The Virgin Ghostess – Chapter 4


The Virgin Ghostess - Chapter 4The Virgin Ghostess 

Chapter 4

By Ogunsola Ayobami Samuel 

Julius nervously grabs a flashlight to head downstairs after hearing a loud clang, muttering to himself that there’s no such thing as ghosts. Julia narrowly avoids being found out even when he accidentally steps on her hand, but then as soon as he turns around to go, she crawls out from under a table and he whirls around. Caught.

Julia explains her current living situation—that she’s homeless and broke—with extra-sad puppy eyes for sympathy. She insists that she was only going to sleep here for one night and she has no friends and no other options. 

He tells her to go to a hotel then, and she cries, “You have to go there with a man! What fun is going alone?” He fumbles for a response but can only gape at her. She starts to wear him down with her adorable poking, and pleads for him to let her stay. He cracks a smile…

After being declined to pass the night at the restaurant She ends up at a Spa, and one look around at all the men makes her clap in excitement over making the right choice. She rolls right over next to the first guy she sees, spooning him blissfully as she decides that the spa is a wonderful place. The guy mistakes Julia for his girlfriend, who stomps over and takes her boyfriend back.

A commotion grabs her interest and Julia joins a crowd of onlookers who are all aghast at a young woman who’s currently making her way through a second crate of hardboiled eggs. Julia smirks as soon as she sees her, and the egg girl glares right back. Julia crooks her finger for her to follow, and a ghost suddenly separates herself from egg girl.

It’s the ghost from the funeral who was bad-mouthing Julia for possessing unassuming women, and Julia points out her hypocrisy. The ghost complains that funeral meals are too few these days, and the ghost population is only increasing.

She’s sympathetic when Julia tells her about being trapped in kate’s body, and the ghost worries when Julia says it’s not all that bad getting to live like a person: What if she gets used to it and wants to stay forever?

Julia gets so animated in her discussion with the ghost girl that it catches the attention of nosy women, who assume she’s a crazy person for talking out loud to herself. So then she’s kicked out of the spa too, and lugs all of her belongings back out to the street.

Officer John runs into her and they have instant noodles together at the joint , which he confesses is his secret habit because his wife Lisa doesn’t let him eat noodles . Julia sighs that they must be very much in love, and John sort of awkwardly says it must be true.


The following morning, julius comes down to the kitchen and is met with an icy stare from Julia , which he tries to ignore repeatedly. He sees Lisa smiling at pictures of her friend’s new baby, and asks gently if she wants children. She says of course she does, but figures that maybe she wants it too much for the heavens to allow it.

Julius friend Bella calls him to the station to record a teaser for the show, and asks him to bring Julia along. I love the way she pops up over the bar the second her name is mentioned.

So julius reluctantly takes her along to the station, and the whole way she points out how nice his car is and how she had to spend the whooooole night in a spa. She brings up how everyone thinks that her rice soup on the show was his idea, and he tells her not to think she can blackmail him to stay at the restaurant.

Bella sits down with them before the shoot, and Julia starts to notice the way julius is overly attentive to Bella , like kicking up a fuss when she gets a paper cut, or getting angry when her married senior colleague starts overtly flirting with her.

The senior drops his car key while he’s there to chat, and julia watches as julius pockets the car key just to be petty. This oughta be good. On their way out after the shoot, the senior comes running back looking for his key, and julius says nothing.

Bella insists on eating together and sends them ahead while she wraps up work, and Julia gets her chance to call julius out on his very obvious crush. She enjoys teasing, “You liiiiiiike her!”

He grumps and sends her home, so she gets up to leave and then dives into his pockets to fish out the senior car key. She sing-songs, “Whose could this be~?” and says that she saw him steal it earlier. He’s mortified and tries to take it back, but she points out that it’s not really his, and besides—the important point is that she saw him enact his petty romantic revenge.

She offers a trade: She keeps his thievery a secret, and he lets her sleep at the restaurant.

She chatters away as they arrive home, asking how long julius has liked the pretty Bella and why he hasn’t confessed. She says it doesn’t matter that she’s been married once as long as his feelings are sure, and says in her characteristic way that saving your heart only turns it to poop. He barks at her to zip it, and she sticks her tongue out behind his back.

