Code Red {chapter 20}

Code Red [chapter 21]

Debrah drove to meet Draga in a bar where he said he would be, different thoughts flooded her mind. The code is more of a mystery, she was sure Niklaus took the pills, she made him take it, she watched as he gulped it down his throat, how it didn’t work still baffled her.

“Debrah, have a seat, it’s quite chilly today you know, you wouldn’t mind a few sticks of cigarettes?”

Draga offered a box of cigarettes to Debrah but she waved it off, she was clearly not in the bar to exchange pleasantries

“I need to know what the hell went wrong, I made sure I gave Niklaus the pills, you told me the pills would work…”

” Yes, I did… “
Draga replied and drew a few drags of smoke down his lungs, he read the look on Debrah’s face, she clearly needed more answers than the short one he gave.

“The pills work perfectly fine, but Niklaus is smart now, we cleaned his memories for 10 years now. He has begun to break out of that circle”

“Does the code knows the pill didn’t work?”

” The code knows everything”

Debrah made a pause, she stared intently at him before the next question escaped her thoughts and became audible.

“Who is the code? I mean I have been with this firm from my childhood I deserve to know who I am working for”

Draga laughed now, he laughed so hard that it infuriated Debrah.

” What’s so funny, is my question abstract of there is no sense in it?”

” What business do you have with the code Debrah?”

” What business? What business? What the hell! I have been smoking niggas on the code’s instruction and now what business do I have with the code?”

She continued, her suspicions were finding root already, she resolved in her mind to look into Draga, she already suspected he either knows the code, or he is the code

“Well, no one knows the code, not even me, i believe the question you should ask now is how to solve your failed mission”

He took a few drags from his cigarettes and continued when Debrah remained silent.

“Niklaus is already a threat to Code Red, he has served the organization well but sadly his time with organization is slowly coming to an end”

“What does that mean Draga?”

Debrah asked leaning forward, although she had an idea of what Draga was going to say.

“It means sooner or later we would have to smoke him and erase his existence and let’s not forget your unfinished mission to smoke Sofia Allen, or maybe the code needs to entrust it to someone else”

“it’s you! It’s you!”
Jan released his grip on Sofia and strained his eyes at the figure standing a few meters away, he began to close the distance between them, his hands reaching for his pistol tucked by his side. He was close before he fired shots at Niklaus who swerved past each shot and cut Jan by his elbow, he shifted his arm and skillfully snatched the gun from Jan, dismantled it within few seconds, within the time frame at which Jan tried to throw another fist, all dismantled he held a little piece of the pistol within his grip and dug it into Jan’s arm, Jan grimaced in pain but Niklaus wasn’t done, he pulled it off and drew a line on Jan’s face, an Everlasting scar it seemed! Landed two fists on his chin, dislocated Jan’s shoulder, and swept him off his feet, he picked up one broken glass and was about to dig into Jan’s neck when Sofia cried out.

“Please! Please! Please stop I beg you, don’t kill him, I love him!”

Niklaus stopped and stared at the concerned teary eyes of Sofia as she dropped her bag and ran to shield Jan who laid deeply hurt.

I love him
Here statement reverberated in his ears again and again.
He felt stung by a mixed feeling of jealousy and regret, perhaps he went too far. She didn’t have to plead too much, he was gone. Mariam stood transfixed as she watched Sofia wail, calling for help for Jan, she just witnessed a movie like a scene, it happened way too fast, now she understood and believed what Sofia had said about code507 saving her, and alas! This is the second time.

Jessy was called back from her mission to uncover the black sand which was confidential to just herself and Jan. Jan spent a few days in the hospital trying to recover from his encounter with Code507, he bluntly refused to reveal in was badly beaten by code507, he felt embarrassed and told his colleague he tried stopping a robbery attempt without calling for back up, well, of course, many raised an eyebrow to believe as skillful as Jan is in martial arts, he got beaten, his face scared and shoulders dislocated by a petty theft? But then they waved it off, they had a more pressing issue at hand. (Jessy)

Jessy got back to the precinct and was shocked to see her colleagues pointing guns at her! Straightway she was handcuffed locked up.
Jan appeared in the precinct the following day and requested an audience with Jessy.

“Someone is trying to frame me up Jan”

“I know…”

“What happened to you, to your Face, you got into a fight? That’s a scar you got there”

Jan felt embarrassed

” Don’t you think you should worry more about yourself, you are in a more critical…”

He was halfway slamming her for being too caring before he realized he said too much.

“I’m sorry, it was code507”

Jessy didn’t ask any further, instead she slide something to him underneath the table where the CCTV camera could not film.

“The black sand from China is not actually sand, it’s a mixture of alkaline, ash and dark colored granite, according to what I gathered it’s not entirely possible to find all three ingredients in the same location but then… “

Her voice went down, almost to a whisper which prompted Jan to lean forward.

“A few days ago I found all three ingredients in the chief of police’s shelf when i went to bring in a file he requested for, at first it didn’t make sense, I mean it just some irrelevant items, well, not until now. Jan I am being framed cos I have found out the truth, the chief of police could be the code”

Jan sighed, his head wobbled a bit, things are becoming ugly.

Code red


Code Red {chapter 20}

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