Code Red [chapter 19]

Code Red [chapter 21]

Sofia was tactical in replying every question Niklaus threw at her, she desired to send a signal to him that she was no fool, she isn’t gullible and easily swayed off her feet, even though she has a soft spot for him, it would be because she feels he is code507; code507 is who she fantasizes about, it’s who she would do anything to see, to hold, to touch.

“Hey, so umm, wanna tell me about yourself”

Niklaus leaned forward, placing his right arm to the big glass table, two bottles of wine were not very far from where he placed his hands, there was also a fancy basket that carried cutleries and a few artificial apples with a pleasant scent. He had taken her to one of the best eateries in the city, he was really not the romantic type, so all he did was how he best thought would sway Sofia off her feet. Women are enticed by money and a show of wealth, so his plan is to flaunt cash to win her heart.

“Ever heard a partner in the past?”

She pretended to almost choke on hearing him ask, and then when she feigned she was better she chuckled and replied

“Well who doesn’t, but that should be my personal stuff isn’t it? I should not discuss that with my boss, this should be about business”

She was done talking and instantly felt she had said too much, is she being too hard to get? He was quiet and it troubled her the more.

“I mean, I thought this meeting was about ummm.. business, so I was a bit taken aback when you ask a rhetorical intimate question”

He was quite still, poured out more wine in her glass cup, and was about to say something when she asked a total abstract question.

“Do you mind? I am hungry, this wine stuff is not really making my tummy smile”

He paused and chuckled, it was the first time she saw him smile, he had always been so serious, she wondered what was funny about being hungry.

He called for the waiter and within a few minutes her spoon and fork was fondling with the plate of food before her.

“I asked that question earlier because I want to know you better, although it’s out of place and a little too early I presume, but then, there is no harm in… “

” I have a fiance, Jan… I introduced you to him the other day”

She interrupted and watched his expression tightened to a frown.

“Finish up your meal, it’s late you have to get back home”
He concluded and that was it.
First date totally gone wrong, no connection, no exchange of pleasantries, everything ruined!
_Damn, what the hell is wrong with you Sofia?_

She thought and lingered on her food to see if he would say something else but he didn’t, they dined in silence till she announced.

“I’m done eating”
Swiftly he stood up, paid for the meal, and Led the way out.

” What the hell are you saying? Jessy is what? Who do you think you are, who do you think you are addressing, some daft policemen?”

Jan stood up to counter Mike’s accusations with rage in his eyes.

“Relax now Jan, no accusations come without facts and evidence, so I will ask a few logical questions. Jessy is an inspector correct?”

He got the nods of the others who were still trying to process the information…

“Means she is supposed to be on Code507’s case as far as it is assigned to this precinct, well she has always been in the enlisted in every mission that has to do with apprehending code507 but then she never showed up. Guess what, she shows up when the deed is done, when code507 has finished the mission successfully and then she comes to clean off the mess to ensure there isn’t any trace left of code507, she… “

” Oh, what the hell? What the hell are you saying? These are all fucking speculations, so what she doesn’t show up during the mission to stop code507 is that enough to accuse her of being the head of the most dangerous assassin organization that has live over a decade? Are we fools? Who do you think you are talking to?”

Jan got a few nods from his fellow inspectors, all Mike has said were mere speculations, there was no evidence, or so they thought until mike brought out a recorder played it and placed it on the large desk so all could hear. It was Jessy’s voice

Her voice came first and then a similar voice to Niklaus replied.


_is the job is done_

_positive, the chief is dead_

The record stopped, hotlines of perspiration stood on Jan’s forehead. The hall was quiet while everyone tried to process the new information.

“This is not enough evidence to call her the code”
Jan finally spoke out.

” It isn’t? How about this? “

Mike dropped Jessy’s file on the desk and then brought out another.
“All Jessy has in that file is fake! Her name, passport, everything! Her identity is fake! Jessy Toura’s real name is Mira code!”

He brought out another file that had Jessy’s international passport and documents labeled as Mira Code.

“Apart from this Jessy has no record, no data… Oh hold on am gonna prove that now”

He brought out a laptop, signed into the country’s database and searched Jessy Toura, it read ‘no result found’

He turned the laptop so all eyes to see
“No result found, strange, who then is Jessy? I’ll answer that, a facade that has fooled this precinct for years, Jessy is the code!”

Jan threw the files at Mike, pushed two inspectors, and the chairs that stood on his way as he marched out of the precinct in rage. Something is not right! He cannot be fooled, Jessy cannot be the code! He has to prove she isn’t, he just has to do everything within his power to ensure Jessy is proven innocent!
Sofia popped his head, he whisked into his car, took a few drags of cigarettes before he zoomed to the bar

“She longer works here, that bitch slapped me, man, I sacked her”

The bar owner told Jan the same thing he had said to Debrah.

Straightway he drove to her apartment and knocked heavily till Mariam had to hurry out.

“Easy man, she is not here, said she would be coming in late cos umm, she is going out with her boss”

” Her boss? What do you mean?”

” Oh there she is”

Mariam pointed at Sofia who alighted from Niklaus’ car and started towards Jan. Niklaus stopped his car far from the apartment so Jan could not see who it was, and Niklaus would not give him the time to decipher just who had dropped his Fiancee, he drove off immediately.

“Who was that Sofia, i demand an answer now, and where is Niklaus”

Sofia halted and took a deep look at him, he wasn’t looking so good.

“Jan I think you need to go home, you don’t look good”

“I said who dropped you off! And where is Niklaus? Where is that bastard!”

Sofia shook in fear but pretended she was alright and bold. Steadily she switched her handbag to her right hand where it would be held more firmly, she had resolved her mind if the conversation gets ugly she would whisk into her apartment and shut the door behind her.

“Jan, that is my boss, and why are you asking after Niklaus, I don’t know him, he is just my customer at the bar”

Mariam’s facial expressions proved Sofia lied about Niklaus and Jan noticed.

“You bitch! You are coming with me! And you would spill all you know about code507 or you will die in jail!”

He caught her right hand and pulled her with him, he was far stronger so all she could do was scream. He pulled out the handcuffs hanging on his belt and attempted to have her handcuffed when he noticed a figure standing just a few meters from them, he wore the same arsenal he encountered the night Sofia was saved from a sniper rifle! The dark coat, black mask, black boots and a shining silver sparkles on his wrist, he didn’t need a soothsayer to tell him it was the angel of death standing just a few meters from him, the one who kills within milliseconds, with object unimaginable to man, the one he so desires to burn at a stake. It was code507!

Code red


Code Red [chapter 19]

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