Julius stomps around his room in a huff, while Julia blasts music downstairs and starts making a late-night snack. She makes fried rice and brings him up a plate, ignoring his complaints about not eating rice.

She peers around his room curiously and is surprised to hear a dog barking outside, and asks exactly why he doesn’t eat rice—did he eat it once and have really bad indigestion? He doesn’t answer, but she just leaves the plate there and tells him to whatever he wants with it.

He watches her go and decides that she isn’t normal. He’s even more confused when he thinks back to how meek Kate used to be, and how she couldn’t even look him in eye. And now she’s arguing back, and being playful, and even blackmailing him. He wonders aloud, “How can a person change that much all of a sudden? It’s a mystery.”

He seems curious about how it tastes but ends up feeding it to the dog, and sighs that today has been one really long day.

Julia had a dream in which she’s drowning and screaming for help, but she just sinks further and further to the bottom. Agh, is that how she died? She wakes up gasping for air, to julius trying to stir her awake. He warns her to hurry up before the others arrive and get the wrong idea.

The other chefs walk in and marvel at her early arrival, then notice that she’s still wearing the same clothes from yesterday. Julius quickly interrupts before they can interrogate her about it, and mutters at her quietly to be more careful. Julia was sent to get vegetables at the market and runs into her dad who she later followed to his restaurant helping him out there.


Julius has been feeling a cold coming on for the last day, and it finally catches up to him during the lunch rush. He drags his feet about leaving the kitchen and crawls into bed, and when Bella calls to tell him about their next shoot being delayed, he perks up a little.

She asks if he’s really sick and if she should bring him some porridge, and he actually asks if she can. But she says she can’t because she’s buried in the editing room, and he quickly says he’s not all that sick.

Julia returns after the restaurant closes to head to sleep, and shakes off any worry over julius’s condition because he doesn’t deserve it. But that lasts about a second, and soon she’s carrying a tray of porridge up to his room.

She tries to wake him by talking to him in banmal, and then notices that he’s sweating and looking pretty bad. She rouses him to get up and eat just a little, and he finally opens his eyes, only he sees Bella (hallucinating) there telling him to eat up and call her if he needs anything.

He reaches out and grabs her by the arm to pull her hand to his forehead, and when she asks if she should get a wet towel, he reaches up to cup her face and pulls her down for a kiss.

Julia flails in surprise, not knowing what to do, but then she starts to kiss him back and gets really into it. Soon they’re making out, and outside the dog starts to bark incessantly.

Julius opens his eyes mid-kiss and finally sees that it’s Julia he’s kissing, and scurries away from her in fright. He asks how she got in here, and she tells him that she came with porridge and he’s the one who suddenly grabbed her and started with the kissing.

He realizes his mistake, and all he can think to do is to kick her out, so he basically pushes her out the door. It belatedly dawns on Julia that she just kissed a guy and he survived after many guys had collapsed earlier, and she whirls around in shock.

Julius is kicking himself, and Julia comes back to ask if he’s okay, and if he isn’t experiencing a rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath. Ha, she’s actually asking after his physical condition, though it sounds like she’s checking for fluttery feelings. He shoves her out the door again, and she jumps around over his shoulder excitedly

Julia goes tearing down the street for the spa to find her ghost friend and asks her opinion. The ghost girl agrees that she’s found a man who can withstand her ghostly energy, and Julia leaps in celebration that she can finally release her ghost-grudge and move on. Of course this makes her look like a crazy person all over again, since she’s jumping in circles all by herself.

Julia can think of nothing else but getting laid (well, more than usual), and just spends the morning staring dreamily at julius . Mike notes that Julia is all better, and teases him about something good happening overnight. Julius overreacts and shouts that nothing happened.

Once the other boys are sent outside to haul the morning delivery in, Julia sidles up to julius and stands right under him, looking up expectantly. He mutters an apology for his cold-medicine-induced haze last night and says nothing will change between them, while she just nods and angles for another kiss the whole time.

