Fear of Darkness

Fear of Darkness

Fear of Darkness

Fear of Darkness

When darkness approached
I feel worried and afraid
Of the danger of the night
Every body becomes afraid at night

Because of the evil doers
Parents call their children indoor
Animal find shelter
Birds stop flying in the sky

Nightfall you have come
to create fear
In everyone heart

All evil act
Are executed at the
Fall of darkness
Night fall you have become
A refuge for evil men

Nightfall you are my
mortal enemy
when nightfall ,men ceased
To be men

Men becomes beast
Men becomes prey
Nightfall why were you
Ever created

Why can’t it be daytime
Daytime forever more
Nightfall you are a disease to me

Fear of Darkness

Ogunsola Ayobami Samuel
The Pen

Fear of Darkness

Ogunsola Ayobami Samuel is a blogger, writer, poet, and teacher. He attended Baptist High school from 2010-2013 and graduated from Kinsey College of Education Ilorin 2018, still hoping to have his first degree in English.

He sees writing and teaching as the best channel to reach out to the world.

The Virgin Ghostess is his first story to be written, though he had written different poems such as

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Fear of Darkness

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