ZURO (prince of styx) chapter 3

ZURO (prince of styx) chapter 3


chapter 3

“ je–e-z ! are you kidding m-e-? you need his blood, that’s re-all-y gross yuck ! ” Derick stuttered.
Jimi was extremely perturbed. his eyes were bulging out as if they wanted to drop out of it’s socket. his lips were tightly pursed into a circle. why does this guy need my blood, oh no! maybe he is some sort of vampire or a ghoul. am in deep trouble right now, does he think my blood his gonna be tasty and yummy, no! no!! it can’t be. Jimi wondered dip in his thoughts, in his imaginations he could already see the armoured spilling and drinking his blood.
“ oh no…..holy Mary mother of God please save my soul ”
jimi yelled at the top of his voice. that very moment there was silence. the armoured guy and Derick were just looking intensely at Jimi.
“ remember I told you not to freak out ” the armoured guy reminded jimi.
“ how on Earth do you expect me not to freak out. are you a doctor? ” Jimi yelled histerically at the top of his voice.
“ no ”
“ a nurse ?”
“ no ”
“ a surgeon ?”
“ no I am non of this things you are calling me. I am the prince of Styx ” he said with majestical gestures.
“ a prince that sucks or craves for blood huh ?”
“ yuck! I don’t suck blood I am not a vampire. I need your blood for something else ”
“ for what!!! ?”
“ dark side my father was poisoned ”
“ what the…”
“ yes he was poisoned with sorcery by the empress ”
“ mother of God why did she ….” Derick asked very curiously. the armoured guy heaved a deep sigh before speaking.
“ my mom, the empress of Styx is an enchantress of white magic. her powers where used for doing good and not evil. she was the calmest being in the whole of Styx. a lady with the softest heart. her words where so placating it could calm a greatly angered man.
but one day something happened.
the empresses younger sister came for a short visit in the castle. she was a beautiful lady with the most innocent pair of eyes. she looked very harmless like a dove but unknown to everyone she was a wolf disguised in sheep’s clothing. she stayed in the castle for two days on the third day she was set to leave. before leaving she gave my mom a pendant ‘ it’s a gift for you my sister. that will always remind you of me anytime you take a look at it. come on let me put it around your neck.’ that was exactly the words she told the empress before putting the pendant around her neck. after that she looked into her eyes and Sayed to her ‘ do what you are destined to do ’ every one in the castle was just smiling at her good gesture towards the empress. but not knowing that she was up to a big mischief. she had succeeded in bewitching the queen with black magic. the next day the unbelievable happened the king was lifelessly unconscious on his bed. the full castle was shocked by the news
a doctor was called to check what was wrong. after series of check up he concluded
‘ the king is dead. according to my research I think he was poisoned there is a rare kind of substance found in his system l am afraid it’s something unmedic but I’ll try to check out what kind of substance it is ’
there was a shockwave the whole castle gasped
‘poisoned!! ’
‘ who could have done this terrible thing ’ the commander in charge of the emperor’s soldiers asked.
‘ I did ’ a voice resounded in the castle lo and behold it was the empress.
‘ I killed him with….”
immediately she conjured black magic and the entire castle was engulfed with darkness as dark as night. the unexpected sight kept everyone transfixed with fear.
‘ he isn’t actually dead. I poisoned him and cast a spell on him. No one should Dare to bury him. I will still bring him back to life when the right time comes and then kill him finally in a disgraceful manner.’
‘ hey you ‘ she Sayed and pointed at the doctor ‘ you should have minded your own business, you will fade away any time from now ’
and truely the doctor slowly turned into a statue and broke into ashes.
‘anyone who touches dark side will surely end up cremated like him’
she walked slowly towards the throne everyone paved the way for her when she got near the throne she sat majestically on it before she spoke up
‘ I am not only an empress but a god. any who opposes me will face my wrath. commander assemble everyone in Styx tell them to come to the amphitheatre I have something to tell them.’
the commander was furious ‘how dare you kill our emperor and boldly sit on the throne. what happened to you my queen? what happened to your kind manners? why, why are you doing this? how could you become this selfish overnight?’
the queen was getting irritated by the commander. she grimaced at him as he continue to speak right there on the throne she stretched out her hand and telekinetically shoked the commander to death.
everyone in the palace gasped as they saw his body drop to the floor.
‘ who is second in command ?’
‘me your highness ’ the assistant commander replied in a jiffy.
‘ now go deliver my message.’

at the amphitheatre the empress declared that no one should pray to the gods who ever his caught will face her wrath. now that no one is allowed to pray to the elder gods the whole of Styx is doomed. you know the way gods are they see you suffering but they do nothing. except you ask help from them.

the armoured guy stopped speaking.
the two boys who where now sitting calmly with hands on there jaws where feeling better. after his long explanation. it has help a bit in eliminating there fear .
“ that was a pretty nice tale ” said Derick.
“ tale! it’s no tale ”
“ I still don’t get it why do you need my blood ? ”
Jimi asked a bit puzzled
“ to save dark side ”
“ I thought dark side died ? how can you bring a dead man back to life with my blood ? ”
“ your blood is the only elixir that can bring the king back to life. according to the empress he is not totally dead. ”


ZURO (prince of styx) chapter 3

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