She follows him up to his room while he’s changing and actually stops him from getting dressed, until they topple onto his bed with her on top. He asks if she’s gone crazy, and she says it’s better for him to think of it that way, and asks for just one favor: “Just once. Let’s just do it once.”

Thunder claps overhead and rain starts to pour, and julius finally answers, “W-what?” She says it’s what he’s thinking of: “You’re an adult, and she’s—er, I’m—and adult…” He declares that she’s insane and needs to go to the hospital, and squirms free.

She chases him downstairs and continues to beg for just one time, promising that there needn’t be a second time and that she knows he has feelings for someone else. He’s totally gobsmacked by her behavior and asks if she has no pride and if she’s always been like this. She swears that there’s no nefarious reason, and asks if he won’t just think of it like giving her a gift.

The others see her hanging off of him and begging, “Just once, just once,” day and night, and wonder what it is that she’s asking for. She really does chase him all day long, and he’s literally tripping all over himself trying to keep her at bay.

At night she makes him a snack and casually lies down on his bed, so he wraps her up in his blanket like a burrito and carries her downstairs. She tries to sneak in from the rooftop but gets caught by the dog, and Sun-woo gives the dog a proud thumbs-up.

He turns the lights off and finally goes to bed, and isn’t even surprised when Julia pops up under his covers to snuggle. He gives up and tells her to sleep here then, and gets up to go sleep elsewhere.

He runs away to his Mom’s house who was flabbergasted that he came here to sleep. John and Lisa are just as surprised, and Mom decides she’ll have to go see a seer about julius weird behavior and suggests that Lisa come along in the morning.

Julia sidles up to julius the next morning and asks where he slept, and when he’s still cold to her, she sighs that he’s not easy and wonders if she’ll have to take a different approach.

The others notice that she looks flushed and ask if she’s been drinking, and discover that she has a fever. She realizes that she caught julius’s cold, and grouses aloud that “he” didn’t give her what she wanted and just gave her a cold instead.

Hottie chef felix asks if Julia needs money (because she’s been begging julius for something for days), and offers to lend her what she needs. Julius swoons all over again at the gesture and sighs that he’s awfully tempting.

That night, Julia finds julius ’s door locked and takes that as a challenge to pick his lock, and gets caught red-handed when julius shows up right behind her out in the hall. He drags her downstairs and warns that she won’t be able to sleep here if she keeps this up, and she just clings to him and begs again.

She pouts that she thought men are supposed to be able to have sex without feelings attached, and insists that she has a reason for all this. He gives her a chance to explain herself, but when she says now isn’t the time, he tells her to stop dreaming because he won’t have a scandal in his workplace.

He ignores her cries over catching his cold and stomps upstairs, and she sticks her head in the freezer to cool her fever.

Julius picks up his phone to answer a text from Bella , but the power cord gets stuck and refuses to budge, almost like some invisible force is keeping it there. The energy around Julia seems off too, and she stumbles off to bed feeling really ill. Suddenly Julia starts to be visible in kates body, flickering in and out.

Julius yanks on the cord and it pulls free at the exact moment when Julia falls to the floor… and gets up as Julia . She looks down and there’s Kate still lying on the ground. Did being sick eject her somehow?( she came out of kate’s body).


It niggles at julius that Kate might really be sick, and he puts his phone down to go check on her. Julia looks down at Kate in a daze and realizes that she’s been expelled, and grouses at the shitty timing when julius chooses now to come down.

He runs over to her, worried and panicked, calling out her name.

To be continued…………

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The Virgin Ghostess - Chapter 4

Ogunsola Ayobami Samuel is a blogger, writer, poet, and teacher. He attended Baptist High school from 2010-2013 and graduated from Kinsey College of Education Ilorin 2018, still hoping to have his first degree in English.

He sees writing and teaching as the best channel to reach out to the world.

The Virgin Ghostess is his first story to be written, though he had written different poems such as

The peaceful war 

This too shall come to pass

We are African 

Why did he


Tribute to Adeleke Rachel Tioluwani 



The Virgin Ghostess - Chapter 4

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