takes her turn in their cooking challenge. Thinking on her feet, she grabs the bean powder to substitute for the missing flour, completing their mission. She doesn’t even stay for final pleasantries, and dashes off to the emergency room.
She runs around terrified that the next ghost she sees will be Dad’s, but thankfully he’s awake and reaches out for her hand. Julia is so overcome with relief that she hugs him and cries, “Father!” She learns from the doctor that it’s cirrhosis of the liver due to excessive drinking, but they’ve caught it early enough that it can be treated, just as long as he stops drinking.
Julia nags her father that he should’ve quit drinking like she said, and he chuckles fondly, saying that she really sounds like his daughter when she nags like that. He figures that she called him father by accident when she first arrived, but says it was nice—for a moment in his haze, he thought his daughter had returned.
Julia forces back her tears and says that he can just think of her as a daughter then, and he agrees that he already thinks of his daughter whenever she’s around. Little Bro Alex runs in wailing that he thought Dad had orphaned him, and Julia yells that he shouldn’t have let Dad get to this state if he was so worried.
She drags him out by the ear to yell at him some more about getting his head out of his ass and taking care of Dad properly, and Alex scoffs that he’s Dad’s son, and she shouldn’t be acting like a daughter-in-law so early, no matter how much she likes him. Pfft.
Julia whacks him upside the head and tells him to get it together, and Alex actually swoons a little, noting that it’s the first time a girl’s hit him on the head save for his sister . You are such a weird kid.

Bella comes by to congratulate julius on the inventive dish, and then passes down the order from her boss to swap Kate out for a different assistant chef. They’re worried about another broadcast accident, but julius reminds her that they were the ones who insisted that she stay for continuity’s sake.
He defends Kate and says it was her idea to add the bean powder today, and tells Bella that they come as a pair, so they can fire him if they really want. Bella tells him not to be overly sensitive about this, but he argues that he hires people for a minimum of six months before making any decisions, and finds them a place to go if he ever fires them. He calls it basic human etiquette, and walks out.

That night, julius listens at his window next to the storeroom to check if Kate has come home, and sits up in bed wondering where she ran off to and if she’s okay. He finally caves and calls her, and she acts like she’s far away and drops the call, only to walk into his room a moment later. He grouses that she said she was far, and she croons that she’ll always show up right away, “Because I live inside your heart!”
Julia’s sunny disposition is immediately evident, and he asks if she’s on an upswing, ironically referring to her manic state as a visiting ghost. She plops down on his bed and coaxes him to lie down for five minutes, and he wrangles free and insists that they go outside so they can talk.
Julia whines, but quickly decides that doing it outside wouldn’t be bad either, and giggles before joining him out on the roof. Julius wants to talk about her future and asks, “What is it that you want to do?” She sing-songs coyly, “You know what.”
He tells to be serious for a moment and asks if her dream is to be a chef, and says that she’s good on her feet and not without skill, but lacks basic training. He offers to formally take her under his wing to train (awwww), and Julia agrees happily.
He warns her that he’s not kidding and will be hard on her, and she agrees that a tough guy is way more appealing. She pokes him until he can’t help but break into a smile. So cute.

He wants to start right away and goes back to basic knife work, instructing her on how to cut different vegetables and why. He’s impressed that she’s quick to understand, but as the night wears on, she grows tired of the endless chopping.
She lets the knife slip and cries out that she cut her finger, and julius rushes over in worry and sticks her finger in his mouth to suck out the blood. I dunno why, since it’s not a snake bite, but who cares.
He quickly discovers that she was joking and tells her to hurry up and finish the last few vegetables, so then she just attacks him with hugs and refuses to let go until he agrees to call it a night, he starts laughing while arguing with her, and when he finally relents, she decides she doesn’t want to let go yet, and he starts wrestling her in turn.
Julia looks around her converted storeroom and says that compared to sleeping downstairs, this is a hotel. She’s exhausted from the chef training session but decides it’ll be worth it because spending all that time with julius means that one thing will lead to another…
She fantasizes about him stirring a pot of sauce with his hand over hers. He turns her around to face him and backs her up, stopping to lift her up onto the counter and dropping pans in the process. Whoa, that was hot.
They kiss  and wrap their arms around each other, and Julia snaps out of the fantasy squealing in delight.

