Twisted Bliss chapter 1

Twisted Bliss chapter 1

Chapter one

Twisted Bliss chapter 1

My name is Tessa.

My dad is the only one that calls me by my full name “ Theresa hurry up or we shall be late for church ” my dad called.
“Dad I can’t make it to church am feeling a bit unwell this morning ” I explained .

” alright darling am leaving now get some rest okay ?”.

” okay dad pray for me” I replied through the closed door .
My dad never enters my room with out knocking or he stands outside my door till I say come in. Well back to where I was , am twenty- one this year.
I can’t leave the house to stay on my own because my dad won’t allow it , well he claims that a young lady can’t live alone because it doesn’t say anything good about her . I understand but he is way too protective.
“gush “ I inhaled deeply . don’t have real friends except for Chard that has been my friend since childhood. Probably because my dad liked him.

Well growing up was bliss I had everything I wanted clothes, toys, bags, name them except for those teenage escapades.
My father did everything in his power to make sure my life revolved around the four corners of the house.
All his tireless efforts didn’t stop me , I would add sleeping pills to my body guards food then turn off the light in my room, place a pillow on my bed cover it with a duvet and then sneak out.
Sometimes I will have chard lay on my bed and pretend to be me. Growing up was fun because I choosed not to let my dad ruin it.
Another thing missing was Mum I miss her, though I didn’t get to meet her in person she died while giving birth to me.
Dr. Harrison our family doctor said “she died of eclampsia”. Story for another day.
Two days later my dad traveled to Sweden for business as usual but didn’t say when he would return.

“Annoying man “ that’s my dad calling.
He called me several times already since he arrived at Sweden.

“hello princess how are you doing “?
Am fine dad
” darling did you sleep well?”
Yes I did dad.

“what have you been up to, where are you, what are you doing and where’s chard I been trying to reach him”.
So many questions at once dad which should I answer first ??
“Is it now a crime to check up on my daughter ? “
”No dad just that your questions are too much”.
” Am home dad” I replied.
As for chard I winked at him and he smirked at me.
“Well dad he’s inside me”.. I heard my dad choke on his saliva and chard jaw dropped. “Theresa!!!
I could swear he was furious.
“Dad calm down, can’t someone joke with you?? I meant he’s inside the room.
“Theresa your joke is too expensive, you almost gave me heart attack”.
“Sorry dad i mean to. when are you coming home I am missing you? “.

“Hmmm Theresa what are you up to ??
“Nothing oh can’t I miss my dad again ?”

“I will be coming back soon once this project is done you know how important it is to me”.

“I understand Dad, see you soon , call me when you are about to board the plane.” Byee I ended the call.

See what am talking about, my father’s over protectiveness irritates me he always want to know where I am , what am doing, who am talking to perhaps he might want to know the color of my panties I mean it suffocating .

“ Tess you know he loves you that’s why he’s like “.

Oh really does that justify the tracking device, the mini camera in my room , God knows what else he’s up to.
Chard!!! You are not even listening to me !!
‘No I was “he defended.
I snatched the game pad from him, to gain his attention before he could score the goal and paused the game. If you want it back then tell me what I have been talking about or your reps are going down with a score.
“Tess” he called.

“yes chard “

“ you know I believe in you and whatever it” ……
“We will work out ” I had to complete it with that I knew he wasn’t listening.
I smirked devilishly one look at me he knew.
“No Tess don’t do it he begged but I already made him lose the match.”
“Oops hand tumor ” I giggled.

Chard is a loser he lost to me
Chard is a loser
Chard is a loser he lost to me “ I sang he looked defeated but before I knew it he chased me and I flew for my life.


Twisted Bliss chapter 1

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