That makes her wonder what julius is doing right now, and she gets excited thinking that he might be coming out of the shower with nothing on. She’s pretty damn close, since he’s walking out of the shower in nothing but shorts. When he hears her knocking on the door, he runs over to lock it just in time.
Julia pouts at his door, then notes that the dog is now ignoring her because he’s mad that she yelled at him last time. Is it that, or something else?

In the morning, the staff is confused to find giant mounds of chopped vegetables in the kitchen, and julius steps in to take credit for it before Julia can speak up.  chef Mike is disappointed to hear that his dish won’t be the special today because they have to use up these veggies first, and Julia slinks away guiltily.

She asks Julia why he took credit for the vegetables, and he tells her to keep their training a secret so that the others don’t misunderstand. She clings to his arm and asks coyly what kind of misunderstanding, and he bites down on her finger this time to wriggle free.
She calls out after him that that just makes her want to do it more, and Lisa comes by to ask, “Do what?” and Julia pretends she was talking about exercise. When Lisa says she was worried about her the last few days, Julia calls her concern burdensome, making Lisa feel awkward.
She calls her brother  Alex to check on Dad’s release from the hospital, and he is amazed that she got his number somehow. Dad likes her more and more, and Alex warns him not to be won over so easily, since he has yet to decide his heart.

Officer John lurks around outside Dad’s restaurant, and is surprised when Dad and Alex walk up behind him. He acts like he was concerned when he heard about Dad’s collapse, though he looks almost disappointed to hear that he’ll be fine.
He asks who discovered him, and Alex says that’s the mystery, since the paramedics say that his daughter called them: “But it’s not like my sister came back from the dead or something.” That seems to pique John’s curiosity.
Dad gives John a drink and thanks him for always coming by like this, and John tells him to take care of his health. But when he walks out, he throws the drink in a rage, smashing it against a car windshield.

Julius takes Julia with him to the fish market today, and the others start to notice that he keeps taking her with him wherever he goes. Felix in particular seems to linger on the thought. They run into Julia on their way out, and at his mention of being worried about her at the police station the other day, Julia belatedly acts like she remembers what he’s talking about.

Julius uses the visit to the fish market as another lesson about touching and feeling things for herself to test quality, and Julia immediately starts feeling him up: “What, you said touch and feel for myself.”
She’s impressed when she sees him in action though, all friendly with the shopkeepers and throwing around a country accent as he flirts and makes deals. He’s adorably attentive to her too, bringing her borrowed boots to wear when a deliveryman spills water on her sneakers, even stooping down to put them on her feet.
Her stomach is so growly that they stop to eat, and Julia sneaks a half-finished plate of rice from the next table over, thinking they’ve been abandoned. The man at the next table comes back in wondering where his food went, and happens to recognize julius.

Alex runs over to Dad in excitement and shows him the wad of cash he just found on his sister’s desk, but Dad tells him to put it back where he found it. Alex complains that Dad won’t touch anything of Julia’s, as if she isn’t really dead—he hasn’t even stopped paying her cell phone bill. Alex storms out crying that Dad loves his dead daughter more than his living son, and Dad deflates. He calls Julia ’s number just to try it again, but there’s no answer.
After taking Lisa to the hospital, John takes her home and tells her not to be too disappointed and that they’ll just keep trying to have kids. He asks about Kate being forgetful (Lisa says that’s not like her) and whether she’s friendly with jukius, which she says wasn’t really the case before, but she seems to have changed lately.
Once he’s gone,Lisa finds something wedged in between two drawers in John’s desk, and pulls out an old cell phone with a cracked screen. Aack, that’s Julia’s phone, isn’t it? She doesn’t think much of it and puts it back in the drawer.
Later that night, when julius secondary school college who always treat him badly had left after he had taken his revenge on them by showing them how much he had become successful. It takes all the air right out of julius’s sails, making him suddenly feel so small and petty. The feeling lingers with him long after the night is over, and he sits in the dark by himself, lost in thought. Julia notices all of this and tries to perk him up, but he tells her to train on her own tonight.

She whips up a pancake to bring to the rooftop where he’s drinking alone, and shoves a piece in his mouth against his protests. He offers faint praise and she runs with it, declaring him an amazing chef because one lesson with him and she’s so much better. He smiles at that and tells her to just put him back where she found him if she’s going to turn him all topsy-turvy like that.

She says he looks so handsome when he smiles and rests her head on his shoulder as she says in her cutesy voice: “It makes me want to pluck you.” HA. He snaps at her to stop with that doing-it talk, because it makes him dart awake in the middle of the night.
She doesn’t see why unless… he’s a virgin. She gasps, “Really? WHY?” He insists that he’s not, which she doesn’t believe. He shouts back, “You’d be in big trouble!” and she hilariously crows, “I want to be in trouble with you. I really want to be in trouble.”
She takes on a world-wearied bent to her words and reasons that life is shorter than you think, and it’s better to just forgive and lose sometimes, as long as you can spend your days being happy. She points out that the one who forgives is the one who can sleep easy, and that seems to speak to julius’s angst.
Julia says that there isn’t much to being happy and demonstrates with a bite of food and a swig of beer to wash your troubles away, and he agrees that she’s right. He complains whens he wants to take a selca but poses on cue, of course.
She swoons at the moonlight and lies down on his leg as a pillow, and behaves herself for about two seconds before reaching up his leg with her wandering hands. Naughty girl. He pulls her hand away but lets her stay there, and says gently that her pancake is seasoned well but not quite up to snuff. He offers to take her to a place that has the best pancakes in town “for training,” and she excitedly makes him pinky-swear.

He starts to get up to go to bed so she latches onto him, and by now I swear I can’t tell if he’s fighting her or hugging her back. I love that when he cries out that she’s hurting his back, she quickly retreats. Can’t have him putting his back out!

Soon-ae goes to visit Dad in the morning, and when she hears that the doctor ordered light exercise, she suggests a walk. Dad says that his daughter used to come up here every morning, and regrets never joining like she had always wanted.
He sighs that he’s just full of regrets and tells Kate (still possessed) not to live that way, and they make plans to take morning hikes together from now on.

Julia returned back to the restaurant and walks up to julius to remind him of he had forgotten about their pancake date, and he assures her that he’ll come by to pick her up later. She decides that today is D-Day and rifles through kate’s clothes, finally resorting to cutting them up to make something suitable.
She duct-tape-waxes her legs (oowww) and uses air freshener as perfume, and skips out in anticipation of the night ahead.

Julius waits on the corner where they promised to meet, wondering why he’s being made to wait when it’s not even a real date. Julia hurries when she realizes how much time has passed.

But she’s stopped in her tracks by Mrs jane, who says that she’s been hiding right under her nose all this time. Julia tries her best to play dumb, but Mrs Jane is on to her and rings her bell collar to prove her point.

With no other choice, Julia takes off at a run, and Mrs Jane gives chase. She finally gets close enough to reach out with her magical stick, and Kate and Julia split on contact. Julia hops a ride on a bus and Mrs Jane follows, leaving Kate standing in the street utterly spun around.
She walks along in a daze until she comes upon julius , waiting on her for their date.

To be continued…………..

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The Virgin Ghostess - Chapter 6

Ogunsola Ayobami Samuel is a blogger, writer, poet, and teacher. He attended Baptist High school from 2010-2013 and graduated from Kinsey College of Education Ilorin 2018, still hoping to have his first degree in English.

He sees writing and teaching as the best channel to reach out to the world.

The Virgin Ghostess is his first story to be written, though he had written different poems such as

The peaceful war 

This too shall come to pass

We are African 

Why did he


Tribute to Adeleke Rachel Tioluwani 



The Virgin Ghostess - Chapter 6

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